What You Should Know Before Visiting Brazil

What You Should Know Before Visiting Brazil

Apart from being one of the most flourishing South America countries, Brazil happens to be a great option for traveling. The obvious proof is that this country never seem to be less appealing to tourist around the world. Brazil is never an old location for tourism. The nation is extremely lively and energetic with eventful samba rhythms, outstanding festivals and amazing landscapes. Moreover, visiting Brazil, you will get the chance to explore mighty wild jungles, bizarre scenes of nature. That explains why Brazil in tourists’ eyes is an incredibly interesting and captivating. Have you felt exciting about this place yet? Let’s check out several noticeable things when traveling in Brazil.


Brazil is enchanting with famous wonders

1. Studying how to communicate in Portuguese language basically

When visiting a new country with a completely different lifestyle and culture, the first thing you need to notice is language. Language barrier is always a nuisance and disadvantage to newcomers. Learning some basic ways to communicate in Portuguese will give you more benefits when visiting Brazil.


Portuguese is the main language in Brazil

Although there is a part of Brazilian people know how to speak English, their primary language is Portuguese. In Brazil, the number of people who know how to use English is quite limited. It is divided into two main types: people who study in schools which have high reputation, and people work in tourism field and places that often have foreign visitors such as: tour guide, waiter, receptionist, etc. Aside from those types, some frauds in Brazil also know how to speak English, and you definitely do not want to encounter these people.

In some big cities like Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, people use English as a common language. However, if you want to visit some remote area in Brazil, knowing Portuguese is indispensable.

2. Trying out outdoor activities in Brazil



Playful and exciting activities in Brazil

Brazil is gifted with extraordinary nature. It would be regretful if you do not take part in some outdoor activities in this place. Obviously, aside from exploring wonderful constructions and scenic beauties in Brazil, it would be more exciting to join in street festivals, special occasions in Brazil, since this country is always full of festival atmosphere.

Besides, participating in thrilling activities in playgrounds of Brazil will add more fun to your trip. Brazilian people often organize these playgrounds in crowded areas like beaches, waterfalls, etc.

3. People in Brazil are extroverts


It's an usual thing to kiss stranger in Brazil

Brazilian people are extremely friendly and generous. They treat everyone like their long-term friends, so their gestures towards you might be a little intimate than it should be. Kissing a stranger on their cheek is a common thing to Brazilian people. This is a way for them to say hello to you.

The fact that Brazilian people are friendly is kind of an advantage for your trip. If you want to ask for direction or some information, they would be gladly to help.

4. Do not forget to taste special juices in Brazil

Drinks in Brazil is extremely various. Must say Brazilian people master the technique of producing delicious fruit juice. Brazil is a tropical paradise with many fruits that you might even not have heard of their names like caju, camu-camu, pitanga, etc. From these unique fruits, people in Brazil have created excellent drinks which would help you get back your energy after a long-hour traveling.


Fruit juice can be found anywhere in Brazil

These fruit juice stores appear in every corner of Brazil. From regular juices to smoothies, special drinks in Brazil will erase your thirst and supply good nutrients to your body in anytime.

5. Parties is an indispensable part in Brazil

Festivals in Brazil are celebrated like most of the days in a year. In each area of Brazil, there are different festivals. From show advertisements to religious occasions, Brazil is full of eventful music and delightful atmosphere. The biggest festival must be Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. With thousands of people take part in, this extraordinary festival is an occasion that you cannot miss.


With Brazilian people, parties are endless

In Rio de Janeiro, there are music live shows which are free to watch. These shows has the attendance of many famous singers in Brazil. You can catch the sight of these playful events in the street or on a beach. If you want to take part in a party in Brazil, these occasions will a perfect choice.

6. Delicious dishes

Brazil has a variety of signature dish. Their cuisine is really worth to have a try. Foods in Brazil is delicious range from the simplest ones to the complicated ones. Like feijoada, a dish that Brazilian often have in lunch. It is a course made from black bean and pork, quite spicy. Churrasco is a good choice if you like grilled dishes.


Feijoada is a signature dish of Brazil

Tapioca is a kind of pancake that you can easily found in the street of Brazil. This type of sweet treat is suitable for all ages. If you like sweet thing, you might also like quindim, a desert made from sugar, coconut and egg yolk.


Tapioca - a type of pancake in Brazil

7. Preparing your suitcase


Special occasions in Brazil is crowded

Being a country has tropical atmosphere, Brazil’s weather is quite hot (approximately from 35 degree to 40). If you are not used to hot weather, you should prepare some leisure clothes, sneakers. Sunglasses is also needed. In some big festivals in Brazil like: World Cup, Bumba Meu Boi Masquerade, Love Festival, etc., the number of people participate in is really crowded. This will make the temperature even annoying. If you are not used to hot temperature, remember to bring some sunroof things and water.

Brazil is a perfect choice to enjoy your vacation. In order to fully enjoy your trip, you should learn a little about Brazil and Brazilian people. Wish you have a good traveling in this wonderful country!

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