Top Amazing Buildings In Australia For Awesome Photos

Not only is Australia a country rich with beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches, and unique wildlife, but it’s also home to top amazing buildings for awesome photos. And for your upcoming trip to this destination, come with us to find out some of the most excellent designs.

1. Sydney Opera House

Buildings In Australia

The beauty of the Sydney Opera House in morning

It can be said that the Sydney Opera House is an emblematic image of Australia. Shaped like giant shells, this impressive building on Sydney’s Bennelong Point was designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and has quickly become one of the greatest architectural symbols in the world.

Designed by a Danish architect, Jorn Utzon, this famous building in Australia took 14 years to construct. Every year, the site welcomes more than seven million visitors, and it houses about 1,500 different performances. Don’t miss a chance to take a tour package in order to increase your venture to this wonderful monument.

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2. Sydney Tower

Buildings In Australia

View the city from the Sydney Tower

Aside from the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Tower should be on your list for sure. The South Hemisphere’s second highest observation tower and Sydney’s tallest building stands 820 feet above the ground and offers fantastic experiences high above the city center.

You will behold the blue water of the Pacific Ocean to the east, the natural haze of the Blue Mountains to the west, and amazing scenes of the North and South Coasts. In case that you are not afraid of height, try taking a thrilling journey on Skywalk. However, remember to make a reservation to avoid long queues for tickets.

3. Sydney Harbor Bridge

Buildings In Australia

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is the world’s greatest steel arch bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is the world’s greatest steel arch bridge that was finished in 1932, 40 years before the birth of the Sydney Opera House. At a height of 143 m above the harbor, this bridge extends 500 m across the central business district to Sydney’s north shore.

Aside from the pedestrian way, there are two railway lines stretching over the bridge together with eight lines for road traffic. One interesting thing is that you should get to the top of the spot where you can marvel breathtaking scenes over the city and harbor.

4. Parliament House

Buildings In Australia

In front of the Parliament House

Another top amazing building in Australia for awesome photos is the Parliament House placed in Australia’s capital of Canberra. At first sight, it’s quite different from many civic architectures. Its design aims to encourage public access and connection, responding to the Australian climate, vegetation, landscape, and the quality of light.

That’s why the Parliament House was created as a functional building and an important national figure. There are 4,700 rooms with some areas for the public such as the Major Foyer, the Great Hall, the Chamber of House of Representatives, the Chamber of Senate, etc.

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5. National Museum of Australia

Buildings In Australia

Take a bird scene of National Museum of Australia

Placed on the Lake Burley Griffin’s shore in Canberra, the site is described as a perfect place to discover the rich and various Australia’s stories. It takes over a huge multicolored building that is designed to demonstrate the diverse stories of Australia’s past and present.

Furthermore, the museum presents thousands of items across exhibits that mention about the Aboriginal history of immigration, gold mining, and industrial development. Although the admission is free, if you want to know more about the history, you can request a guided tour with a small fee.

6. Cathedral of St Patrick

Buildings In Australia

The cathedral of St Patrick was built from sandstone and bluestone

The attraction in Australia is described as the most stunning Gothic style building downtown Melbourne, built from sandstone and bluestone and completed in 1939. Before taking an inside tour, it’s worth observing the cathedral’s exterior. Of course, the strong and dark color of the bluestone will be the first thing to catch your eyes. Moreover, the different height of the two spires to the front and the single central one makes the St Patrick look more gorgeous. Of course, the statues of popular people and outstanding gargoyles are also attractive.

7. Eureka Tower

Buildings In Australia

An impressive corner of the Eureka Tower

The Eureka Tower is a 297.3m-skyscraper, situated in Melbourne, Australia. It was finished in October 2016 and has become the world’s highest residential building. The tower’s design highlights a gold crown, blue glass paneling, and red stripe that represent the Stockade flag, blood split, and gold rush. However, the most captivating thing is the Eureka Skydeck 88 that was opened to the public in 2007.

From the height of 300 meters above the ground at The Edge, you can view the beauty of Melbourne, Dandenong Ranges, and Port Phillip Harbor with ease. And if you are fortunate, you can see an annual stair climb at the Eureka Tower.

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With seven amazing buildings in Australia, which one will you come first? Of course, most are interested in beholding Sydney Opera House because it’s considered as the most important Australian symbol. No matter where you come, don’t forget to take as many awesome photos as you can.

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