You have to set feet on the beautiful rivers in China

It is estimated that there are 1,500 rivers in China with a total basin area of 1,000 km² which are always worth talking about due to their naturally unique, impressive and diverse beauties. Furthermore, as human civilizations were formed around water, beautiful rivers in China are mysterious with numerous historic stories and legends related to the development of human beings.

When travelling to Asia, visitors have many opportunities to explore the greatest Chinese rivers which are now becoming famous landmarks of the area.

1. Changjiang River

the beautiful rivers in China

Changjiang, the longest river in the country

This Chinese river literally means a long river, stretching more than 6,300 km. It is also the third largest river in the world, following the Nile and the Amazon River.

In Chinese history, Changjiang River served as a key waterway for shipping from east to west and was considered "China's golden line". In addition, it is fortunate to have beautiful natural landscapes, especially upstream areas with high mountains, deep valleys and abundant water resources.

The lowlands of the Yangtze River Delta are characterized by warm, humid climate and fertile land, which has long been regarded as a hub for industrial and agricultural development in China.

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2. Huang He River

the beautiful rivers in China

Say "Wow" at the exotic water color of the river

Huang He River, which means “Yellow River” referring to the color of the water, is the second largest one in China. The river basin is now a lush pasture and abundant mineral ore, which is one of the reason why the spot is now regarded as one of the most beautiful rivers in China.

3. Heilong Jiang River

the beautiful rivers in China

Admire the romantic scene on the poetic river

Heilong Jiang River is a large body of water located in the northeastern part of China. The river has a total length of 4,350 km, of which more than 3,101 km in the basin belongs to Heilongjiang Province.

In the north of the province, the Black Dragon River is considered the border between China and Russia. Furthermore, the Chinese river is not only an interesting tourist destination but also a strategic defense position due to the close location to the Inner Mongolia in western China.

4. Zhujiang River

the beautiful rivers in China

The nature beauty of Zhujiang River

Zhujiang River stretches from southern China to the middle of Hong Kong and Macau before flowing into the vast East Sea. Its basin is formed by the confluence of three smaller rivers. The downstream area is recently known as the Pearl River Delta with an area of 409,480 km², covering Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan and Jiangxi.

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5. Haihe River, Tianjin City

the beautiful rivers in China

The stunning overview of Haihe River, China

The 72-kilometer river flowing through Tianjin City then into the North Sea is known as the symbol of Tianjin. The total of 21 bridges crossing the River creates stunning views of one of the most beautiful rivers in China. The Ferris wheel built on Yonghe Bridge over Haihe River is called "Tianjin Eye" - the world's largest and most iconic Ferris wheel.

6. Brahmaputra River

the beautiful rivers in China

Brahmaputra River flows into the Bay of Bengal

Brahmaputra River is one of the greatest rivers in Asia, flowing through China (specifically Tibet), India, Bangladesh and into the Bay of Bengal. The flow speed of Brahmaputra is arguably the fastest in the world. Within the length of 2,900 km, it is considered an important source of irrigation and transportation.

7. Li River, Guangxi Province

the beautiful rivers in China

Li River has always been the dream of Chinese people

Native people praise the 83-km river as one of the most beautiful attractions in China. In the past, ancient Chinese used to have four biggest dreams, one of which was a boat ride on Li River to enjoy the paradise on Earth - a seemingly oil painting of lush mountains, clear water and white clouds in blue high sky.

Visitors are interested in doing sightseeing, fishing, cruising while enjoying the fresh air and staying close to the nature.

It is true that China is home to a great number of rivers and lakes. In the modern development, those bodies of water not only provide abundant water resources for industry, agriculture but also boost Chinese tourism due to the stunning views.

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As life is getting busier and more stressful, human beings tend to go back to the nature. Nowadays, beautiful rivers in China which bring you the sense of freedom as well as several interesting historic, cultural stories are increasingly attractive destination for every travel taste.

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