Top cheap countries for budget travelers

Top cheap countries for budget travelers

Travelling is known as one of the most luxury things in the world; however, if you love travel but your budget is limited, there are still many wonderful tourist destinations with cheap prices for you to explore as well. Let’s take a look at the beautiful places for budget travelers!


countries for budget travelers

Thailand is a heaven for budget travelers

With a limited budget, Thailand will be a good option for you. You can spend time in Bangkok – the beautiful capital city of the country. If you don’t like lively atmosphere, such peaceful attractions as Khao Phing Kan or James Bond and Koh Phi Phi island won’t make you disappointed. It can be said that Thailand is an ideal stopover for every travel taste, from beach goers, adventurers to diving enthusiasts.


countries for budget travelers

This is a peaceful tourist destination to visit

There are so many interesting tourist destinations for you to explore when you make a travel tour to the country of Indonesia. You will be able to set feet on pristine islands, peaceful beaches and mysterious historical sites. Don’t miss to leave your footprint on imposing mountains, explore Baliem valley and the wildlife and so on.


countries for budget travelers

Malaysia is gorgeous at night

For budget travelers, Malaysia is the best bet as they will have a lot of interesting things to enjoy with reasonable price. The country is the land of impressive architectures, majesty mountains and peaceful islands. The sacred temples and churches there will give you a memorable travel tour to the beautiful and peaceful Asian country.

The Philippines

countries for budget travelers

The country offers wonderful landscapes to explore

This is a wonderful tourist destination for many adventurers because they will get the unique opportunity to take part in so many fascinating tourist activities.

The island country is not only a heaven for scuba diving lovers but for sightseers who love the stunning views of the Banaue Rice Terraces, the enormous Mayon Volcano, and so on. One of the must-try things there is to make a travel tour to the Puerto Princesa – an amazing underground river and one of the 7 new wonders of nature.


countries for budget travelers

Beaches in Greece are so pristine

Greece with its mysterious legend for thousands of years always catches great attention of numerous travelers.

The country is famous for beautiful seascapes, distinctive architectures, and delicious food. It is known as the cheapest tourist destination in Europe for budget travelers. Don’t miss beautiful islands, historical cities, and interesting myths whenever you get a chance to come to the country.


countries for budget travelers

Belem Tower is a masterpiece in Portugal

If you want to make a travel tour to Portugal but your budget is limited, Portugal is among the most suitable choices. You will be amazed at the charming and peaceful landscapes there. Of must-see tourist attractions in the country, Lisbon and Porto are the most popular with impressive buildings, picturesque beaches, great local foods and so on.


countries for budget travelers

Ecuador has many impressive islands

If you want to relax on the beach, experience an exciting culture and learn the Spanish language, with a limited budget, Ecuador is an ideal place for you. The must-see attraction there is the Galapagos where stunning scenery and fresh air will bring you a wonderful and memorable trip. Coming there, it is also possible to see with your own eyes many interesting wildlife animals.


countries for budget travelers

One of the cheapest countries to make a travel tour in Europe

Uruguay is perhaps the most modern country in South America and is often considered the safest country for a travel tour in the region. If you are looking for a lively holiday on the beach or in the city, spend a few days in the capital of Montevido. Another interesting idea for you to visit is the beautiful, local farmhouse called Estancia from which you will be able to immerse in pristine landscapes and peaceful atmosphere.


countries for budget travelers

Machu-picchu - the most famous tourist attraction in Peru

With many remnants of the ancient Inca Empire, nowhere is more attractive than Peru. If you are a fan of cultural experiences and wild scenery, Peru is probably one of the most exciting places to go. Besides the rich beauty from historical sites, the traditional relics also attract a lot of tourists, especially those whose budget is limited. Although traveling to Machu Picchu – the most famous tourist destination in Peru may be a little bit costly, it will certainly be a memorable experience.


countries for budget travelers

The country offers the best historic sites in the world

One of the cheap countries for a travel tour. The country offers the best historic sites and cuisines in the world. Not only is India the land of cheap food, it is also a perfect place for backpackers. The only problem is that India is a large country, with a lot of people, so you should consult the Indian travel information before visiting the country.

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