Top must-see destinations in Panama you should set feet on

Top must-see destinations in Panama you should set feet on

If you are wavering a place to spend your holidays in Central America, Panama, a wonderful country in which you can not only enjoy the beautiful views but also experience the nature and culture will be a wonderful destination to check-in for your upcoming trip.

Sited between Costa Rica and Colombia with the seaside in both North and South, you will have variety of popular destinations to visit in Panama. But if your time is limited, let's check out those 8 amazing spots below:

Panama Canal

You completely shouldn’t miss this place in your list. Taking a boat tour, you can spend about 4 hours to see the canal from water surface. While sitting on the ship, you will perfectly enjoy the fresh air and have a good look of birds and wildlife along the canal.

After that, let’s take a sit at the restaurant next to the Panama Canal. Drinking coffee, relaxing and enjoying the day with a wonderful site from the 2nd floor of Miraflores Restaurant are interesting experiences.


Panama Canal is known as an important symbol in the city

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Panama City

Next to Panama Canal, Panama City is one of the most populous cities of Panama. By taking a City tour, you can travel all around the city. Or else, you can also take a double decker bus and enjoy the days inside Panama City. In here, you will find out both the old and new sides of the city with many relics. Moreover, you can join so man interesting sports along the seashore.


Panama City with amazing view

Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo is also known as San Felipe, an ancient district of Panama. This place was destroyed in the past by the pirates. In 1673, Casco Viejo was rebuilt and nowadays, there are many olden and modern buildings in this separated island.

When coming to this town, you will absolutely enjoy the vintage architectures with museums, churches and squares. If possible, you should come to the town at night. With many restaurants, coffee shops, this popular destination will catch your attention with the sparkling beauty. Don’t miss the fish market, too. Asking the shop’s owner and you can find a place to cook seafood yourself.


The ancient beauty of Casco Viejo

Causeway Islands

As passing a long road, you can find the Causeway Islands appear like a heaven. Including 4 small islands, this place is used as an entrance of the Canal. Most of the restaurants provide wonderful view of the city and the canal so that you can enjoy the skyline of Panama City from Causeway.

With a long seashore, you can also go fishing or walking along the beach too. The largest island, which looks like a maze, has a relic called Fort Grant on the top. Renting a bicycle with $5-10 or jogging to here, you will have the best view of the City and the town of the island.


Causeway Islands in Panama

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Bridge of American

When you move from Pacific at Panama Canal, you will pass the Bridge at the water level. Crossing the Pacific and straight to Panama City, this bridge is one of the main roads to the city, which always crowded with traffics.

Natural Parks

Apart from the Canal, Panama is also famous for its exotic natural views. This place has many kinds of parks and rainforests. So, you will completely have a memorable journey if you spend a day walking across the natural park. Soberanía National Park is 40 minutes away from Panama City.


Soberanía National Park - wild and fresh

Take a hike and you can see many birds, butterflies or some crocodiles. Moreover, you can also see some wild animals outside the cages. The forest with very thick plants is really nice to jogging even in a cool day. So choose a beautiful day and come here to enjoy the fresh air.


Located at Causeway Island, Biomuseo is an interesting museum even from the outside. Frank Gehry, the designer of Biomuseo said that the bright colors express its tropical location. As it comes to the inside, there are many interesting things to explore.


Biomuseo Museum is known as one of the most interesting museums in the world

The galleries will give you knowledge about not only animals but also human and architectures. If you want to know more information, let’s take a tour with a private guide around this place.

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Albrook Mall

Last but not least, some local goods of Panama City will make you more excited. Handicrafts which express the cultural of Panama people is one of the best choices. Albook Mall is a must-see destination where you can get some gifts or souvenirs.


Come to Albrook Mall for lovely souvenirs

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