Top tourist cities in Canada you have to check-in once

Canada, a beautiful country, is a popular destination for many people all over the world. You will have a chance to explore the wild forests, the pristine lakes, the wonderful cities, or enjoy a cup of coffee in Vancouver, etc. The followings are the top tourist cities that you should not miss when visiting Canada - the second largest country on Earth.

1, Ottawa


Rideau Canal - a great destination to set feet in Ottawa

Located in the Ontario State, about 400 km in the Northeast of Toronto and 200 km in the West of Montreal, Ottawa - the capital of Canada is the home to many ethnic groups and the center of different cultures all over the world. It is the bilingual city where local people can speak English as well as French fluently.

Although it is not as bustling as Vancouver and Toronto, Ottawa attracts tourists by its own beauty. Setting feet on this place, people will have some time to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

In spite of being a small city, this tourist city in Canada has many special architectures such as the Supreme Court, the national museums, the national art center, the national gallery, etc. This is the reason why Ottawa always receives the special concerns from the art world.

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2, Montreal


Montreal International Jazz Festival

Known as the largest city of the Québec province, Montreal is also the second largest city in Canada. The cultural capital is famous for the special combination of the spirit European culture and the attractive American culture, which creates the unique characteristic for the whole country.

Don't miss taking part in the concert at Montreal International Jazz Festival, or laughing at the comedy festival - Just for Laughs held annually. Especially, wherever you go, from Chinatown to Little Italy or from Latin Quater to Gay Village, the chefs of Montreal will give you the world-famous food, along with the friendly smile.

3, Toronto


Remember to visit CN tower when traveling to Toronto

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is the largest, most crowded city in Canada. This is the commercial, financial, industrial and cultural center of the whole country.

Toronto is an active city with many tourist attractions and unbelievable events. The most popular place is the CN Tower - the national icon which is one of the tallest towers in the world. Visitors only spend about 58 seconds moving by an elevator to enjoy the 360-degree view of the city.

Tourists can explore the artworks, along with all activities in the stores, galleries, theaters and cafes which are just for the presidents of the Distillery district or visit the luxury stores on the Bloor Street and Eaton center.

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4, Vancouver


The peaceful beauty of Vancouver - the city of nature in Canada

Vancouver, known as “city of nature”, is evaluated as one of the most wonderful cities which is worthy for living for more than 10 years. Vancouver plays an important role in transporting goods between Asia, Canada, and Europe. The city is also renowned as the top tourist attraction in Canada for many people since it is a wonderful place to enjoy the ocean, to join ice skating and mountain climbing.

This city has many beautiful landscapes and different terrains. The mountains in there are very special with a lot of different unique shapes. Romantic beaches, pristine forests, and beautiful roads along the coast also make visitors have great time there.

Traveling to Vancouver, tourists can walk, run or ride along the sea, get around the Stanley park, chat with their friends under the eaves of the Vancouver Art Gallery, shop at the Granville Island Market, learn how to surf at English Bay and so on.

5, Québec


Québec will attract you at the first sight

Québec, the capital of the Québec province, is the largest city on the East coast in Canada. This is one of the most ancient cities in North America with a lot of heritages, and architectures, making it become more glamorous and dreaming.

Visiting Québec, tourists can walk on the old alleys, immerse themselves in the Jazz festival and enjoy the unique Canadian cuisine. You will feel really interesting when eating at the ancient restaurants with the stone walls, and the shelters covered with flowers.

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6, Calgary


Taking part in the biggest Cowboy Festival in Canada

Calgary is the second largest city of Alberta State. This site has a huge number of impressive things that you can't explore all in just one day. The spot is famous for the Calgary Stampede - the biggest Cowboy Festival all over the world with the largest outdoor parade.

These are top tourist cities in Canada that you should absolutely check-in once. Hoping that with this useful information, you will choose a suitable city to enjoy your nice trip and take home the most memorable experiences.

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