You must try these "fabulous" foods in Turkey, the Middle East

You must try these "fabulous" foods in Turkey, the Middle East

Turkey is a country with its territory in both Europe and Asia. Maybe the particular location has made its food so diverse and wonderful. One special fact is that almost every Turkish dish can be served with yogurt. Let's check it out!

1. Kebab

This is one of the most popular modern dishes in Turkey. Kebab simply means barbecue. Turkish people eat Kebab with chestnuts covered in paper bags. Besides, Kebab can also be eaten with bread, salad or rice and potato.

Istanbul is a paradise of Kebab since stalls can be found in every corner. Tourists can come across hawkers selling this dish on the streets in winter. The most famous Kebab is İskender, which was created in 1867 by İskender Efendi. He covered sliced sheep meat with yogurt, ketchup and butter. There are many other kinds of Kebab, such as:

- Doner Kebab

foods in Turkey

Doner kebab is catchy from the first time you eat

A piece of meat will be grilled and cut into slices to put into a loaf of bread. This refreshment is eaten with ketchup and ginger. In spite of being a street food in Turkey, the dish has become popular in all over the world. It is often made of sheep or beef. Exceptionally, it can be made of chicken, crab, shrimp, etc. and they are marinated in spice.

- Sis Kebab

Sis Kebab is a skewer which is often eaten with bread. Its main ingredients are sheep, chicken or fish. Tourists can dip it into yogurt as the native people often do to experience the full taste.

- Iskender Kebab

foods in Turkey

Iskender Kebab was named after its maker - İskender Efendi

Iskender Kebab is a really well-known foodstuff that you can order in every barbecue restaurant in Turkey. The dish is cooked in ketchup and served together with rice, bread and yogurt.

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2. Menemen

foods in Turkey

Menemen recipe is quite simple

Menemen is a traditional food in Turkey. There are eggs, onion, tomatoes, chili and spices like pepper and cooked salt. It is served hot with bread.

3. Simit

foods in Turkey

Simit looks tasty with its yellow cover and sesame scattered on it

Simit is a kind of entremet that appeared from 16th century. The fleets to Istanbul brought bagels to the city of Izmit. This was the origin of the name Simit. Nowadays, people have Simit for breakfast and it is also a wonderful street food you can't afford to miss.

4. Yogurt

foods in Turkey

There are many interesting combination with yogurt

Turkish people love yogurt. It is said that they consume more than 2 million tons of yogurt each year. Having originated from a thousand years ago in middle Asia, yogurt has become a popular food to Turkish culture. Today, it is eaten along with soup or salad. Turkish people often add some ayran salt when they enjoy the cold yogurt.

5. Turkish pizza (Pide)

foods in Turkey

Turkish pizza is not like any other kinds of pizzas

Turkish pizza, also called Pide, is a made-in-Turkey pizza. Although it is Italy that is the origin of pizza, Turkey has its own recipe for this food. Turkish pizza is purely baked on wood, which is the secret that makes it different from other types of pizza. Many ingredients are scattered on the Pide such as sucuk (Turkish hot dog), sliced beef or sheep.

6. Fish sandwich (Balik Ekmek)

foods in Turkey

Balik Ekmek is a healthy food

Fish sandwich is called Balik Ekmek in Turkey. It is easy to find some restaurants selling Balik Ekmek in Karakoy or along the Galata bridge. These restaurants are usually crowded. Put broiled fish and salad in bread and you have Balik Ekmek to enjoy.

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7. Kahvalti

foods in Turkey

Kahvalti is suitable for people getting up early in the morning

A breakfast in Turkish style is suitable for those who stay up late at night and get up early in the morning. A baked bread is served with honey and kaymak, covered in marmalade, butter, sheep's milk, tomato, cucumber with olive oil and other ingredients. However, there is difference in the combination between many areas.

8. Baklava

foods in Turkey

Baklava is such a work of art

This is a really famous dessert of Turkey. It was brought to the country by Asian. However, the process today is similar to European’s. “The capital of baklava” now is Gaziantep city, which is famous for pastries. The chefs mix flour with honey and milk and cover the refreshment with walnuts. Finally, they put it in an oven and add some syrup after taking it out. The dish looks like a work of art on the table.

9. Lokum

foods in Turkey

Tourists can find lokum on the street or in markets

Turkish people love sweet, so lokum, also known as rahat lokum or Turkish delight, is very popular there. This sweet is colorful and has plenty of flavors such as peanut, chestnut, almond, etc. The food is essential in big ceremonies like wedding, congratulations party, etc.

10. Maraş Dondurma

foods in Turkey

Maraş Dondurma is more flexible than other kinds of ice-creams

Maraş Dondurma is the name given to Turkish Ice Cream. Ice creams in this country are totally different with those in others. The dish is rather more flexible than Italian ice cream and requires much chewing. Moreover, it has absolutely natural flavors. The cream is made from powder of the root of Orchis mascula. Tourists buying this kind of foodstuff will have the opportunity to watch the sellers’ performance.

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Turkey cuisine is diverse in every part of the country. Therefore, maybe you need to go through the country so that you can try all. However, for a short vacation, the dishes mentioned above are the outstanding ones that you must try when travelling to Turkey.

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