Top Stunning Beaches Of Brazil

Top Stunning Beaches Of Brazil

Brazil is one of the most famous countries for stunning beaches. With nearly 7,500 kilometers along coastline, most of them are deserted beaches regarded as a love paradise for lovers. Warm and very blue water, friendly beach culture and wonderful view will warmly greet you with open arms. The following are some of the most spectacular seashore in Brazil.

1. Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro

Perhaps Ipanema, the most classical beach, is the well-known seashore in Bossa Nova melody with the song named “The girl from Ipanema”. Natural landscape is splendid and romantic all the time. You can spend the whole day enjoying the nature as well as appreciate sunset and sunrise here. Frankly speaking, there are many vendors selling things on the shoreline, so you can buy anything you are partial towards.

Beach Brazil

Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro

In addition, this is a wonderful place for people remaining single to make a date simply because there is no lack of attractive people taking the sun or playing volleyball on the beach.

2. Praia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha

Beach Brazil

Praia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha

Over 100 kilometers from offshore to the northeast of Brazil, Fernando de Noronha Archipelago is a natural wonder highly appreciated by experienced people. The harmonious combination of 20 separated islands, warm water and sea creature diversity makes this destination protected as a national park. Besides, quantity of tourists visiting here is restricted to guarantee ecological balance. With the beauty of superb scenes and imposing mountains, this seaside is like a section of heaven. You can travel Praia do Sancho or wander.

3. Jericoacoara

Beach Brazil


Remote fishing village of Jericoacoara has been renowned for having great originality. Maybe you are very curious about it. Well, quietness, desertion and massive dunes are showing the uniqueness of Jericoacoara. You can discover something new by taking horse.

4. Trancoso

Beach Brazil


Trancoso is situated in the South of Bahia, at a distance of 10 miles from Porto Seguro. From the city, it is quite easy to reach there by car or by boat. This small town is on the sloping street looks out over the sea, so it creates a perfect fulcrum to explore the shore. Life in Trancoso does not hasten and of course people do not scramble for fame and wealth. However, there are a variety of well-developed facilities here, such as restaurants, cafeteria, ect. If you have a crush on taking photos, colorful houses is the best choice for you to enjoy the day. Furthermore, riding a horse is a pleasure so that you can put down your burdens after hours of concentration. If you are a big fan of adventures, why don’t you arrive in Rio da Barra?

5. Trindade

Beach Brazil


Trindade is a dreamlike beach which keeps a fond memory of everyone reaching here. White-sand beaches and large rocks are created by hot sea current in Trindade. Like other shores within the zone of Trindade, this seaside is surrounded by Mata Atlantica jungles and paths through forests spreading out abundant floristic composition in localities. This is also an ideal destination to go water-skiing and visit a nearby waterfall.

6. Praia da Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte

Beach Brazil

Praia da Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte

Praia da Pipa had been a small fishing village until people discovered it in 1970s. Nowadays, it has been a perfect choice to contemplate superb scenes. The beach has not only light yellow sand and very blue sea but also cliffs and jungles. You can swim, dive, go water-skiing and slide sand.

7. Copacabana

Beach Brazil


Undoubtedly, Copacabana has been considered to be the most beautiful beach all over the world. With nearly 6 kilometers of coastline, Copacabana has a supple arc figure where you are really surprised at meticulous sand sculpture works. Let’s call at any bar along the seacoast to sip a glass of fresh beer. You had better spend time enjoying moments of life here.

8. Praia do Toque, Alagoas

Beach Brazil

Praia do Toque, Alagoas

Speciality of Praia do Toque is that you can undergo therapy by natural sea water and especially free of charge. The brine is warm and the temperature can reach 36 degree Celsius. Walking along the seaboard, you can visit Tatuamunha - the habitat of sirenians and appreciate general view of São Miguel and Praia do Riacho.

9. Lagoinha do Leste

Beach Brazil

Lagoinha do Leste

Lagoinha do Leste is strongly believed to be the heart of Florianópolis, the metropolis of over 42 astonished dreamlike coasts. The beauty of The Creator makes everywhere become wonderful experience. The mixture of rolling mountain chains, sand dunes and sand-banks will bring you unforgettable magnificence. Additionally, this is an stunning beach for you to go camping with your family and friends to keep concord with them.

10. Lopes Mendes

Beach Brazil

Lopes Mendes

Situated on the island off the coast of Rio, Lopes Mendes is a picturesque earthly heaven you cannot let a good opportunity slip to visit. There are not any skyscrapers or restaurants along the shore. You can contemplate verdant palms and almonds and enjoy green years. Lopes Mendes is really peaceful and suitable for you to immerse yourself into nature.

If you love passionately stunning seashore and have a fancy for sinking yourself in sea water, why don’t you explore top beaches in Brazil?

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