Top-picked tourist attractions in New Zealand

Top-picked tourist attractions in New Zealand

You are a travelholic and visit many countries in the world? But you haven’t traveled to New Zealand? This article is yours. Let’s read through and choose the best attractions of the country to enjoy unforgettable trips.

Wellington – New Zealand’s heart

Located on the North Island, Wellington is a small city with unique cultures, friendly people and attracting destinations. Coming here and you can understand why it is famous for “the coolest little capital in the world”.

As soon as you get to this capital, you will be impressed by blue beaches, energetic life, inspirational pictures and superb nature.

New Zealand

Wellington is glamorous under the light

Let’s travel to this city once in your life and enjoy your trip by your own way: in the morning, you can contemplate the panoramic view over the little city from Mountain Victoria; in the afternoon, be immersed in nature at Wellington Zoo; admire the sunset at Sky tower where you can see the whole Wellington is appearing in the glow and lights coming on gradually. Everything makes a perfect urban picture which makes you never forget. And at night, let’s visit the Te Papa Museum where you can experience the New Zealand’s culture, science and national art. Besides, you should wander around and enjoy arty streets and food in season restaurants. We're sure that there aren’t any food in this tiny capital fail to impress you. Especially, if you are a gastronome, Wellington is your heaven. Or else, if you are an introvert person, you can spend all days on crystal beaches.

New Zealand

Wellington seen from the height

Hokikita Gorge – the pearl of the Giant

Hokikita Gorge is located on the west coast of New Zealand and just takes you around 30 minutes from Hokikita city. Imposing limestone mountains, lush plants, serene blues seem to protect this gorge against bustle cities and make any tourists couldn’t resist staying as long as possible. Especially, from the far, the turquoise lake makes tourists fall in love at the first sight. Why don’t you sit here and enjoy its unbelievable beauty?

New Zealand

Perfect blues in Hokikita Gorge

But, don’t spend too much time, keep moving forward and listen to thrilling stories which are told by nature, people, and lively relics. Passing verdant rainforests, you can easily spot old gold mine tunnels, miners hut and many dam sites – gold industry’s proud vestiges.

Your adventure will be more interesting when you see glamorous waterfalls are flowing, you can even listen to birds singing. You can also challenge yourself by passing the suspension bridge and see everything below. It would be a special feeling, so why don’t you try once in your life? One day, no matter who you travel with, if you are tired of your business, let’s leave all depressions behind you, land on Hokikita Gorge to enjoy the real peace.

New Zealand

Hokikita Gorge - a peaceful world

Waiheke Island – the real paradise

You are searching an island where you not only immerse in nature with mountains, beaches and green fields but also enjoy culture, energetic activities and luxury restaurants? Let’s book ticket and fly to Waiheke to own your paradise.

To come to this island, it will take you about 45 minutes to move by ferry from Auckland and even from afar; this island is so impressive that you couldn’t wait any seconds.

New Zealand

Verdant vineyards, colorful wildflowers – scenic pictures

When you get to the island, firstly, let’s hire bikes, ride around, enjoy fresh air, green vineyards and blue beach. If you are keen on energetic activities, adventuring fishing charters are ideal suggestions for you. With enthusiastic help of the staff offices and modern facilities, you can catch fresh fish by yourself. Let’s take part in this exciting activity and enjoy the simple joy in your soul.

New Zealand

A peaceful angle of Waiheke Island

Visiting this island is certainly not complete until you’ve been trying water sports such as stand-up paddle, sailing, kayaking and windsurfing. All sports are totally safe and suitable for any ages, heights, genders and weights. You just make suggestions and the staff will provide you all necessary things, from swimming gears to useful tips. And are you ready for exotic competitions?

Or else, you just stroll around the island, experience tropical heaven and unwind after long-working-hours.

Hobbiton – Let’s play your own film

You are a big fan of New Zealand and its film locations? You always dream about visiting and touching real objects some day? What are you waiting for but flying to New Zealand, visiting Hobbiton set and make your dream come true?

New Zealand

Hobbiton tour – let’s play the main character in your own film

You can’t believe your eyes when you see tiny houses, colorful garden, ancient interiors, wine bars built from wood. Everything makes you imagine that you are wandering in an ancient kingdom in Europe. If you are traveling with your children, don't miss wide farm where your family can come back to nature. Your kids will shout happily when they witness sheep, feed sheep, cow and play with them. In the afternoon, there is nothing more amazing than watching the sunset over verdant hills. And at night, evening banquet tour is always welcome hungry visitors. Let’s sit down and enjoy a party in Hobbit’s style. After dinner, don’t forget to finish this one-of-a-kind party by drinking a ginger beer; its smell is so special that you will never forget.

New Zealand

Admiring the sunset at Hobbiton Movie set

The more interesting is, before finishing this trip, each tourist has received vouchers; so you should remember to buy something to memorize this entrancing journey.

With these suggestions and your budget, don’t hesitate! Let’s pack your bag and travel to New Zealand and visit all of its beautiful attractions!

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