Top most astonishing tree tunnels that you will immediately love (Part 2)

Top most astonishing tree tunnels that you will immediately love (Part 2)

Tree is not only the wonderful gift of nature to planet earth but also a symbol of beauty and refreshment. Besides, trees also give you spectacular views and shades for the break. It is undeniable that the world has so many breathtaking tree tunnels, so picking up which one deserves the most beautiful tree tunnel on earth is a difficult task. No matter what it is natural or hand-made, each tree tunnel owns unique beauty in its own way. Have you intended to visit somewhere for the next holiday? If not, the following list of top beautiful tree tunnels will be an objective reference for travelers exploring the world. Let’s discover right now!

6. Sakura Tunnel, Ogawara, Miyagi, Japan

Sakura, commonly known as cherry blossom, is the national flower of Japan. A trip to Japan will not be complete without viewing cherry blossom in Sakura Tunnel in Ogawara of Miyagi. This is also a great place for couples to hang out and local people to go jogging in the morning or in the evening. The smooth path is full of the sloped branches of cherry blossom, which creates a tunnel-like effect. It is so beautiful that many visitors don’t think it is real but a charming picture of the world’s famous artist. If you leave your footprint to this tunnel, you will be surely overwhelmed by its picturesque beauty.

tree tunnels

Sakura Tunnel

Sakura season in Japan is in spring. This is also the peak season with the streams of travelers flocking here, so it is really crowed particularly in some large cities in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto. However, if tourists want to get some quiet contemplation, Sakura Tunnel in Ogawara of Miyagi will be a perfect choice because it is located at small and peaceful town that you can easily to access. If you miss the chance to see pink and white petals falling down in spring, you can come back in the summer or even the autumn because the cherry leaves will change their colors at these times.

7. Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Bonn, Germany

If you cannot visit the cherry blossom tunnel in Japan due to any reasons, Germany will be the next stop for you to admire this flower. The best place to contemplate the beauty of cherry blossom is none but Boon-the city of Germany.

The average blooming cherry blossom of the tunnel lasts from seven to ten days, depending on the weather conditions of each region, so you should check the schedule carefully before a visit to the tunnel during the most beautiful time. It is definitely worth a visit because Cherry Blossom Tunnel can bring a wealth of experience to you in the trip. There is nothing more amazing than standing under the trees to view the petals falling down due to a light breeze. If possible, please take the opportunity to enjoy the scene because it will leave you deep impressions.

tree tunnels

Cherry Blossom Tunnel

Spring is when the cherry trees are in full bloom along the street, so it is filled with the crowds, especially in annual cherry blossom festival organized in the middle of April. The ranges of cherry trees will delight both the visitors who see them at first sight and the native people waking under the pink sky. Annually, tons of photographers from over the world get there to catch the beautiful moment of blossom for the valuable photos.

8. Bamboo path in Japan

tree tunnels

Bamboo path

Another suggested fantastic tree tunnel for you must be Sagano Bamboo Path. Located conveniently in Sagano Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama of Japan, the bamboo pathway is about 500m long and goes through one of the most the splendid bamboo forests in Japan. The narrow walking route is surrounded by towering bamboo trees, so it helps to keep walkers cool and comfortable even during the summer time. Moreover, if you are finding the silent space for the holiday, bamboo path is an ideal place for you because there are not many travelers coming there, especially in the early morning.

9. Laburnum Tunnel, Bodnant Garden, Tal-y-Cafn, Conwy, Wales

Lying at the Bodnant Garden- one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wales, Laburnum Tunnel plays a significant role in creating the garden’s reputation in the world. Every year, it has attracted a large number of international visitors to discover as well as take photos.

tree tunnels

Laburnum Tunnel

When the flowers are in full bloom, they totally cover the arch. It provides a stunning and charming sight for viewers to walk under. This magical tunnel will be more brilliant and colorful during late spring, so this is the great time to travel in Wales. With the length of 55 meters, Laburnum Tunnel deserves one of the world's most incredible tree tunnels that tourists should not miss a visit once in their lifetime.

10. Jacarandas Walk, Pretoria, South Africa

tree tunnels

Jacarandas Walk

The last but not least astonishing tunnel for visitor must be Jacarandas Walk in Pretoria.Actually, this city is well-known for “Jacaranda City” because jacaranda trees run through its streets, parks and avenues. It is no wonder that Jacarandas walk will the first impression that almost tourist get as visiting Pretoria. The brilliant purple flowers will be the most beautiful when they are in full bloom in early November. So don’t miss the chance to come there at that time.

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