Warm destinations for an excursion in Canada

There is no doubt that Canada is an attractive country to visit. When people intend to go there (or anywhere else), they have to consider different factors so that their excursion will be perfect. One of those confusing elements is weather because it affects directly to the quality of travelling. Understanding that, we decided to make the list of 10 warm destinations in Canada with specific temperatures to help you free your worry.

1, Victoria, British Columbia


Victoria City looks stunning with colorful flowers in summer

Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia province, has a relatively warm climate compared to other regions in Canada. In summer time, it is usually cool and sunny with the temperature of 11-20°C. When winter comes, it is 3.5 - 9°C – not extremely cold.

Beautiful weather allows tourists to get around to the city’s numerous attractions, namely Beacon Hill Park - the main urban green space, the British Columbia Parliament Buildings, the Christ Church Cathedral, the Royal British Columbia Museum and so on.

2, Vancouver, British Columbia


Vancouver has an ideal climate

Vancouver is a coastal seaport city in British Columbia. Besides livability and quality of life, Vancouver has an ideal climate that attracts around 700,000 people to live in.

The city is one of the warmest and wettest ones in Canada. It has a quite hot summer when the temperature is between 22 and 35°C, while it is 1.3 – 7.2°C in winter with around 3 days under 0°C.

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3, Abbotsford, British Columbia


Lush forests of Abbotsford

Located in the center of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford city is one of the warm destinations in Canada with an oceanic climate and a suitable amount of rain. The average temperature in summer is 15°C and fluctuates from -0.5 to 7.2 °C when winter comes. In the period of 5 days every year, the city is frozen in snow and ice.

4, Kelowna, British Columbia


Thanks to ideal climate, Kelowna is diverse in natural attractions

Kelowna, the third largest metropolitan area in the province, provides its dear people with a borderline humid continental climate. It has four distinct seasons with a dry, hot, sunny summer (32°C on average) as well as a cold and cloudy winter (from -3.5 to 3.6°C).

The climate is one of the reasons why this city is so diverse in natural attractions such as pristine lakes, lush forests, sandy beaches and astounding amenities. It is considered an ideal getaway for tourists in Canada.

5, Toronto, Ontario


The warm city of Toronto

The global city of Toronto is seen as an international center of business, finance, arts, and culture. Similar to Kelowna, it enjoys a humid climate with four distinct seasons. In summer, it is warm and humid (23 - 31°C). The city also experiences a cold winter with frequent snow and temperature below 0 °C. However, whatever season it is, Toronto’s living style is always lively and fast.

6, Windsor, Ontario


Windsor, a city of a humid continental climate

Situated on the southern shore of the Detroit River, Windsor city is widely known for diverse culture and automotive industry. As a city of a humid continental climate, it has the hottest summer in the whole country. However, the average annual temperature is 9.9 °C due to its extremely cold winter (-0.6 – 0.9 °C). The lowest temperature in the history here was -32.8 °C.

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7, St. Catharines, Ontario


Beautiful scenery of St. Catharines city

The summer season at the famous attraction in Canada is usually warm and highly humid, with a temperature of 27°C. The winter here is cold and experiences the average temperature of -0.6 – 1.1°C.

8, Halifax, Nova Scotia


How green Halifax is!

One of the warm destinations for an excursion in Canada is Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia province. Its climate is humid continental with warm, pleasant summers and relatively cold winters. In summer, the average temperature fluctuates between 24 – 28.2°C, while it falls by 20°C in winter.

9, Hamilton, Ontario


Similar to most of Ontario, Hamilton enjoys humid-continental climate

Hamilton is a densely populated and industrialized city in Canada. As home to the Royal Botanical Gardens (and other stunning destinations), people can understand that its climate is humid-continental and changeable. While the average temperature in summer time is 22°C, Hamilton is one of the coldest cities of our list with more than one month below 0°C.

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10, Oshawa, Ontario


A flower garden in the city

In summer, it is sunny and quite cool in 11.7 – 15.9°C. Winter time is hard for local people when the temperature falls down and stays below 0°C for 1 month and a half.

According to records, British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia are three warmest provinces in Canada. Though the weather in winter usually stays around 0°C, sunny and hot summer is around these regions, which makes them warm destinations for tourists in Canada. Visiting these areas, you not only have a chance to contemplate bright and magnificent natural beauty but also try different interesting activities and specialties.

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