Try coming and discovering Buri Ram - ancient tourist spot you shouldn't miss

Try coming and discovering Buri Ram - ancient tourist spot you shouldn't miss

There has been an increase in the number of visitors who choose to visit Thailand to enjoy their summer holidays. The main reason is because they find the country very interesting with so many scenic sites and amazing outdoor activities. If you are planning a tour to visit one of the hottest attractions around the world, Buri Ram province – a quite mysterious tourist spot in the beautiful “land of majestic temple” should be included.

Impressive things you can find when traveling to Buri Ram are the cultural traditions and architectures of Khmer along with the cultural interference with the Philippines. Those valuable pieces have made Buri Ram become a wonderful tourist spot which is really deserving for your exploration.

Which means of transport can you use to discover Buri Ram?

Buri Ram

Tuk Tuk - a unique means of transport you can use to explore Buri Ram

In order to explore all fascinating things in the destination, there are many options for you to choose. A car would be the best suggestion by which you follow the Highway one to come to Saraburu, then travel on Highway 226 to get to Buri Ram. The total length of the trip is nearly 385 kilometers.

A bus is another choice for you. There are daily bus routes from Bangkok to the site. Buri Ram can be also reached by train, so you can get start from Hua Lamphong station.

Tourist attractions in Buri Ram you shouldn’t miss

  • Khao Kradong Forest park

Buri Ram

Come to Khao Kradong Forest park to take great pictures of the huge Buddha statue

Look for a place to get the nice view of Buri Ram as the whole? Come to Khao Kradong Forest park. The beautiful spot is not too far to get which is about 5 kilometers from the city center. However, if you want to go to the top of the hill, well prepare for a long walk with nearly 300 steps on the stairway leading to the site.

The trip would be tired but you then will be awarded by the majestic beauty of the big Buddha statue and the surrounding landscapes. It would be a pity if you come to Buri Ram without stopping at Khao Kradong.

  • Phanom Rung – the historical park

The park is located on the top of a hill which is about 120 kilometers south of the province. Phanom Rung is a brilliant example of Khmer’s architecture with a group of ancient temples. One of the main attraction in the site is Pnom Rung temple. Although it was built after the construction of Phimai and Angkor Wat, it is the only one that possesses lotus bub columns.

Buri Ram

Ancient and outstanding beauty of Phanom Rung

What’s more, there is a large anteroom in front of each temple. Built by sandstone and laterite, Phanom Rung historical park is truly a wonderful creation of human, making it an ideal place for those who are interested in the beautiful history of Khmer in particular and Thailand in general. Come to the site from 6 am to 6 pm every day to explore its valuable historical architecture from the 12th century.

  • Prasat Hin Muang Tam temple

If you are in Phanom Rung, the temple can’t be missed with just only 10 minutes away. It is a small but outstanding tourist spot of Khmer architecture, including a house in the center and surrounding towers. What makes the site more wonderful and so special is the four ponds shaped like the “L” letter at the four corners.

Buri Ram

Want a place to enjoy peace? Come to Prasat Hin Muang Tam temple

With great scenery and peaceful atmosphere, Prasat Hin Muang Tam temple deserves to be one of the most amazing Khmer ruins. The opening hour lasts for 9 hours ending at 5 pm, so try to come and take home awesome pictures and wonderful memories.

  • Suan Nok park

For bird lovers, Suan Nok would be an amazing attraction to pay a visit. The park can be easily reached if you go on Ruru Ram – Prakhon Chai road, then turn left and go straight for about 2 kilometers. It is advisable to come to the spot between November and April because there are numerous species of birds can be found at the time, which makes the picturesque beauty of the spot livelier and more impressive.

Buri Ram

An interesting species of bird can be seen in Suan Nok park

More importantly, the weather at that time is quite nice, giving you favorable conditions to do sightseeing and bird watching around the park. Lying on the green and clean grass while mixing yourself with the sweet voice of birds will help you have peace in mind. The park plays a vital role in preserving both native birds and immigrated ones.

Special events waiting for your involvement

  • Khao Phanom Rung fair

The special traditional event, which catches a great deal of visitors’ attention, is held annually in April in Phanom Rung. The fair starts when the sunlight exposes every corner of all the fifteen works, making the area so amazing. It is also a useful occasion for many architects to not only show their ability and creativity but also get more knowledge from each other.

As coming to the fair, you can have a chance to take part in many interesting activities, including the parade in ancient Khmer style and the lively performance of sound and light.

Buri Ram

Khao Phanom Rung fair

  • Boat race

This amazing competition is a wonderful occasion for numerous of participants from Buri Ram and other provinces. The interesting boat race occurs on the first day of November, so if you are interested in the race, try to arrange your time and come to Buri Ram to mix yourself with the exciting atmosphere and then share the happy moments with the winners who will be given the nick name of “The champion of Mun Lake”.

Historical sites as well as interesting traditional events will make your trip to Buri Ram – one of an amazing tourist spots in Thailand hardly forgettable. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and head over to it.

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