Top luxury experiences in New Zealand

Top luxury experiences in New Zealand

Everybody wishes for memorable travel that lasts a lifetime. Being rich in nature, New Zealand often stands out on the world tourism map. If this is your next selected destination, let us win your attention to the top luxury experiences in New Zealand. The senses of comfort and luxury are greatly offered in this beautiful destination, which is powerful enough to please even the most fastidious travelers.

luxury experiences in New Zealand

New Zealand is a haven for luxury experiences

The luxurious offers promise to guarantee and meet all tastes of the travelers worldwide. While some individuals feel happy to rest amidst the stunning landscapes, the others admire the spectacular picnic settings of mountains or the helicopter experience, the high-end charter boat, or the taste of the local best wine. Arguably, this destination is dedicated to the luxury travel experiences established by the unique itineraries as well as the upscale characteristics skilfully applied on each of the promotional options. With so much ritzy experience that you are assured to go home with numerous happy memories and worth telling stories to share with the whole world! Following are some of the top mind-blowing experiences for you to try.

Food and wine paradise

If you are long for the Pacific Rim cuisine and world-class wine, just travel to New Zealand for a real flavor of the local luxury culinary experience. It’s taken for granted that this gorgeous destination is the paradise of food and wine for the vacationers all over the world.

While the food choices are made from the fresh ingredients newly harvested from the garden, land, and sea to ensure their high quality, the great wine is produced from the world-class vineyards stretching every corner of the land. The skilled creation of food and wine in New Zealand can convince every gourmet, even those who hold the high requirements for cuisine throughout the luxury travel. Also, tasting the mouth-watering food and scrumptious wine in the imposing settings of this destination is what the so-called foodies love from the bottom of the heart.

luxury experiences in New Zealand

Real flavor of local luxury culinary experience

Helicopter fishing journey

Have you ever thought of “fly fishing” in the crystal clear water? Whether or not the answer is YES, you can make this thought true someday via the activity of helicopter fishing. With the local guides’ assistance, friendliness and knowledge, the discerning adventurers can experience “fly fishing” from the modern helicopter. With this high-class service, you enjoy a comfortable and exciting flight over the blue and spacious water, with the uninterrupted and panoramic view, and especially the relaxing time for fishing from the top dimension. The helicopter will take you to the primitive and majestic countryside rivers which surely create the memorable experience.

luxury experiences in New Zealand

Exciting helicopter fishing

Endless panoramic view for sightseeing and photographing

For an everlasting and luxury experience in New Zealand, you might want to fly over the beautiful middle earth to cherish its unbeatable beauty. It is surely the so scenic flight that wins your interest in the best of the destination including the magnificent mountains, imposing volcanoes, picturesque lakes, and impressive coastlines. Each of those highlights is well blended to create the endless panorama which is perfect for sightseeing and photographing, of course.

luxury experiences in New Zealand

Wonderful panorama

Learn about exceptional and dynamic Maori culture

The New Zealanders take Maori culture with pride, and they welcome people to experience it in a luxurious way. In that sense, do some research about the reputation of Maori cuisine, culture, and wilderness in this destination! There are many private tour guides in the regions of Northland, Auckland, Rotorua and Canterbury that offer the classical packages for you to explore what is about Maori. Together with listening to the guide’s introduction, you will also be interested in observing the Maori culture on a “marae” (meaning tribal meeting grounds).

luxury experiences in New Zealand

Maori culture is a key in this land

Pay for a super-duper yacht to sail more than 15,000km of untouched coastline

The pristine coastline of this destination welcomes you to explore it by sailing for over 15,000km on a high-end yacht. Besides sailing, there is a range of luxury activities to try out: water full with marine life, fishing, watching dolphins and whales, sightseeing the picturesque bays and islands. Admittedly, the dining options on the yacht, and onshore entertainments make sure you stay happy and excited.

luxury experiences in New Zealand

Super-duper yacht along untouched coastline

Feel passionate about gorgeous nature and rich wildlife

There are only a few sites in the world which can compare to New Zealand. That is why the prestigious guests love to visit this destination at their pleasure. You might love to be thrilled by the stunning nature and encounter the extraordinary wildlife in the middle of the old forest, volcanic setting, admirable mountain, and bewildering coastline – all creates the unique New Zealand that nowhere else on earth is similar.

The imposing landscape and spacious wilderness invite the walkers and trekkers to explore the destination on their own. The walking and hiking trails provide the rewarding outdoor experience. You will appreciate the chummy welcome and support from both the guide and the residents.

luxury experiences in New Zealand

Imposing nature and rich wilderness

That said, New Zealand provides the high-class and upscale packages, making it the ideal shelter for the discerning vacationers to gather all season. Come for a real flavor of the luxury experiences.

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