You will be delighted at the imposing beauty of following UK' s destinations

You will be delighted at the imposing beauty of following UK' s destinations

Due to owning a wide area consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is endowed with many unique natural masterpieces, which attracts a huge number of worldwide visitors coming to each year. Let’s explore the most beautiful destinations in UK through the following article.

1. Little Venice – Maida Vale, London

As its name suggests, the beautiful attraction in London is like a different version of the beautiful city of Venice in the capital of England. This serene canal area draws a lot of tourists to its attractive waterways and colorful town houses along the canal. Let’s go for a stroll along peaceful tree-lined streets, sense the relaxed atmosphere at waterside café and take a pleasant boat trip to totally enjoy the most exciting things in the scenic spot of London.


Little Venice, London is an ideal place to check-in

2. Rainforest in the Eden Project

Eden Project, which is implemented in Cornwall, England, is a world leading program aiming to study and take care of rare plants. Coming to this world’s biggest indoor rainforest, visitors can get a great opportunity to explore four rainforest environments in the world, including Southeast Asia, West Africa, Tropical Islands and Tropical South America. It is certainly a valuable and unforgettable experience for all sightseers.


Immerse yourself in Eden Project - the world’s largest indoor rainforest

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3. Minack Theatre

The outdoor theatre of Minack is an ancient Greek architecture overlooking the Celtic Sea in Cornwall, the United Kingdom. This unique destination was built in 1930 and used as a main stage of the Shakespeare festival which was held annually by local people. Rowena Cade, the first owner of the Minack Theatre, said that the sea would be the perfect backdrop for the play of “The Tempest” of Shakespeare. Nowadays, this interesting place has been becoming one of the most favorite travel attractions in England in general and in Cornwall in particular.


Minack Theatre, a unique outdoor theatre in Cornwall, England

4. Ben Nevis Mountain

For mountaineering lovers, Ben Nevis is certainly an extremely familiar destination. This mountain belongs to Grampia Mountains, Lochaber Scotland and has been designated as the highest mountain in the British Isles and in the country as well. Climbing to the mountain peak, travelers will definitely feel overwhelmed by the spectacular beauty of the nature.

5. Cockington Village

The picturesque village which is located in Devon, England has a rich history for more than 2,500 years. The most notable highlight of Cockington that attracts a huge number of travelers who love the ancient beauty is colorful traditional houses with old style thatched straw roof.

6. Tolsta Beach – Island of Lewis, Scotland


Enjoy peace in Tolsta Beach

Lewis is the largest island of Outer Hebrides where has a wide variety of more than 100 islands stretching about 70 kilometers in Scotland. Among these beautiful islands, the beautiful beach in UK with the long spectacular coastline is a very famous destination, especially for surfing lovers. In addition, it also makes tourists feel deeply impressed by five unique limestone caves where can only visit when the sea water recedes.

7. Norfolk Lavender Farm

This stunning purple flower field is situated near Heacham, Norfolk, in Eastern England. Tourists paying a visit to this wonderful vacation destination will surely be enthralled by the amazing beauty of vast fields being full of lavender. Norfolk Lavender Farm is truly one of the most-visited travel attractions in England and is considered as the place where is not less beautiful than well-known lavender flower fields in the Provence area of France.


If you are looking for a lavender field in England, Norfolk is certainly an ideal destination

8. Giant’s Causeway

Giant’s Causeway is the coast of County Antrim in the northeast of Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom. This beautiful beach attracts many foreign tourists and research scientists by more than 40 thousand of giant black interlocking basalt columns. According to geological studies, this perfect natural masterpiece was formed as a result of an ancient volcanic eruption which occurred over 50 million years ago.


Giant’s Causeway is a perfect masterpiece of the nature in Northern Ireland

9. Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast is the steep sea cliffs along the Dorset and East Devon coast of England, stretching continuously over 200 kilometers. These amazing cliffs were created from the Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous period and spanned to the Mesozoic Era, which is estimated to have a 185-million-year history.

10. Isle of Skye

Skye island is the largest island in the north of the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Taking a great trip to see a lot of lush green meadows and jagged cliffs on the island of Skye will absolutely a right decision because it can make you feel like being immersed in the wonderland of the well-known film series “The Lord of the Rings”, or standing on the vast hills of the charming land of New Zealand.


Isle of Skye looks like a wonderland in fairy tales

Moreover, Isle of Skye is also famous for Fairy Pools, where has amazing natural lakes with crystal-clear water being formed accidentally by the streams and waterfalls. This prominent landmark can easily win the whole heart of any visitors thanks to its considerable charm.

The natural beauty of the United Kingdom is very diverse, ranging from spectacular coastlines, majestic mountain ranges to colorful flower fields and ancient villages. If you do not have enough time to discover all places, let’s choose some that make you want to visit immediately for the upcoming vacation.

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