What are the iconic foods in Italy that you must know?

Cuisine has become one of the endless topics for those who are planning to travel aboard. Italy, which is well-known for the perfect recipes, becomes one of the must-see destinations that you could not ignore when you come to Europe. The foods in Italy had been developed parallel to the ancient civilizations of Greek, Etruscan and Roman. It is strongly influenced by the local history and traditions, as well as by the seasonal availability of products. When it comes to iconic foods of the nation, people immediately think about pizza or spaghetti. However, Italian cuisine also surprises travelers by thousands of recipes to create appetizer-stimulating dishes. Let’s review today ten most outstanding Italian dishes that fascinate visitors tremendously.

1. Risotto

iconic foods in Italy

Italian vegetable risotto

The traditional risotto serves with various grain sizes of rice. People could order from comune (the shortest), semifino, fino, to superfino (the longest). The broth may be cooked from pork, fish or vegetables and served with cooked rice. The recipe for the dish is quite simple. Just keeping the rice in a cool and dry place until ready for use, and make sure it is covered with a lid or in sealed box. In addition, it is unnecessary to wash the rice before cooking as usual.

2. Gelato

iconic foods in Italy

Gelato ice-cream with a variety of fruits

Gelato, which means the sweetness in Italy, is the well-known ice-cream for not only local inhabitants but also people around the world. It is originally made from milk, sugar and cream mixed with a variety of fruits. However, people may feel gelato a little bit more milky than the original cream due to the higher content of milk in gelato which creates an enchanting taste for the dish.

3. Pizza

iconic foods in Italy

"National fastfood" Pizza

Perhaps, pizza is the most iconic food that reminds individuals about Italy because the dish’s evolution reflects the development and renovation of the nation during 1000 years of history. The first pizza was originally made from wheat flour and baked on the hot flat rocks. These days, pizza has been modified with thousands of different recipes to suits people from different nations in the world. It is normally served with bacon, sausage, chicken, beef, mushrooms, onions with ketchup.

4. Chicken Parmigiana

iconic foods in Italy

Traditional fried chicken Parmigiana with sauce

Chicken Parmigiana includes two main ingredients which are chicken and tomatoes. Fried chicken is stirred with ground tomatoes, or you can slice fresh tomatoes and place it on chicken with tomato sauce and black pepper, then put the mixture into the a microwave oven until it is ready to serve.

5. Spaghetti

iconic foods in Italy

Italy's best pasta dishes

Spaghetti is basically is the best form of Italian pasta which is shaped into long, thin, round strands. The noodles will be boiled in water until it becomes soft enough. However, the soul of the dish comes from the special sauce cooked from tomatoes and some typical types of herbs such as oregano and Ocimum basilicum. Particularly, beef, chicken, bacon, sea foods, eggs, cheese or cream may be added, which depends on each person. People nowadays may taste the dish in their own countries easily, but if you have a chance to come to Italy, do not forget to experience this iconic food with the traditional Italian recipes.

6. Lasagne

iconic foods in Italy

Beef and vegetable lasagne

Lasagne is known as the typical dish of Bologna located in the Northern area of Italy. This dish is wide, flat-shaped pasta and baked in the ovens. The main ingredients of the dish are quite similar to other Italian foods that include sheets of pasta. Lasagne will be filled with cheese, sauce, meat and different types of vegetables such as tomatoes, pumpkins or carrots.

7. Tortellini

iconic foods in Italy

Slow-cooker cheesy Italian Tortellini

Italy deserves to be the heaven of noodles because the noodles there are renovated and modified in many different sizes and shapes. Tortellini is another type of pasta which is in ring shape. The noodles are normally made from durum wheat mixed with eggs and served with toppings meat, cheese or vegetables. To be more attractive, Tortellini nowadays also comes in round, square and triangular shapes for a little bit change.

8. Calzone

iconic foods in Italy

Calzone with chicken, spinach, and wild mushrooms

Apart from the complicated and luxurious dishes, Italy is also known for heaven of street foods. Calzone is one among those amazing street foods which is a special type of folded pizza from Naples. Hundreds of recipes for the dish had been applied due to the local residents' creativity but some of the original and most traditional ingredients have been remained like bacon, mozzarella cheese, ricotta or parmesan.

9. Bruschetta

iconic foods in Italy

Well-known toast in Italy with vegetables and fruits

Bruschetta is a common type of bread which is taken thick slices of good country bread, toast it, rub it with cloves of garlic, and drizzle some olive oil on top. Bruschetta was born in the very low-income households when poor local residents just want to save money by using the remained bread from the previous days. It was too simple in the recipe but now, bruschetta has become one of the popular street foods in the nation.

10. Panna Cotta

iconic foods in Italy

Vanilla Pannacotta with berry sauce

Ending up the list of top amazing foods in Italy is an extremely simple but delicious dessert named Panna Cotta that you must taste when coming there. Panna cotta simply a combination of sweetened cream, molded and gelatin. Sometimes, it is mixed with coffee, vanilla, rum or flavorings. Panna cotta frequently appears in most menu lists of Italian restaurants. However, you could make this easily right in your kitchen after dinners so that all members in the family have a great dessert together.

Cuisine is the obvious reflection and the consequence of a nation’s development and local people’s lifestyle. Iconic foods from Italy represent for the different regional variations, and many of them have become the indispensable part of other nations’ cuisine. Coming there to see how the local chefs put their heart on dishes that are the fusion of traditional and modern features.

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