What does Australia look like in 4 seasons

It is hard to find a country in the world that winter starts in June and summer ends in February with the exception of Australia. It is attractive because of not only this strange feature but also the stunning scenery, delicious cuisine and exciting experiences. To start your trip to the beautiful country, let’s see how it looks like in 4 seasons.

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Among 4 seasons, spring is the time when the whole country is painted with blooming flowers of various colors. Spring in Australia offers you chances to admire the stunning beauty of colorful foliage in the city of Canberra. Normally, the season starts from September to November. You can walk around or hire some bicycles to explore glorious bushes of flowers in sunshine. It is enjoyable to indulge in the clean atmosphere and capture the most wonderful moments that Mother Nature create for this kangaroo land when spring approaches.

Australia in 4 seasons

The irresistible charm of Floriade park in spring

If you prefer something wilder, the journey to Daintree forest is a can’t miss thing. Ranked as a World Heritage Site, this hot spot provides you a deep insight into the wild life and natural habitat of a wide range of species.

For adventure lovers, sailing, surfing, diving and kayaking will satisfy their needs. After spending time in the water, do not forget to try delicious foods which remain fresh in springtime. It would be unforgettable to enjoy local cuisines while listening to different kinds of music, ranging from opera, jazz to blues.

Australia in 4 seasons

Daintree forest looks amazing


Extending from December to February, summer is the suitable time to recharge your batteries with a bunch of interesting activities.

Australia in 4 seasons

Summer is the perfect time to spend on white sandy beaches

The natural landscape is so splendid that tourists should not miss. Anyone who is interested in sightseeing can immerse in various kinds. You can take a stroll along the beautiful coastline from Bondi to Bronte where the water is crystal blue and the trees are quivering in the breeze.

Erye peninsula located in the southern part of Australia also makes a name for stunning beaches which provides travelers chances to visit Great Reef Barrier, the longest reef system in the world. In proximity to Sydney, it is possible to make a trip to vineyards, national parks and Swan valley. The awe-inspiring nature of these attractions will take your breath away at first sight.

Australia in 4 seasons

You can come across many cute kangaroos in swan valley

Moreover, Australia becomes a more dynamic country when summer outdoor activities rock the whole environment. Hiking along the overland Track in Tasmania is a popular way of seeing the splendor and cute animals. Besides, you can’t imagine deafening sounds of music events, tense atmosphere of world tennis competitions or sparkling fireworks to celebrate new year without paying a visit to this interesting destination.

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What comes into your mind when you think of autumn? It is definitely the moment of romance and of nostalgia in your soul. In Australia, autumn brings your trip the great natural transformation with impressive scenes. You should not miss a boat trip on the Brisbane river to engross in the fresh atmosphere and cool water.

When the sun sets down, bands of sunshine are beautifully reflected in the surface to create a picturesque view. The northern part is dyed in the robust color of lush greenery so you can see the majestic Valley Muster. This is a kind of plant that nowhere can be found except for Australia.

Australia in 4 seasons

Autumn paints Australia with a colorful foliage

If you go with your family, children will benefit from becoming a farmer in one day. They are able to control a flock of animals in Oddnadatta farm. This is the opportunity to learn about the nature and understand the daily tasks that they never imagine.

Apart from scenery, tourists cannot forget to take part in fashion events (Grand Prix) where hundreds of beautiful costumes are performed on the stage. Foods and wine also have their own events to meet the needs of foodaholics and inform foreigners about Australian culture.

Australia in 4 seasons

Immerse in the dynamic city of Brisbane at night


It is extremely cold on winter days in Australia; however, tourists are still attracted by the chilly weather and a lot of fascinating activities. You will be amused when every corner of the country is covered in white snow. Snow balls can be found everywhere, from the branches of big trees to the pavement. It forms the perfect playground for winter sports including ice skating or skateboarding.

Steep slopes and hilly mountains are suitable for advanced and skillful people. Although the water is cold, many people still choose to join aquatic sports such as diving to admire the marine lives. In proximity to the beach, it is easy to see with your own eyes whale migration. You cannot resist from their cute body shapes and friendly gestures, which makes winter in Australia different from other seasons.

Australia in 4 seasons

Blue Mountains becomes more impressive in snow

Spending the nights in the Blue Mountains is also a great idea to indulge in the dynamic atmosphere of Christmas events. In Canberra, Fireside festival should definitely be added to your traveling list. The heat from the fires as well as the welcome of local inhabitants are sure to warm your soul in the freezing temperature.

Australia in 4 seasons

Harsh conditions but stunning beauty in Simpson desert

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Australia has long made a name for stunning scenery and a lot of interesting activities. Have you ever wondered how Australia looks like in 4 seasons? If the answer is no, you should immediately get to know the seasonal attractions of this kangaroo land to admire the majestic nature.

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