What interesting things to know about Antarctica?

What interesting things to know about Antarctica?

If you are the one who loves adventurous and challenging journeys, then pack your bags and head toward Antarctica now! For sure, the more you learn about this frozen continent, the more you cannot get it out of your mind.

For many tourists, it is a fascinating spot. Antarctica is not only the least inhabited continent on the globe, but it is arguably also the most photogenic place. If you have a free soul, don’t miss a chance to look at its golden pink sunsets, ashen wilderness and adorable penguins after setting feet on here!


Enjoy the gorgeous beauty of Antarctica

After all, there are many more than large white snow and fluffy arctic animals in this mysterious and marvelous continent. Of course, these interesting things to know about Antarctica here will surely leave you enthralled and dazzled. And who knows? By the end of our article, you can want to discover it right now on your own!

- Nobody truly lives there

Yes, this is the only place on the globe which is still ruled by wildlife. Although it is quite true to say that a number of scientists tend to gather in various research stations throughout the year (the number averages 5,000 during the summer, while it drops to 1,000 in the winter), no one on Earth thinks that Antarctica will become their home. Perhaps, the coldest weather is one of the main reasons which prevents them from living here!


Only scientists gather in Antarctica every year

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- There are no time zones on Antarctica!

Because most of its territories are situated below the Antarctic Circle, this continent is said to experience sunlight 24/7 during the summer and darkness 24/7 during the winter. However, it is not really a big problem as no one lives there. Thus, if you happen to be a scientist in this place, it is a good idea to stick to your watch, or simply make it up as you go along, based on whether you are hungry or tired!


Antarctica – a place of no time zone

- Antarctica is also the windiest, driest, and highest continent on Earth

This is another interesting thing about Antarctica you should keep in mind before saying hello to this continent! Apart from being the coldest place, it is also driest. There is just 50mm of rain falls per year. The precipitation levels seem to be far less when you go inland; thus, Antarctica is also known as a desert.


Antarctica is also the largest desert in the world

- Feel interested in meteorites? Then, traveling to Antarctica is a wise idea

Meteorites are easily seen against the white expanse of ice and snow. These are also better preserved as they totally get covered by ice, which protects them from corrosion. It’s estimated that more than 10,000 meteorites have been discovered in Antarctica since 1970. Some of them even have 700,000 years old.


Explorers are in search of meteorites

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- Do people love visiting Antarctica?

The answer is yes. In fact, a travel to this continent has vividly blossomed over the recent years. According to IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators), Antarctica welcomed more than 34 million tourists to discover and do activities last year.


Say hello to the coldest region in the world!

- There is only one insect on this continent

It is fascinating to know that Antarctica has only one species to watch, namely Belgica Antarctica. With 2-6 millimeters in length, this wingless fly insect also qualifies as the largest terrestrial animal in the continent. It is likely to spend most of its life in larval form, which is frozen in ice. In general, an adult insect’s lifespan has not much more than a week.


Belgica Antarctica – the only insect here

- No polar bear lives there

Unlike what you see on films, polar bears do not frolic together at the bottom of the world. The truth is that they reside at the opposite poles. So, it is trusted that no land mammals are available in Antarctica at all! If you wish to watch some polar bears hanging out, it is better to travel thousands of miles north to the arctic.


Antarctica has no polar bear

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- Antarctica used to be a rainforest in the past

Believe it or not, Antarctica was a rainforest about 45 million years ago. Thanks to the discovery of 2 turtle shells, scientists found the appealing history of this continent. Obviously, turtles are always in need of warm and rainforest-like conditions to rest. There had been other animals (i.e. marsupials) found in warmer climates.

After grasping those interesting things to know about Antarctica, you should be prepared to do many cool activities here, such as going aboard the ship to marvel at the stunning views, cruising on Zodiac landing craft, paddling a kayak in one of the most unspoiled and pristine environments on the planet, or simply getting up close and personal with the unique and curious inhabitants in the region. Throughout the journey, let tour guides reveal to you more about the history and wildlife here. Enjoy your trip!

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