Top rated-attractions to set feet in Cuba now

Cuba is a gorgeous country that consists of the island of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud, and other minor archipelagos. The region is trusted to spur all of your senses. Visitors are enthusiastically greeted to listen to the salsa rhythm in one of the clubs, spread their eyes over many dazzling Spanish colonial buildings, have a smell at rolled cigars somewhere, drink cool and fresh cocktails, and have themselves laid on one of the breathtaking white sandy beaches, etc.

No matter where you go and what you do, Cuba will certainly draw you into its charming orbit and then remain in your hearts forever! The following are top-rated attractions you should not miss when visiting Cuba.

1, Old Havana

As the capital city, Old Havana is worth a visit since it is dotted with a number of well-preserved and colonial buildings. The city was found in 1519 by the Spanish. And 30 years later, it has got its name famous as one of the most significant shipbuilding centers.


Take a seat in front of Plaza de la Catedral, Old Havana

Along Havana’s streets, an array of houses with the baroque and neoclassical architecture surely leaves you enthralled and inspired at every turn. The city has also been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many buildings here that were heavily destroyed and damaged are now being restored to their initial appearance and grandness.

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Pay a visit to Plaza de la Catedral – one of the most gorgeous intimate colonial squares in the city, and admire the stunning facade of the place worship. Other attractions you should not miss around Old Havana include the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of the Revolution, the Galician Center, the Great Theater of Havana, the Prado promenade, the Sevilla hotel, the Capitol building, etc.

2, Vinales Valley

The Vinales Valley is considered the home of the cigar making industry in Cuba. Therefore, learn more about this iconic industry by spending one or two days here. You will have a chance to feast your eyes on the remaining tobacco plantations or make a trip to one of the major cigar factories.


Feel fresh and peaceful with the alluring beauty of Vinales Valley

In addition, there are also special highlights that will amaze you at the first sight, namely “Mogotes” – weirdly shaped cliffs and rock formations. Thanks to a charming town nearby as well as interesting rock hiking and climbing opportunities, Vinales Valley becomes an ideal place for those who wish to enjoy a getaway from the fast pace of city life.

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3, Varadero Beach

Whether you would like to possess a healthy tanned skin or simply have yourself laid in clean sand, all your needs are fulfilled by access to one of the stunning beaches in Cuba. And Varadero is a wise choice. Home to a breathtaking stretch of sand and dozens of opulent hotels, the area promises to keep you happy and pleased, from head to toes.


Deeply relax at Varadero Beach

There are many optional activities to do here. In terms of the water world, you may experience a scuba diving, swim with the dolphins, or even check-in the submarine park. On the surface, it is a nice idea to play golf at the Varadero Golf Club, try bowling, go horseback riding, organize camping, or even rent a scooter or a bicycle.

4, Morro Castle (Fortress)

Morro Castle stands out as a firm fortress, which is located at the entrance to the harbor of Havana in Cuba. It was set up in 1589 with the aim of guarding the city against buccaneers. Morro Castle was even used as a prison in the past.

Today, it is listed as one of the finest constructions in the Caribbean. The fort is said to witness the “War of Havana” in 1762. Along with giving you a wonderful view of the sea, it is frequently chosen as a perfect place for photographers to show off their abilities and skills.


See the grandeur of Morro Castle

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5, Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos has also been named "The Pearl of the South" for many convincing reasons, such as the striking beauty of the city’s bay, majestic architecture, and innate nobility of the natives. Founded in 1819 by French colonists, the city strongly retains a Gallic influence which can be clearly seen through its striking style buildings and straight streets.

The Bay of Cienfuegos, known as Jagua Bay, is about 22 kilometers in length and 13 kilometers in width. The bay has one of the most influential port complexes as well as allows deep-draft vessels to access.


Contemplate a spectacular building in Cienfuegos city

Needless to say, Cienfuegos is one of the must-see places in Cuba you should visit once in a lifetime, where the grandeur of its architecture, the joy of its people, the richness of its nature, the modernity of its solid tourist infrastructure is all converged together.

Of course, a trip to Cuba will be more meaningful and wonderful if you add these top-rated attractions above to your travel itinerary. Feel free to explore and have a nice vacation!

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