You Can't Miss Top 10 Rated-Attractions In Egypt

You Can't Miss Top 10 Rated-Attractions In Egypt

Known as one of the oldest and the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, Egypt, with the retention of many collections of famous antiques and national legendary treasures, attracts a huge number of visitors to come and explore every year. Here are top 10 particularly impressing destinations that you cannot miss when traveling to Egypt.

1. Alexandria

As the second largest city of Egypt, Alexandria gives us the feeling of being in the Mediterranean or the world-class city like Marseille or Athens. Famous for a number of skyscrapers and luxury squares, the city in the past was a trendy one. Although its charm is currently faded a little bit, there are still a lot of attractions to visit.

Rated-Attractions In Egypt

Alexandria is so impressive

You can visit the Montazah Palace Gardens with spacious quiet gardens, learn about the history and architecture of Qaitbay, an impressive fortress built in the 15th century, or you can also choose one of the old cafés, sip a cup of coffee while looking at the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Cairo

Once you can overcome the chaos, the culture shock and the "ticket brokers" in Cairo, you can find that the city is an ideal destination. This is also the place for history fans because the cultural tradition seems to be kept perfectly every corner of the city.

Rated-Attractions In Egypt

Cairo is an ancient city

There are various ancient temples, tombs, churches, monuments and museums for tourists to explore. And you should not forget to visit the famous antique market Khan el-Khalili or the other street markets, especially when you're looking for something like flying carpets or brass jewelry.

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3. Red Sea

Sharm el Sheik is known as the most impressive resort in Egypt with warm blue water and beautiful coral reefs. Besides, it is considered one of the most unique spots all over the world. Sharm el Sheik contains luxurious hotels with lots of casinos, night-clubs, sun, sea and sand. As a result, it is a heaven for those who are interested in scuba diving and exploring the colorful underwater world.

Rated-Attractions In Egypt

You will not want to leave Red Sea once you have an experience here

However, the real beauty here is the Red Sea with clear blue sea water and a large number of fish and corals. And that is the reason why this place is considered as one of the most amazing dive sites which gives you the best experience scuba diving. Having an opportunity to try scuba diving in a great place with an experienced guide and challenge yourself will never make you regret.

4. Giza Pyramid

Rated-Attractions In Egypt

Giza Pyramid is a symbol of Egypt

Don't leave Egypt without visiting the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza. It's the only place left in the seven wonders of the ancient world and dating back more than 4,600 years old. If your time is limited, you can visit main parts of the pyramid for about 2 hours, but you need to spend about a day to explore more.

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5. Luxor City

Only a few places in the world are called an outdoor museum and the city Luxor of Egypt is certainly one of them. In fact, the number of reserves and relics in Luxor is larger than that of anywhere else in the world. Most of the holidays in Egypt will have no meaning if you do not visit this famous attraction.

Rated-Attractions In Egypt

Luxor city - an amazing outdoor museum

When you have an opportunity to travel to Egypt, take one to two days to visit the valley of kings and queens with more than 60 underground graves. Make sure that you will pay a visit to the impressive temple of Karnak.

6. Nile River

Rated-Attractions In Egypt

The famous Nile River

The best way to discover one of the most famous rivers in the world is making a journey lasting a few days sightseeing in Egypt and the great River Nile. The river with abundant flora and fauna will help you have a deep and interesting view about the rural areas of the country.

Additionally, you will also stop to visit a lot of temples and famous ancient monuments. If you do not want to join the tour by boat, standing on the Aswan dam to watch the sunset on a gorgeous stretch of the Nile is also an interesting choice.

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7. Mount Sinai

Rated-Attractions In Egypt

Conquering Mount Sinai is a wonderful experience

If you are in Cairo, you should take a trip to Mount Sinai. Hiking up the mountain is a popular activity here, and many people even choose to go overnight or stay at a hostel to get up early to watch the sunrise mentioned in the Bible.

8. Saint Catherine's Monastery

Rated-Attractions In Egypt

Saint Catherine's Monastery attracts many tourists

Saint Catherine's Monastery can be found right at the foot of Mount Sinai. It is one of the world heritages recognized by UNESCO, and also, the oldest monastery in the world. The famous attraction in Egypt is an exotic building. It is said to be built on the position where the prophet Moses saw the gods through a burning bush.

9. Siwa Oasis

Rated-Attractions In Egypt

You should not miss Siwa Oasis when visiting Egypt

Siwa Oasis is often referred to one of the most beautiful places to visit in Egypt. Siwa culture has distinct characteristics which are different from the Arab culture. People here have their own language and this place is known for its hot springs, beautiful jewelry and olive oil. It will be definitely interesting to try to experience the feeling of swimming and sliding sand here.

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10. White desert

Rated-Attractions In Egypt

A giant stone in White desert

White desert in the legend of Old Egypt can be found in the north of Farafra town. It owns a strange beauty in the world with the magical white rock formed from the desert sand. The bizarre structure of the giant stones was created as a result of frequent sand storms occurred in the region. Driving four-wheel vehicles crossing the desert or staying overnight here is a really memorable experience.

Egypt with an impressive culture that cannot be mixed with any other places will definitely be a big challenge for those who want to discover all the beauty of its legend.

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