Top must-experience outdoor activities in Iceland

Iceland is attractive with a great number of promising tourist destinations. Moreover, nature beauty is not the only that keep visitors throwing a trip to this place. In fact, aside from contemplating the views of beautiful craters, lava fields, mesmerizing glaciers and waterfalls, there are all sorts of outdoor activities that you can join in during your journey in Iceland. If you are energetic and playful, these interesting outdoor activities in Iceland recommended below might catch your interest!

Observing the Whales

Once visiting Iceland, you would be impressed with the diversity of its marine ecosystem, especially on summer season (from April to September) when the coastal site appear to be an ideal feeding area welcoming an enormous number of typical sea creatures such as whales, white-beaked dolphins, porpoises, seals, etc, also types of Cetaceansuch as Orca, Humpback, Blue Whale, and so on. And we cannot forget to mention about a variety of sea birds.

outdoor activities in Iceland

You might see the figure of a humpback whale rising out of the water like this in Iceland

Whale-watching is an Icelandic activity that travelers usually sign up. You can start your excursion by traveling on board from the Old Harbor in Reykjavík. Additionally, several whale watching trips also offered on the north of the country, especially from Húsavík, Akureyri. Other promising whale watching tours can be found at Skjálfandiand Eyjafjörðurbays.

Horse Riding

Being an interesting activity for all ages, horse riding is pretty popular in Iceland. Interestingly, Icelandic horse is a unique kind and very diverse in colors. The horses here both have a quite small figure and only weigh from 330 to 380 kilograms. Its height is estimated from 132 to 142 cm approximately. In spite of its modest look, Icelandic horses have a high spirit and can run through challenging terrains.

outdoor activities in Iceland

Contemplating the scenic beauty of Icelandic nature on the back of beautiful horses

The Icelandic people train the horses into different strains. Two noticeable ones are Svaðastaðirand the Hornafjörður. Svaðastaðiris rated as having an appealing gait and smaller appearance, and their characteristics are also frisky. Meanwhile, the brave Hornafjörðurare larger in size and they have a stronger endurance. Icelandic horses are well-known around the globe for its long life span and outstanding features, so they can also be seen in Europe and North America.

Taking an aerial view

It is overwhelming to observe Iceland'sdiverse landscape up close, but what about from the bird's eyes view? It would be even more exciting to take a helicopter tour to witness the whole breathtaking scenery from above! Very inspiring for sure! It is also a better way to save your energy and avoid the rugged and challenging roads, especially those hard-to-reach places. It also delivers a whole new view to the mesmerizing landscape of Iceland.

outdoor activities in Iceland

Admiring the view from an incredible height

And going sightseeing on an aerial tour can also the beginning for heliskiing! The sport is available in many places in Iceland. Elevate your skiing experience by approaching most remote slopes with a helicopter. This epic adventure would be an appeal for any adventurous spirit!

Cycling on the terrains

Traveling on a bicycle is a great way to save your energy and contemplate the scenery closer. It can be challenging at some points but it is worth it. It is also one of the outdoor activities you can do to explore the beauty of Iceland. The unpredictable weather is a factor that you need to pay attention to as well as the gravel roads. Cyclingin the wilderness of Iceland, you should be vigilant about your safety. Wearing protective clothing like helmet, gloves, appropriate shoes are necessary.

outdoor activities in Iceland

See all the wonders of Iceland by riding on a bike

One ideal cycling route for bikers is the Ring Road(Highway no. 1), which can take you to several good spots for sightseeing. If you like something more difficult, you can go deep into the highlands, where you will find an amazing path across Kjölur.

Ice climbing

The Sólheimajökulland Svínafellsjökullglaciers are two places that people mostly travel to when they want to do an ice climbing journey. These spots are located in the southern region of Iceland. You can Visit the area by joining on the day tours, which are started from Reykjavík. These glacier-climbing tours usually come along with other interesting activities. Some of them might stimulate your interest like jeep safaris, or you can do a boating trip on a lagoon.

outdoor activities in Iceland

Conquer the cold and challenging terrain of icy peaks in Iceland

These tours also reveal a large number of untouched Icelandic natural landscapes. You would be guided by the experts who had grown to be too familiar with these terrains. Of course, you would need some indispensable tools for your ice climbing trip like crampons, ice axes, etc. These items will be supplied at the spot. However, you should bring along a waterproof jacket and trousers, and other kinds of warm clothes since it is literally freezing cold there. You can rent a pair of hiking boot if you don’t have one.

Watching Northern Lights

What could be more enchanting than the Northern Lights in Iceland (or the Aurora Borealis)? The name Aurora Borealis is a combination of the name of the dawn goddess (Aurora) in Roman legends and the north wind called in Greek, Boreas. This outstanding phenomenon is created when the emission of particles released by the sun in solar explosions meet the atmosphere of the magnetic field.

outdoor activities in Iceland

Admiring one of the most mesmerizing natural effects in the world!

People seek for a chance to witness this wonder by their own eyes. The scene is quite hard to see, but you will have a better chance of seeing it in countryside areas. It is convenient that several hotels in the countryside have the wake-up service for guests who want to see Northern Lights.


outdoor activities in Iceland

Make your way to breathtaking landscapes in Iceland

Icelandis one signature activity in Iceland. The landscape is absolutely perfect for hikers with a variety of terrains such as lava fields, glaciers, hot springs, lakes, etc. Hiking in the highlands of Icelandis a great appeal to backpackers. The most well-known tracks are Laugavegur, which is located in the middle of Landmannalaugarand Þórsmörk. This trail will lead you to all kinds of landscape that Icelandic Highlands offering.

Attracting tourists by a lot of things to do, Iceland will be perfect for anyone who enjoys outdoor atmosphere and want to taste a little challenging flavor in their journey.

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