Traditional Nepalese clothing - Which one do you like most?

Traditional Nepalese clothing - Which one do you like most?

Traditional Nepalese clothing

Lovely traditional Nepalese dresses

At the bottom of the towering Himalaya nestled a small lovely Nepal – a wonderland for those who want to live a life of peace and tranquility. Nepal is a country of multiple ethnic groups and Nepalese culture is the harmony between numerous local cultural practices. Each ethnic community cherishes its own regional identity with typical costumes, rituals, festivals and of course, costumes. Let’s travel to Nepal to find out the answer to the question “Among various traditional Nepalese clothing – Which one do you like most?”

Traditional Nepalese clothing

Wedding costumes in Nepal

An incredible geographical diversity not only brings about spectacular scenery but also helps to form a number of local groups. It is said that if travelling throughout the country, tourists can enjoy a fashion show featuring the best of traditional Nepalese clothes. Let’s start your tour to discover a beautiful Nepal described through fancy attires.

The Newars

Traditional Nepalese clothing

Newar men' costume

Living in Kathmandu Valley – the convergence of Asian civilizations, the Newars boast a wide variety of clothes. However, all of them specialize in black, white and red colors. While men usually wear a set of a long shirt, a waistcoat outside and tight trousers, hakku potashi is for women.

Traditional Nepalese clothing

Newar women in lovely hakku potashi

Hakku potashi indicates the local’s ingenuity and meticulosity in weaving thread into a beautiful clothing. The garment is a black sari adorned with red borders skillfully combined with a long-sleeved shirt inside, illustrating the charm and grace of women. Women choose to wear Hakku potashi in their wedding and on New Year’s Day.

The Limbus

Traditional Nepalese clothing

Limbu girls in traditional clothes

For a long time has weaving become a traditional profession in Limbus region and played an integral role in the people’ lives. The garments that the Limbus make by hand boast their distinctive features. Both men and women dress elegant clothes with vibrant colors.

Traditional Nepalese clothing

Limbu traditional clothing

The highlight of Limbu costume is jewelry they use to beautify the clothing. Samyanfung is a sparkling piece of gold with exquisite decorative patterns, which is worn on the head of the women. In addition, people in this mountainous region of Eastern Nepal also prefer colorful necklaces and round earrings. Meanwhile, Limbu men look like gentlemen in suits complimented with deluxe scarf and white trousers.

The Sherpas

Traditional Nepalese clothing

Sherpa people of Nepal

Why don’t you go farther to the most mountainous area in Nepal to meet Sherpa ethnic group and admire their particular clothes?

Traditional Nepalese clothing

Women wearing Chhuba on special occasions

What strikes most visitors as looking at Sherpa garments is that they resemble Tibetans’ clothes. The traditional clothing is called Chhuba. For men, Chhuba is a long-sleeved robe falling to the knee. It is matched with silk blouse and trousers. Women’ Chhuba characterizes in long-sleeved or sleeveless dresses covered with striped aprons which demonstrate the role of the women in a family.

The Tamangs

Traditional Nepalese clothing

Tamang people in traditional clothes

Amidst vast forests, Tamang girls and women look like gorgeous flowers in silky multi-colored dresses. The blouses are stylized with diverse ornamental details, presenting the delicate beauty of girls living in the highland. Their saris stand out with red and blue horizontal stripes highlighted with a yellow patuki. Moreover, strings of bright beads and braided hair make Tamang women look more charming.

Traditional Nepalese clothing

Tamang girls in traditional clothing

The Tharu

Traditional Nepalese clothing

Tharu girls in colorful traditional clothing

The first impression of Tharu women’s traditional attire is a number of vivid colors. The blouses ornamented with various coins and mirrors take after modern crop tops so that the women can show their lithe appearance. Furthermore, their sari is also full of colors, making the clothing much more attractive. On the other hand, men’ garments are quite simple with a loin-cloth and a vest.

The Magars and Gurungs

Traditional Nepalese clothing

The Gurungs dress their conventional clothes

Being two different indigenous communities of Nepal but the Magars and Gurungs’ clothing share a lot of things in common. Women wear a colored sari, cover their waist with yellow patuki for the Magars and blue ones for the Gurungs and wear shawls over their heads as well as diagonally. Under those shawls are cheerful smiles of the women which will help to brighten magnificent mountains on a cloudy day. Men’ garments are a loin-cloth matched with a waistcoat and a topi, expressing their strength and elegance.

Traditional Nepalese clothing

The Magars in vibrant clothes

It can be said that every costume of an ethnic group in Nepal is a perfect harmony between creativity, ingenuity, and talent of the people, reflecting an exciting cultural life. Each garment not only indicates the daily life of its community but also holds artistic values. Several typical attires in Nepal described above may help you to be sure about your choice. Let’s go on a tour to this extraordinary country to explore its traditional clothing.

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