Top famous destinations to set feet in Mexico

Top famous destinations to set feet in Mexico

A trip to a remote place from your home country always provokes a lot of questions into your mind about the hottest destinations. If you are visiting Mexico, do not forget to pay a visit to these most interesting places to take home great memories.

#1 Cancun

Primly located in the state of Quintana Roo of Yucatan peninsula, Cancun is one of the most famous destinations in Mexico you should not miss. This hot spot attracts over millions of visitors every year to enjoy awe-inspiring scenery of fine sandy beaches.

famous destinations in Mexico

The breathtaking view of Cancun

You will be overwhelmed by modern hotels along the coast, spellbinding Caribbean and the archeological remains from Maya empire. The perfect combination of charming beauty and historical traits can take your breath away at first sight.

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#2 Guadalajara City

If you are seeking a place to explore about Mexican unique history and cultures, this city is for you. The journey to Guadalajara can give you greater insights into the great architecture and memorial buildings. Most of these sites dated back from more than 500 years ago. It’s also ideal for foreign students to learn about diverse cultures and get deep understanding of local people. Besides cultural values, this city takes pride in different kinds of music, including mariachi and tequila.

famous destinations in Mexico

Interested in ancient beauty in Mexico? Come to Guadalajara City

#3 Guanajuato City

With a population of over 80,000 people, Guanajuato is becoming a dynamic city in Mexico, which draws great attention of many people from all over the world. It used to be a silver mine and played a crucial role in the Mexican war. You will be appealed by the impressive architecture, ranging from Baroque buildings to unique houses or churches.

It would be a big mistake if you miss to visit Mummy Guanajuato museum. There are thousands of species here to provide you thorough understanding of this country. Because of these highlights, this destination is among most interesting places in Mexico and awarded World Heritage Site.

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#4 Santa Cruz, Huatulco Bay

famous destinations in Mexico

The charming beauty of Huatulco Bay

Huatulco Bay extends over a large area of over 20 miles along the Pacific Ocean. You can choose to visit a number of beautiful bays in Huatulco, which leaves your holiday with unforgettable memories.

If Tangolunda is the perfect place for resorts and resting heavens, you are able to enjoy blue crystal water in Santa Cruz. Interestingly, there are also large areas for children playing so that your kids are sure not to get bored. Any adventure lovers can satisfy their craving for thrill and challenge in la Entreaga which possesses stunning coral reefs offshore.

#5 Ixtapa

Stretching about 160km on the pacific Coast in north west Capulco, Ixtapa is a hot spot that you cannot miss in the beautiful country of Mexico. It’s suitable for someone who is seeking a rest trip far from work, deadlines and pressures.

This complex consists of hundreds of modern skyscrapers, state-of-the-art hotels and golf courses. You will be able to engross yourself in the exotic festivals and nightlife activities. They are sure to rock your vacation.

famous destinations in Mexico

Relax yourself in the modern resorts in Ixtapa

In proximity to Ixtapa, there is a fishing village (4 miles from the city of Zihuatanejo) with stone-scattering paths and greenish trees. Along this nice village, you can spend your time eating mouth-watering dishes and admiring the charming beauty of the beach. One plus point lies in the reasonable price and considerate serving manner, which will make you absolutely contented.

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#6 Los Cabos

Located in the Baja California peninsula, Los Cabos is the fastest-growing area in Mexico. You will be knocked out by the wild beauty of fine sandy beaches at first sight.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Los Cabos is given a special privilege by Mother Nature to have a lot of wonderful stone artworks. The irresistible appeal of Los Cabos lies in the comfortable atmosphere when you are indulged in sunshine.

famous destinations in Mexico

Interesting activity to join in Los Cabos

Another interesting feature of this famous destination is the name of the beaches: Lover, Storm and Divorce. There are exciting stories behind these beaches for you to explore.

It’s advisable to join great activities including dolphin watching, kite flying, sea diving, buying ancient items, playing golf, fishing and eating street foods in La Paz. If you want to make the most of your trip, do not forget to use Suburbaja bus which is available on this area.

#7 Mazatlan

Another destination among the most interesting places in Mexico that you should definitely pay a visit is Mazatlan, the pearl of Pacific Coast. Located in Sinaloa, this is the popular stop of hundreds of ships and boats along the Riviera Mexico. Tourists are sure to be deeply impressed by the awe-inspiring beaches, dynamic nightlife, spacious playground for aquatic sports and natural wildlife.

famous destinations in Mexico

Enjoy windsurfing in Mazatlan

Luckily, you can attend Carnival festival which is yearly celebrated to attract thousands of visitors. This is among the festivals of Mazatlan; therefore, it’s fascinating for you to not only engross in the great moments but also gain a deeper insight into the unique cultures of Mexico.

#8 Merida

Merida will leave you a strong impression of the largest cultural, political and financial center in Yucatan state. A wide variety of museums, art galleries, shops, boutiques and restaurants are available for you to make the most of your holiday.

You are able to learn about the distinct cuisines which not only distinguishes itself from traditional Mexican recipes but also is typical of the unique cultures of Mexican, Middle east and European people in the region.

famous destinations in Mexico

Don’t miss buying a guayabera as a special gift in Merida

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It’s quite interesting to take part in the Vaqueria Regional music, enjoy dancing and buy excellent handicrafts like guayabera in the shopping heavens. This is a can’t-miss souvenir of a Mexico trip for your friends and relatives. Guayabera is embroidered cotton shirt with pockets and tucks, a popular costume for men in the area of Merida.

Merida can definitely meet all your expectations about a deeply embedded Mexican cultures, costumes and cuisines. It’s a golden opportunity to broaden your horizons.

#9 Morelia

If you are seeking a place to engross in the ancient beauty of Mexico, this one is perfectly added to your traveling list. It is among the oldest cities in Mexico with many remainders of this beautiful country. The houses in the region are all well-constructed in Spanish style.

famous destinations in Mexico

Morelia is covered by the ancient color of gold

So, it’s ideal for you to admire the unique features of cross cultures: Spanish and Mexican. Morelia is also a well-known tourist attraction for foreigners to have a look at the architecture and join in yearly special occasions and festivals in Mexico.

These most interesting places in Mexico are sure to rock your holiday, ranging from aquatic experience, sightseeing, shopping and architecture watching. You and your loved ones will never get bored during the trip to this famous tourist country.

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