Top best places for a snow tour in the world

Top best places for a snow tour in the world

How do you spend your time during winter? Curl up in a warm blanket or enjoy a cup of hot cocoa next to a fireplace? In fact, you’d be missing a lot if you hesitate to travel in a snowy season. Interestingly, tourists are usually amused by the exotic beauty of snow-covered landscapes. Even when enduring the frost and cold, you can still find pleasurable moments in these winter wonderlands below.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Hanging on a rugged hill that is recognizable among the pristine Bavarian Forest of the legendary Alps, Neuschwanstein is a 19th-century Romanesque Revival construction capturing people’s interest with a majestic and fairy-tale appearance.

places for a snow tour

Neuschwanstein Castle is stunning even when being covered in snow

Neuschwanstein is rated to be one of the most beautiful German constructions. Operated from 1886, Neuschwanstein has attracted more than 60 million of visitors. People adore the exquisite architecture of the castle and the tranquility here. In this jaw-dropping building, you can fulfill your childhood dream of entering a royal palace and imagine yourself as a princess or a prince! Moreover, this is an ideal spot to take photos for your wedding album.

Reykjavik City, Iceland

Located on the north pole of the Earth, Reykjavik, which is the capital of Iceland, welcomes a large number of snowfalls each year. Not too cold or too hot, the weather in Reykjavik is comfortably mild since it is situated on a volcanic belt, so even when you do not favor the cold and damp, this place is still ideal to travel.

places for a snow tour

The appearance of Reykjavik in winter

For a long time, the area has been famous for the enchanting beauty of icebergs, gulfs, and other natural wonders. Aside from the exotic landscape mix, Reykjavik will surprise you with vintage buildings and a perfect tranquility. Moreover, the city offers a large number of museums, and it is also one of the ideal locations to see Northern Lights.

Quebec City, Canada

Named as the winter wonderland, the amount of snowfall in Quebec is averagely 254 cm in each year. With exquisite constructions and glittering streets at night, Quebec is a smaller version of Paris, France. If you think winter is boring, you will change your mind once enjoying a winter in Quebec, when the real fun begins.

The scenery of Quebec will impress you with a range of French colonial architectures and romantic boulevards. Quebec greets visitors with a cool atmosphere during summer, but it’ll be quite cold in winter. However, winter months are the time when you can join in eventful winter carnivals held in the Eastern provinces of Canada.

places for a snow tour

Come to Quebec in winter to enjoy the festival atmosphere

The carnivals are often organized as an entertainment park with outstanding features such as snow and ice buildings, sculptures, firework shows and a lot of activities: skiing, dog sledding race, ice sliding, etc. These activities are performed as a tradition to show the durable strength of Canadians in conquering the harsh weather. Don’t be surprised if you see people wearing underwear in the freezing cold!

Prague, Czech

Being the capital of Czech Republic, Prague is marked as one of the top must-visit places in Europe for possessing a huge number of medieval buildings. The classic beauty of Prague is represented by colorful towering constructions, giant bridges, gravel roads, etc. Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Prague Castle and Karlovy Vary are several promising spots to visit in Prague.

places for a snow tour

Prague reminds people of London streets

If you are already overwhelmed by the beauty of Prague during spring or summer, your jaw will drop even lower when you see the snow-covered landscape of Prague, which is as romantic as France. Recently, classic-style street lamps had been equipped on the streets in order to light up the roads at night. You can choose to settle at a café to enjoy a hot cocoa cup and admire the beauty of Prague under the snow.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a beautiful city of Netherlands. Ages ago, the city used to be a small fishing village, but now, it had turned to be a prospering municipality. Winters in Netherlands are often relatively short, and the coldest period lasts from December to January. However, your winter experience in Amsterdam will be totally worthy! With a dense canal system, this city provides outstanding skating fields, and these ‘fields’ are frozen canals.

places for a snow tour

Ice skating in Amsterdam

Cars and other regular transports are not recommended in winter since the roads are slippery due to snow and ice. You should do your tour on foot or take a subway to travel around. In fact, it will be beneficial to admire the quaint beauty of Amsterdam while strolling down the street and breathing in a fresh air. Nightlife in Amsterdam is pretty eventful with cozy pubs, not to mention a plenty of festivities: Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam’s Christmas markets, etc.

Tadami, Aizu, Fukushima, Japan

places for a snow tour

The railway of Tadami Line

Reportedly, Aizu is the location receiving the largest number of snowfalls among the whole country. If you are a snow lover, you would not be able to resist the captivating snow-white scenery of Tadami when an enormous scale of forest buried in the snow. The spectacular view is definitely worth taking a picture.

Catching a train to go sightseeing is an excellent choice if you want to contemplate the nature and keep yourself warm at the same time. Your tour will include the mesmerizing sight of Tadami River. Want to do something more adventurous? A hike in Tadami will please your ambition.

Reine, Norway

places for a snow tour

The surreal beauty of Reine in winter

Reine is a small fishing village in Norway. Although it’s just a small village, you will be surprised to know that this place attracts over thousands of visitors annually. Why? It’s simply because the area delivers too many breath-taking wonders, which are exceptionally beautiful in winter, and exciting activities like kayaking, whale watching, biking. Additionally, you might catch the legendary view of aurora borealis from September through April.

Who says winter is a nuisance to traveling? In reality, winter appears to be an excellent time to explore new aspects of a tourist attraction. Let’s check-in those recommended spots in winter above and see for yourself!

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