Tulip Festival: Check-out where to join in

The symbolic meaning of Tulips

Originated from Turkey and Persia, tulips were brought to Europe in the 16th century, from which they have gained popularity, especially in the 17th century. Till now, tulips are also among the most loved flowers around the world.

Different colors of tulips carry different meanings: purple representing royalty, white conveying forgiveness, yellow symbolizing cheerful thoughts. The favorite tulip all the time is red because it is tied to a meaningful message.

The story goes that a prince named Farhad was in sincere love with a maiden named Shirin. Knowing that Shirin was killed, the prince was so heart-broken that he committed suicide. Suddenly, scarlet tulips sprang up from each droplet of his blood. Therefore, red tulips symbolize a perfect love.


Different colors of tulips carry different meanings

With meaningful message hidden from the charming beauty and impressive colors, the image of tulips has appeared many times in poems and proses. In Spring, they blossom in full bloom with different hues and below are several destinations for you to participate in tulip festivals.

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Lisse, Netherlands

Talking about tulips, we cannot miss Keukenhof Flower Festival in the small town of Lisse, the world’s largest flower garden park. The history of Keukenhof dated back to the 15th century with the meaning of the Garden Kitchen since it used to be the garden near the kitchen of Countess Jacoba van Beieren.

The festival is held annually in two months in Spring when tulips burst into full bloom. Coming to the festival, visitors will be overwhelmed by the myriad tulips with a total of 7 million bulbs from 800 varieties. Therefore, you grasp a great chance to witness unique types of tulips around the world.


Keukenhof Flower Festival has the most diverse variety of tulips

In addition, Keukenhof also has a variety of activities including amazing artwork and interesting events such as the Tulpomania exhibition in the Juliana Pavilion in order to make it suitable for all ages. The treasure hunt, petting farm, maze and a large playground drive children crazy. Keukenhof Flower Festival with brilliantly colored tulips and fantastic activities will definitely make your day.

Istanbul, Turkey

Contrary to the common belief that Holland is the root of tulips, their commercial cultivation started in the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, the tulip is one of the traditional symbols of Istanbul. Because tulips play a vital part in Turkish history, the International Istanbul Tulip Festival is organized carefully on a large scale with 30 million glorious tulips in brilliant hues.

The tulip festival takes place in April with the moderate climate, making it the best time to visit Turkey. The attraction of the festival lies in not only the tulip planting but also manifold activities and events to join in such as live music, painting and sculpture exhibitions, and marbling and glass bowling performances.


In April, tulips are seen nearly everywhere in Istanbul

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Skagit Valley, Washington

Held in the most fertile land in the west of the Cascade mountain range, Skagit Valley Tulip Festival shows the most wonderful display of extensive and multicolored tulip fields with over one million bulbs. You can even order bulbs or buy cut flowers.

What special is that Skagit Valley has a lot of farmhouses planting different types of tulips, creating various rows of colors. The festival is designed as a driving tour, so there are many locations for you to visit. You can also take the chance to participate in the lively street fair with hundreds of arts and crafts booths and children’s activities in downtown Mount Vernon. Your tour is not completed without enjoying wine festivals and salmon barbecues. With attractive color and enticing smell, they will lure all your senses.


Rows of tulips in different colors in Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Srinagar, India

People may see that tulips are just popular in Europe; however, there is a wonderful tulip festival in Srinagar, India. Tulip Garden of Kashmir, Asia's largest tulip garden, has been named after the Prime Minister of India; therefore, the Indian often call it Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden.

With more than 60 varieties of beautiful tulips, the festival will impress you from the very first sight. In addition, because this tulip festival held on the foothills of Zabarwan Range, overlooking Dal Lake, it provides you a breathtaking view.


Tulip Garden of Kashmir attracts numerous visitors each year

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Besides contemplating eye-catching tulips, you can join numerous cultural programs and enjoy Kashmiri folk songs and other forms of art. There are also local handicrafts booths so that tourists can buy souvenirs for their family and friends. With splendid tulips, magnificent view and diverse cultural events, it comes as no surprise that Tulip Garden of Kashmir has become the favorite background of Bollywood film directors.

If you are a flower lover and tulips in particular, or you are longing for fabulous pictures, these tulip festivals are worth trying. With copious splendid tulips and various interesting activities, they will leave a long-lasting memory on all tourists.

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