Your favorite meals: Around France in top 10 famous dishes

When it comes to French cuisine, what can pop into your mind may be an image of dinner at a very expensive restaurant that you cannot afford, right? A travel to France will make you slightly dazzled by its history, art, fashion and luxury. And it seems a big pity to skip enjoying the country’s elaborate dishes and having a glass of wine. Regardless of whether you would like to check-in the land of romance for a gastronomy tour or for the enhancement of your culinary skill, don’t miss a chance to try the top 10 famous French dishes below at once! Let’s check!

1. Coq au vin

Literally understood as “cock or rooster in the wine,” coq au vin is indeed one of the most quintessential French dishes. At that time, a chicken’s thigh (or a capon or tougher bird) is braised in a sauce of wine, mushrooms, lardons, onion, garlic and various seasonings.

famous dishes in France

Coq au vin is ideal for a family party

A red Burgundy wine is frequently chosen for that dish. However, there are also a lot of other French regional variations by using local wines. After all, it should be savored once still hot.

2. Cassoulet

Cassoulet has its root from Southwestern France. To be sure, this warm dish is really ideal for cold days or perfect to cheer you up after a long day of discovery. To make this dish, white beans are slowly stewed with various kinds of meat (often pork sausages, duck, mutton, goose, or whatever else the chef wants) in a round pan.

famous dishes in France

One of the yummy French dishes – Cassoulet

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3. Boeuf bourguignon

As a traditional French dish, boeuf bourguignon is what you should try once in a lifetime. It is interesting to know that the food has several similarities with coq au vin. To cook, a stew of beef is slowly simmered in red wine and beef broth. Then, it is also seasoned with pearl onions, mushrooms, fresh herbs and garlic. The process of slowly braising beef in wine helps to tenderize every slice of tough meat.

famous dishes in France

Boeuf bourguignon should be also added to your bucket list

4. Confit de canard

Confit de canard is a favorite dish of French families with kids, thanks to its tasty flavor and attractive background. In general, duck (or goose and pork may be also suitable) is particularly prepared, which allows for the meat to be tender and more flavorful for a long time.

famous dishes in France

Enjoy Confit de canard for a different change in your flavor

It is firstly marinated in salt, thyme, and garlic for up to 36 hours in the refrigerator. Next, it is slowly baked in its own fat at a low temperature for hours. After that, the meat is removed from the bones. You can eat it right away or store it in the refrigerator.

5. Nicoise salad

Also named Salade niçoise, this typical French dish is perfect for those who love relishing something simple but still rich in nutrition. It is not hard to make this dish. What you must prepare for this mix are a filling salad of lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, fresh tomatoes, green beans, Nicoise Cailletier olives, canned tuna, and anchovies.

famous dishes in France

Enhance your skin beauty by Salade niçoise

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6. Ratatouille

Ratatouille stands out as a stewed vegetable recipe which may be eaten as a side dish or even yummy stuffing for other dishes. Generally, the vegetables are separately sautéed with a small amount of fat on a shallow pan at a high temperature. Then, these are oven-baked in a dish. The main ingredients include tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, garlic, onions, bell peppers, carrots, thyme, marjoram, basil, and other green herbs.

famous dishes in France

Ratatouille is a blend of many vegetables

7. Soupe à L’oignon

This traditional French soup is extremely preferred by tourists who feel exhausted after a long day of exploration. It is typically made of beef stock and onions, and then served with melted cheese and thick golden croutons on top – the most exotic part of the dish. You can buy ingredients from the supermarket and learn how to cook on detailed videos online.

famous dishes in France

Soupe à L’oignon is suitable for breakfast

8. Steak Tartare

Steak tartare is just raw or nearly raw beef that is mainly served with egg yolk. Several first-time eaters may be apprehensive about savoring tartare. However, it is one of the great foods that you simply must try before understanding why it is so popular.

famous dishes in France

Adventurous travelers love enjoying steak tartare

In general, beef is finely sliced, seasoned and mixed with onions. Then, it is served with egg yolk and rye bread. The dish surely bursts with flavor.

9. Bouillabaisse

It is difficult to resist the fragrance of Bouillabaisse at the first time. Traditionally, the dish is made with 3 primary kinds of fish, namely sea robin, European conger and red rascasse. It may be optionally comprised of monkfish, gilt-head bream, European hake, mullet, shells, crabs, small octopuses, mussels, and more. Then, the blend is seasoned with herbs as well as served hot in a pot. However, cooking this French dish requires much time, patience and effort.

famous dishes in France

Bouillabaisse is a mixture of seafood and fish

10. Quiche Lorraine

French people usually sample Quiche Lorraine as a flawless lunch snack and a great dinner dish because they don’t need to spend much effort on cooking it. What they have to do is to simply have the buttery dough mixed up, add lardon (or smoky bacon) and finally cover all by cheese.

famous dishes in France

A simple dish in France – Quiche Lorraine

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These are our preferable list of top 10 famous French dishes. How about yours? Let us know your ideas and experience during a trip to France, especially something related to food.

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