Top best Great Barrier Island holiday homes (New Zealand)

Top best Great Barrier Island holiday homes (New Zealand)

Great Barrier Island is a well-known island in New Zealand with pristine beaches and green natural forests. The island is home to various rare bird species such as the sea eagle, kiwi, etc. Unspoiled sceneries, plentiful plants and tranquil space will bring a gentle and quiet feeling for all explorers.

Great Barrier Island

The attractive view of Great Barrier Island

Besides, tourists often visit the beautiful attraction in New Zealand to enjoy many popular sports such as diving, fishing, surfing, biking, hiking or camping. However, what makes the spot greater is its top best holiday homes, which promises to give you wonderful and relaxing moments.

1. The Red Barn House

The Red Barn House is the perfect choice for tourists when visiting one of the best surfing beaches in New ZealandAwana Beach. With the modern design, the house is warm in winter and cool in summer, which brings guests the wonderful relax and comfort.

Great Barrier Island

Enjoy the stunning view of Awana Beach

The site includes three bedrooms with the capacity of 6 guests as well as a kitchen with wide space so that customers can enjoy the excellent Awana Valley while eating with their family. The Red Barn House is equipped with all modern conveniences you need during your stay. Outside the house is the rich flora and fauna including green plant gardens with several kinds of local birds such as kakas, wood pigeons, rails and so on. Visitors can immerse in fresh atmosphere and listen to lively birdsong.

It takes about 2 minutes to walk from The Red Barn House to the famous Awana Beach and besides, tourists can also visit Pohutukawa Beach, which is 5 minutes go from the house or drive to the nearby Claris, pristine Harataonga Beach, Windy Canyon Walk and Tramline Track. Here, travelers can take part in some sport games such as surfing, swimming, fishing... on Awana Beach. Especially, you can have chances to meet lovely dolphins as well as migrating whales.

Great Barrier Island

Cozy bedroom

2 Bay Lodge Cottage

If you are looking for an affordable place for your honeymoon, anniversary or summer holiday when coming to Great Barrier Island, let's have look at Bay Lodge Cottage. You can wallow in peace and quietness to relieve stress of busy life and have wonderful moments in your journey.

Great Barrier Island

Overlooking the sea from bedroom

Bay Lodge House is located above the Okupu Bay with an area of 10 acres, which is covered by a verdant garden. The accommodation provides all comfortable conveniences and eye-catching interior. The airy bedroom with a comfortable king-sized bed is suitable for a couple. The open-plan kitchen and bathroom offer the fully modern facilities. There is also a fireplace to keep guests warm in winter nights as well. All the things make a romantic space for those who are in their honeymoon or wedding anniversary.

Great Barrier Island

Contemplate the spectacular sunset

Just take a few-minute-walk from the beautiful accommodation in New Zealand, tourists can see an attractive white sandy beach, then you can swim in the cool water and sunbathe in the soft sunlight. Moreover, following the nearby lovely paths, explorers can go fishing and taste a glass of wine in magnificent sundown.

3. EarthSong Lodge

Situated in the scenic island, EarthSong Lodge is famous for the luxury rooms with professional, enthusiasm and caring staffs. As staying at EarthSong, guests will always feel completely satisfied and own a perfect trip.

Tourists can also have opportunities to watch the breathtaking landscape of the Hauraki Gulf to the shores of Auckland and northern New Zealand. The combination of fresh turquoise sea, blue sky and the essence of surrounding nature makes this place like a fantastic paradise.

Great Barrier Island

Picturesque view of EarthSong Lodge from above

As well as that, you can enjoy sunbathing in a private courtyard and contemplate the stunning scenery of fascinating sandy beaches. Guests will have relaxing sleep in large bedroom equipped with the queen-size bed, convenient bathroom and other excellent facilities.

At EarthSong Lodge, travelers could not miss the chance to taste South Pacific cuisine with fresh vegetables, fruits and hand-made cookies in an airy space of flowers and romantic candlelight. A cup of tea or coffee to start your new day is also ideal choices for you.

Great Barrier Island

Romantic scenery in luxury room

4. Storm Cottage

It is possible to get Storm Cottage from the east coast of Great Barrier Island. With an appearance of a black timber box form, this is an excellent destination for those who are interested in unique architecture. Besides, guests can have panoramic view of the beautiful northern sea and luxuriant forests.

Great Barrier Island

Unique outlook of Storm Cottage

The house is covered by a layer of perforated metal screens which adjust the sunlight and outside air. Inside the lodge, walls and floors are made from oiled oak planks that bring tourists a cozy and tranquil feeling. You will stay in a couple of symmetric bedrooms with refreshing space to mix with.

Travelers will be impressed by the nice design of the Storm Cottage because it uses solar power and has independent water collection and sewage systems. This is an ideal lodge for explorers to purify themselves in wild surroundings, enjoy peace in mind and forget all worries in daily life.

Great Barrier Island

Comfortable bedroom

The best accommodations above are the most excellent choices for every traveler visiting Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. With stunning architecture, modern facilities, delicious foods as well as professional and enthusiasm staffs, the top best holiday houses won't let you down and help you have a memorable vacation ever.

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