Valparaiso and Sewell - the two most attractive cities in Chile

Chile – a beautiful country located in the Western South America is a great place for travelers who want to explore the beauty of natural scenery as well as unique architectures. There are many exciting activities are ready for you to experience in there such as skiing, mountain climbing, horseback riding and other adventurous sports. Especially, when travelling to Chile, don’t forget to take a visit to Valparaiso and Sewell. Let’s find out what fascinating things are waiting for you in these cities!

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Valparaiso is located between the steep hills and the Mediterranean and is known as the most important and busiest port city in Chile. Valparaiso is a small city but it’s one of the most important seaports as well as a major cultural center in the Southwest Pacific.

Before the Panama Canal opened in 1915, this harbor was the only road linking the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. People from all over the world come to Valparaiso to live, so each house in there has different architectural styles.


Valparaiso scenery at sunset

The highlight feature of this picturesque city is the colorful houses. Especially, some creative owners of the houses also paint graffiti on the walls, which makes the houses look more beautiful and unique. According to legend, sailors on landing trains often carry paint to repair their ships and the excess paint barrels are picked up by residents to change the color of their home.


The walls in Valparaiso are painted by talented artists

Many generations of art-loving travelers have been attracted by the beauty of Valparaiso - the coastal city of Chile. With pleasant climate and bohemian atmosphere, Valparaiso promises to give you the most wonderful experiences than ever. Paintings by street artists in Valparaíso are hung on the walls of houses. The streets here are full with the bohemian style. In addition, there are a lot of clubs, restaurants, and shops for you to come and enjoy.

Especially, don’t forget to visit the Echaurren Square named after the former mayor Francisco Echaurren. The unique beauty of this port city as well as special features in there definitely make it becomes one of the hottest attractions in Chile.


Echaurren Square

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Sewell is the largest underground mining city in the world. It is located in the Aldes Mountains at an altitude of 2,000 m above sea level and about 60 km east of Racagoa (near the border with Argentina). The city was built in 1905 by the Braden Mining Company. It is a prominent example of highly efficient exploitation and disposal of natural resources in a remote and harsh place.


Sewell city in winter

Sewell is built in a very steep and sloping topography. The vehicles in there move in a large stairway in the central. The city is also called as the "city of stairs" because there is no flat road but only a long staircase that goes from the train station. Especially, in Sewell, there are many wooden houses which are painted colorful in many colors like green, red, yellow, blue sky.


Sewell is also known as "the city of stairs"

Now, although no one is living there, the brightly painted buildings, the intact Art Deco School and other unique things still make Sewell attracts many tourists to come. Since 2006, UNESCO has recognized Sewell city as a World Culture Heritage.


Colorful houses in Sewell

Visiting there, you will be amazed by the unique architecture of buildings, one of the attractive features of Sewell. Besides, you can take a visit to the museum to know more about the history of the people that lived in this little town and the copper life in there.

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A trip to Valparaiso and Sewell in Chile will not make you disappointed. All incredible things in these cities will make your trip become unforgettable.

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