Top Caribbean Attractions For Budget Travelers

Top Caribbean Attractions For Budget Travelers

What could be more fantastic than experiencing the powdery sand and crystal-clear waters of some of the top Caribbean attractions for budget travelers? Usually, you want to stay at remote places with nice, affordable accommodations in ideal locations, right? But, it sometimes might be difficult and even expensive than you think. Therefore, we will list down a collection of hot spots that you just spend on a low budget. Get ready to know? Here we go!

1. St. Lucia

Caribbean Attractions

It's not hard to get a low budget for a visit to St. Lucia with your beloved one

It can be said that St. Lucia has everything of a beautiful tropical paradise with protected coves, stunning beaches, impressive waterfalls, rainforests, and friendly locals. The price of accommodations on this island can change greatly depending on your desire. The average starts from $50 for a standard room at a hotel. Although most of the daily expenses are for food, you just spend more than $7 per day. Instead of staying at a $1,000 per night, cutting the cost is a great way to feel the real St. Lucia.

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2. Curacao

Caribbean Attractions

Curacao is all about picturesque beaches with calm turquoise waters

Aside from catching lots of Dutch colonial structures with yellows, pinks, and blues into the deep blue St. Anna Bay, the biggest draw in Curacao is all about picturesque beaches with calm turquoise waters and powdery white sand. Although Curacao is a distant island located in the southern part of the Caribbean, it has a busy and large airport.

Furthermore, this destination is described as one of the top Caribbean attractions for budget travelers thanks to a range of cheap hotels. And if you want to visit this place for your next vacation, autumn is a perfect choice.

3. Negril, Jamaica

Caribbean Attractions

Negril is one of the top Caribbean attractions for budget travelers

After landing Montego Bay Airport, continue taking about 90 minutes in order to set your feet on a beautiful west-facing beach in Negril. With many cheap 2-star and 3-star hotels, it’s not difficult to pick up an ideal one for your holiday. For a trip to Negril, you can savor many relaxed activities such as getting a boat ride in the Blue Lagoon or watching the sunset on the beach or having a dinner at a romantic restaurant in the town.

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4. Cancun, Mexico

Caribbean Attractions

Mexican food is quite cheap in Cancun

Cancun has a same meaning of luxury, large resorts, non-stop parties, and attractive beaches. However, this Caribbean attraction is often considered as an American playground, particularly during spring break. Of course, Cancun also entices those who are interested in Mayan ruins. The average cost for a journey to Cancun is not too expensive because the Mexican food is quite cheap, and the hotel’s price just starts from $37 per night. Or you can choose the off-season from June to November to save your budget better.

5. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Caribbean Attractions

You can find lots of cheap lodgings at Punta Cana

Punta Cana is renowned for its stunning sugary sand that you think it is artificial at first sight. However, an abundant of lodgings and necessary amenities with affordable prices make this place popular with many people from all over the world. It’s not hard to find out modesty-priced hotels that enclose breakfast or some with an all-inclusive price. Lots of travelers choose a week-long trip including airfare, rooms, meals, and some activities that just costs about $1,000 or less than.

6. Dominica

Caribbean Attractions

Snorkeling is an interesting activity in Dominica

Similar to other Caribbean destinations, you can catch lush jungle, impressive cascades, and ragged peaks in Dominica. Since white sand beaches are not famous, most hotels and resorts are situated inland to serve adventurous eco-tourists.

Besides, you are able to relish a couple of interesting activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking or canoeing. And after that, don’t forget to head to Riverside Café to have a generous meal with only $9. By all means, the best time to come to Dominica is between October and January when you can get a cheap price for the hotel.

7. Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Caribbean Attractions

Dunn’s River Falls at Ocho Rios

Although Ocho Rios itself isn’t alluring, it has a couple of beautiful waterfalls that glitter from limestone rocks along the coast, typically Dunn’s River Falls. You can head to a small museum in Discovery Bay where Columbus landed to see many artifacts of ships’ bells or cannons. Or you can drive through Fern Gully via the A3 highway to contemplate the beauty on both sides. You just spend about $35 for a night and taste cheap local foods in any vendor on the streets.

8. Barbados

Caribbean Attractions

Enjoy Mount Gay Rum at Barbados

Aside from beautiful beaches, impressive architecture, exciting activities and friendly locals, Barbados is very famous for the bittersweet Mount Gay Rum. Almost travelers love enjoying this unique taste when lying on the beach to view the sunset. And don’t forget to pamper yourself with delicious dishes at local markets.

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With eight top Caribbean attractions for budget travelers, where will you visit at first? Since all come with a low cost, we are sure that you can get lots of interesting things.

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