Top nine most beautiful towns in South Africa

Top nine most beautiful towns in South Africa

Whenever talking about Africa, all people will immediately think of a severe land with Sahara and the dangerous grassland. However, this land is also beautiful as many lands on Earth with many tourist attractions. South Africa is a recommended destination for whole visitors to discover the beauty of Africa. Along with the diversity of wild animals, tourists are possible to discover the stunning landscapes and traditions of this land by paying visit top nine most outstanding towns of South Africa.

Beaufort West

Beaufort West is one of an ancient town located on the way to the coast of South Africa and is best known as the oldest town in the area of Karoo in South Africa. With the charming beauty as a small town where is the colony of the Southeast America, Beaufort West is actually a must-experience destination in South Africa. The most impressive attraction of this land would be the white church with the high tower. Besides, the national park is also a recommended destination for those who love the romantic and poetic image as in painting. Visitors are possible to see the rhinoceros and zebras when viewing the surrounding landscapes.

towns in South Africa

The panoramic view of Beaufort West town from distance


Tourists are absolutely able to reach George – a small town on a highland having pleasant oceanic weather after a short driving from Mossel Bay. Situated in the complex area named Garden Route where is one of the largest and most diverse ecological forests in South Africa. Besides, one more thing having contribution to making this town more attractive must be the stunning beauty of the historical works including Dutch Reformed Church, the King Edward VII Library and church of Saint-Mark. This town is also prominent for being covered by several well-known Golf Courts in the world.

Pilgrim’s Rest

Pilgrim’s Rest is known as the historic center preserved in Mpumalanga province. It was born in the period of Yellow Fever in South Africa in the 19th century. Pilgrim’s Rest is the houses of the miners during 100 years and till now it has become one of the most famous historical vestiges with a number of regular tours of both national and international visitors. As coming to this tourist spot, visitors will be certainly impressed by the white wooden houses with red roof at first sight.

towns in South Africa

Pilgrim’s Rest is prominent with the white wooden houses with red roof


Genadendal is nowadays regarded as the smallest town in Cape Colony with a plenty of picturesque countryside houses restored. Don’t miss a chance to discover this land to learn more about the life in the colonial era in Western Cape. Besides, the waterworks, museums, the historic churches and the textile areas are waiting tourists to explore.

towns in South Africa

A museum in Genadendal town

Betty’s Bay

Betty’s Bay is a small famous town in South Africa with numerable wonderful landscapes along the Overborg beach. This region can be considered as the most peaceful destination for those who want to calm their mind. For that reason, tourism is known as the most developed field of this town. Located between the Hangkilp mountain range and sea, Betty’s Bay is certainly a great position for the unique ecosystem in South Africa. Particularly, the bay is the habitat of a large number of penguins, therefore, sightseers will get chances to witness the cute penguins as setting foot on this land.

towns in South Africa

It is possible for visitors to see penguins in Betty’s Bay


It would be certainly a big mistake for those who have opportunity to go to Darling town without tasting the special flavor of Darling wine. Darling town annually attracts a huge number of visitors for its special wine. Apart from the immense vine fields, tourists are also able to admire the diversity of wild animals here. The nature in this town is actually wonderful with the wind turbines sparely lying in the town and the hills with full of beautiful wild flowers. Darling town is famous for a local cheese and high-quality milk as well, thus, there is a museum for preserving the tradition of producing milk only in this town.


In the past, Hermanus was a small fishing village. However, it has become one of the most-visited destinations thanks to numerous stunning landscapes, charming beaches and numerable other oceanic attractions. Moreover, a pathway along the cliff will be the great place to appreciate the wonderful whales swimming offshore. In summer, the local people also hold an event for whales, so don’t forget to catch opportunity to enjoy the festival at that time. The cool air is always suitable for the development of the colorful wildflowers.

towns in South Africa

Whales can be found in Hermanus


Lying in the Garden Route, Knysna town is surrounded by the verdant forest in a lagoon. This lagoon is an ideal destination for rowing boat and the dish of oyster. Due to the fact that this town roots from the collecting wood from forest of the local people, this town still has many stores selling handcraft wooden objects. When travelling to this town, visitors should not worry about accommodation because there are many hostels with restaurants for them to choose.


Clarens is situated between the foot of the Maloti mountain and the limestone cliffs with the eroded peak by strong wind. With the spacious, primitive and peaceful atmosphere, Clarens is entirely a suitable escape for those who want to get away from the bustle and hustle life of city. Furthermore, this town offers many rivers where are known as the best place for fishing in South Africa for visitors to fish. Tourists are recommended to get there on Spring to contemplate the colorful leaves dropping and enjoy the Craft Beer which is annually organized here.

towns in South Africa

Visitors are enjoying in the Craft Beer

Don’t just experience these top nine best towns in South Africa on paper, but do make sure your tour happen if having opportunity to get there.

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