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Most travelers prefer the vibrant atmosphere of a tourist spot to those in deserted areas. However, you might not have known that those remote destinations contain more interesting features than you could have expected. First of all, you do not have to wait for hours to get in the spot since there are only a few tourists. Secondly, no crowd or anyone would come to interrupt your muse for going sightseeing. If you are fancy at a place like that, these most remote hotels below are excellent choices for you.

White Deserts

This hotel is placed at one of the most remote regions of the globe, Antarctica. If you are a snow lover, then a trip to this location would be beyond amazing. Although being very far from other regions in the planet and owning a freezing cold temperature (Can you blame? It’s Antarctica, after all!), White Deserts manages to spread its reputation to travelers around the world.


Spectacular sleeping pods are equipped with useful facilities inside

At the first glance, you would not see many things that can interest you except for those giant signature fiberglass domes of White Deserts. In fact, those are sleeping pods with bamboo headboards, classic decorators, chairs, fur carpets and fine rooms, not to mention the library. The site is also visited by some of the most influential people like the famous Prince Harry of the UK or the Saudi Family. Look like this place has much in store for everyone!

Four Seasons, Bora Bora

This accommodation is another place to find peace and private. Surrounded by crystal blue water, the bungalows of Four Seasons connect one to another, which creats an impressive shape. Somehow the design of this resort reminds people of mesmerizing tropical islands. Moreover, you will be interested in swimming in an outdoor private pool in your own bungalow. Most tourists choose this place for enjoying its tranquil atmosphere and the spectacular scenery it owns. It is an ideal spot for couples since the poetical view sets just the right mood for a sweet honeymoon or an anniversary trip.


The sequence of bungalows stretches out the beach

Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

This lodge is the most remote as well as the most bizarre hotels in the world. Why? Because it is located underwater! The undersea accommodation is a part of Key Largo Undersea Park. While staying at the place, you can contemplate the beauty of the sea, of course, its residents would become your neighbors next door. Through the transparent glass wall of the lodge, it is easy to catch the sight of little fishes swimming around. Scuba diving courses are also available if you want to be a part of the ocean rather than just observing it behind the wall.


Contemplating the view of the bottom of the sea

Hinchinbrook Island Resort, Hinchinbrook Island, Australia

The jungle view of this National Park is what intrigues tourists around the world. You can choose whether to book a beach cabin or a bungalow which is located on a tree (sounds like Tarzan, doesn’t it?). Being a section of Great Barrier Reef, Hinchinbrook Island offers a lot of things to do and to see. You would not want to miss a hiking day to the dense forest or a diving trip underwater to contemplate the spectacular coral reef and the marine life.


Go into the wild with Hinchinbrook Island Resort

Monaci Delle Terre Nere, Sicily, Italy

The hotel owns a vintage appearance reminding people of an old mansion of previous centuries. It was established in the 19th century. Located at the feet of Mount Etna, the hotel is surrounded by olive groves and the poetical natural scenery of a forest where you can perform a hike. The atmosphere of the place is quiet and tranquil which is suitable for a relaxing vacation. One bonus is the interior following the simple style yet elegant. Do not pass the chance to taste fine Italian wines at night while contemplating the glittering view when the hotel is lit up.


Spending your night at an old mansion with amazing features

Vardo Hotel, Norway

Vardois another option that you can choose. Honestly, the region is basically one of the coldest in the world. The things offered in Vardo Hotel cannot be rated 5-star, but the simple style of this hotel can suit the taste of some people, not to mention its delicious fresh fish dishes. People are coming to Vardo City to go for a trek in the north pole of the world. A trek in this area would be a great experience.


It might look simple but it does have wonderful things to offer

Ultima Thule Lodge, Alaska

Although being set in a cold area, the look of Ultima Thule Lodge is completely contrasted to the signature temperature of Alaska with plenty of colorful flowers and verdant scenery. Spreading on 5 acres of land, the hotel offers the wooden interior and beautiful garden view. Located inside the Wrangell St. Elias National Park, at this place, your journey would become an adventurous one with flights to explore the vast safari and mountain views, hikes to the snow-covered peaks.


No matter it's in winter or spring, the place still looks mesmerizing

Palm Island, St. Vincent

The name of this island refers to its shape (yeah, it does look like a palm!). This territory of the Grenadinesis where you could get away from the noisy daily life and have a real vacation. You would approach the island by jumping on a boat and stay in a bungalow possessing a sea view coming along with sun terrace. You are also expected to spend your day enjoying beach activities like swimming, volleyball, or even skydiving. Sitting on a couch and enjoying the view of coconut palms and the beautiful sea is also a must.


The panoramic view of Palm Island proves why it has its own name

Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland, Canada


The hotel offers a lot of outstanding suites to choose

Elevate your entrance to this place to be an impressive one by arriving by helicopter. The hotel is situated in a deserted area with 29 guest elegant suites showing the luxurious style. You will be impressed by its unique architectural style and of course, the wonderful decoration inside the building. Additionally, the friendly community of Newfoundland is an additional bonus to this place.

Despite being very far and remote, each of those most remote hotels in the world still owns an impressive number of visitors since they feature different things to discover and explore. Pay a visit to some or even all of them and take home the wonderful experiences!

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