What are the most expensive buildings in Dubai?

What are the most expensive buildings in Dubai?

Within a decade, Dubai has become one of the most attractive landscapes with a variety of the most luxury structures in the world. Due to it, the beautiful city attracts a huge number of visitors every year and becomes one of the most famous tourism destinations worldwide. The following are top ten most expensive buildings in Dubai which you should visit once.

10. Dubai Creek Tower ($51 million)

Built in later 1990, it costs investors $51 million to construct Dubai Creek Tower. With high cost and picturesque scenery, it is ranked top ten most valuable buildings in Dubai. It is also one of the very first modern and particular structures of this city.

buildings in Dubai

It would be a pity if you miss Dubai Creek Tower

9. Twisted Tower ($272 million)

With the construction cost of $272 million, Twisted Tower, as its name, is the highest twisted tower in the world with the height of 307 meters. It is not only famous for its height but also for its fascinating special design. Twisted Tower contains 75 floors and 495 apartments. Due to these things, this tower is one of the most creative and valuable structure in the world in general and in Dubai in particular.

buildings in Dubai

Twisted Tower - a fascinating structure in Dubai

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8. Ski Park ($400 million)

The expensive building in Dubai is very famous for its total acreage of 22.500 square meters. It took them 5 years to build (from 2005 to 2010). The 60-meter hill with 5 different mountainsides makes it so unique. Moreover, Ski Park is home to the first indoor ski in the globe.

buildings in Dubai

Enjoy your trip in Dubai Ski Park

7. JW Marriott Marquis Hotel ($490 million)

Ranked at the seventh place is JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, which is the highest hotel in the world. It costs $490 million to build this great building. This luxury and unique hotel has 1.608 rooms with the best quality. Especially, it is 100-foot taller than famous Eiffel Tower in Paris.

buildings in Dubai

Welcome to the World's Tallest Hotel, the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

6. Burj Al Arab ($650 million)

Known as the most unique and luxury hotel in Dubai, you cannot miss Burj Al Arab, which is the fourth highest hotel in the world with the height of 321 meters. Moreover, its total construction cost is giant, too, up to $650 million. This hotel has 60 floors with 18 elevators. It was located on an artificial island with the shape of a sail.

buildings in Dubai

Burj Al Arab, the symbol of Dubai

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5. Dubai Mall ($700 million)

Dubai Mall is the largest and the most luxury shopping mall worldwide. In the site, you can buy almost everything you want. Its total acreage is $5.6 million square foot with more than 1.400 shops and stores, a giant aquarium and underwater zoo, the largest cinema in Dubai, an Olympic-size ice rink, an impressive artificial waterfall, and many other fascinating attractions.

buildings in Dubai

Dubai Mall – a shopping paradise of the world

4. Burj Khalifa ($1,5 billion)

The highest artificial skyscraper in the world was officially opened in January 2010 after 6 years of construction. Burj Khalifa tower has totally 208 floors. Moreover, it also has a lot of entertainment centers, shopping paradises, as well as the best restaurants in the world.

buildings in Dubai

One of the most expensive building in Dubai - Burj Khalifa

3. Dubai Marina ($10 billion)

Dubai Marina is the largest marina in the world. Its total construction cost is really giant, $10 billion. Its name on the world map makes Dubai much more widely well-known. After the completion, the famous attraction can house 120.000 people. It is really a beautiful paradise with a lot of buildings, apartments, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, etc.

buildings in Dubai

Get the whole amazing view of Dubai Marina

2. Palm Island ($12,3 billion)

You will definitely say "Wow" at the imposing majesty of Palm Island. With a giant construction cost of $12.3 billion, Palm Island easily occupies the second place in this list. The island offers best hotels, villas, marinas, restaurants, shopping malls, beaches and entertainment centers in the world. Atlantis, the most famous hotel in Dubai, is located on this island.

buildings in Dubai

Palm Island - an impressive artificial island in Dubai

1. The World ($14 billion)

Not Palm Island, The World or Private Islands is the most luxury building in Dubai. It has recreated an image of the earth attractively in a unique way. Popular means of transport in the must-see attraction are boats and airplanes.

buildings in Dubai

Beautiful The World at night

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Above are top ten most expensive buildings in Dubai. They are also the most famous attractions which you should visit once in a lifetime. It would be so great.

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