Top famous attractions in Germany to check-in

Top famous attractions in Germany to check-in

Germany, also known for the name of “The heart of Europe”, is a country possessing a large amount of beautiful natural scenery as well as historical monuments. Let’s take a brief tour with us around this country to visit the most famous tourist attractions there.

1. Berlin

famous attractions in Germany

The capital of Germany - Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of the top tourist attractions among Europe. Arriving this city, you would be blown away by the antique beauty of European architecture as well as the stunning natural scenery. Additionally, the site is also one of the greatest historical attractions in the world with thousands of vestiges left from the World War II such as the Brandenburg Gate, which marked the historical period of Germany being divided into two regions.

Besides, classical music enthusiasts will have an amazing experience of visiting Berlin because of a large number of musical events held in Berlin. With such a variety of cultural and historical attractions: Berlin Museum, Philharmonic Theater, this city shall live up to its name as the historical and cultural center of Europe.

2. Munich

famous attractions in Germany

The charming beauty of Munich

Considered as one of the top cities that “worth living in” in Germany, Munich attracts millions of tourists every year. Visiting the city, travelers shall have the opportunity to admire beautiful historical value illustrated by both antique and modern architectural structures.

One of the most remarkable attractions for visitors to do so is the Marienplatz Square, which is located in the center of Munich. It is said by the native that “if you have not set feet on the Marienplatz Square, it means that you have not visited Munich at all”. Besides, the renowned Oktobefest beer festival, held in September and October, is something so exciting you can't miss.

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3. Hamburg

famous attractions in Germany

Hamburg bridge as the symbol of the city

The city of Hamburg is considered as a competitor of Berlin. Being one of the biggest ports in Europe, the beautiful city in Germany attracts a lot of tourists with its own wealthy and dynamic life style. Despite the fact that the city has gone through severe assault in the World War II, it is somehow still able to preserve the antique beauty of architectural constructions.

Visitors will have a chance to admire its charming beauty by gazing at the aged churches and city hall. Meanwhile, they can also enjoy the modern and lively atmosphere by visiting stunning parks or crowded shopping centers there.

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4. Cologne

famous attractions in Germany

Beautiful Cologne in sunset

With the history of over 2,000 years, Cologne preserves its priceless architectural beauty of Germany in breath-taking structures. Visiting this attraction, you are definitely impressed by the majestic view over antique churches, cathedrals and museums. If you are a big fan of historical tourism, those constructions may be the perfect places for you to discover the history as well as the culture of the city.

The recommended time of the year to visit Cologne should be February, when visitors get a chance to take part in several traditional festivals of the famous attraction in Germany.

5. Dresden

famous attractions in Germany

Sparkling Dresden city at night

Located in the Eastern area of Germany, Dresden is the combination of antique beauty and modern features. Surrounded by a scenery landscape, this city enables its visitors to admire various styles of architecture, for example, Renaissance, baroque and neoclassical. Illustrating this diversity, the church of Frauenkirche, Zwinger Palace and Semperoper Opera are the must-visit destinations you have to set feet on when visiting Dresden.

6. Neuschwanstein Castle

famous attractions in Germany

Interior architecture of Neuschwanstein Castle

One of the most widely known symbols of Germany is the Castle of Neuschwanstein. Possessing wonderful beauty and a priceless historical value, the castle is considered as a giant piece of art that cannot be missed when visiting Germany. Neuschwanstein, located at the foot of Alps Mountain, possesses a majestic beauty of Middle Age architecture. During time there, visitors will enjoy the incredible experience of being in the middle of a fairy tale by getting surrounded by antique structures and a breath-taking landscape.

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7. Bodensee Lake

famous attractions in Germany

Bodensee Lake is the largest lake in Germany

Another location near the Mountain of Alps is Bodensee Lake. Considered as a “natural masterpiece”, Bodensee is the largest lake in Germany. Arriving this attraction, tourists shall be swarmed with the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere, which is the combination of completely pure water and the surrounding peaceful towns. Sited in the middle of Bodensee is Mainau island, which holds the stunning palace of Schloss. This small island attracts millions of tourists every year by its amicable and fanciful appearance.

8. Black Forest

famous attractions in Germany

The wonder of nature in Black Forest

Black Forest is one of the most widely known tourist attractions in Germany. One of the main reasons for this forest to become incredibly attractive is its natural and pure beauty. Although welcoming a large number of visitors, this forest is still able to preserve the untouched and original charm.

Overall, Germany is a beautiful country in Europe with a variety of tourism. If you are intending to set feet on Germany, the mentioned destinations are extremely worth paying a visit.

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