Top 5 must-see destinations you shouldn't miss in Mexico

Top 5 must-see destinations you shouldn't miss in Mexico

Mexico is claimed to be a land of beautiful beaches, amazingly massive coral reefs, an incredibly fascinating culture and also the oldest Mayan history that could extend your stay there longer. Following is the top 5 must-see destinations you shouldn’t miss in Mexico, from the most idyllic beaches and mesmerizing jungles to interesting archaeological sites.

Cancun City

Cancun City in Mexico

1. Copper Canyon

In the surrounding region of Copper Canyon, tourists can find a large number of areas where they can enjoy many types of entertainment activities such as rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking and cave exploring. For many travelers, Copper Canyon is listed as one of most famous spots in Mexico you should try to come just because of its wilderness.

Apart from its magnificent majesty, the canyon is always compared to the Grand Canyon of Arizona as it has a great diversity of flora and fauna. However, the site is bigger and deeper than the famous Grand Canyon. Don't miss the train journey which is the best way to get the amazing view of the wilderness.

Cancun City

Take an adventure in Cooper Canyon

As you are in the canyon, you will have a chance to come across Batopilas and Urique town where you can enjoy peaceful and simple life of the locals. Most shops and restaurants there tend to open very late and close very early, but such a lifestyle won’t make you disappointed. Therefore, if you want to slow down the pace of life after a long time of working so hard, don’t miss these great towns.

2. Horsetail falls – Mexico’s greatest photogenic attraction

Horsetail falls (Cola de Caballo waterfalls), the photogenic attraction of Mexico in Monterrey draws a huge number of tourists to come and take home so many memorable experiences. This stunning waterfall is 25 meters high, making it totally perfect to enjoy your summer vacation with family and friends. The surrounding area is so popular with many outdoor activities to join in. Remember to bring a towel since the waterfalls will make you get wet.

Known as one of the top 5 must-see destinations in Mexico, Horsetail falls waterfall is so incredibly beautiful that you won’t regret to have a calm walk and take some great pictures of the area. The falls has dug a huge deep pool at the base which will make your vacation the best time ever.

Cancun City

A beautiful sight of Horsetail waterfalls

Besides, don't forget to go around the jungle where you can mix yourself with pure air and green space. In fact, the area also features many cascades as well as ecotourism facilities, which can help you get close to the jungle and see Chocho palms with your own eyes.

3. Isla Mujeres island – An ideal site to escape crowded cities

Just a few miles off Cancun’s northeast shore, Isla Mujeres is a wonderful island in Mexico with a lot of fun activities to join and beautiful beaches to do sightseeing. Are you trying to get away from noise and pollution in modern cities? Now pick up Isla Mujeres island, which is surely your most refreshing option during your vacation.

Cancun City

The incredible beauty of the Underwater Museum in Isla Mujeres island

The water there is so clear and warm, making the entire marine life is so abundant. This little gem lies peacefully in Carribean Sea, welcoming people to come and experience. In fact, there are many things to do like snorkeling in the crystal water, swimming with the whale sharks and visiting the turtle farm.

The beauty of Isla Mujeres island can be seen clearly through the water, so don't miss the Underwater Museum and the Lighthouse reef where you will have a great chance to see beautiful corals and bring home your own impressive photos.

4. Paquime - Mysterious but interesting

Paquime is the largest culturally complex settlement in the northern Mexico. It contains the unique imprints of Puebloan and Mesoamerican cultures. In Nahuatl, Paquime means the big house where you can explore 2000 bedroom-complex.

Cancun City

The archealogical zone of Paquime

It is occasionally called Casas Grandes, which is considered the most important ruin in the north of Mexico. Once getting there, you can see the remnants of the thick walls with the strangely-shaped doors, together with cisterns, and the cages. The nice Paquime appears to rise out of the desert, and such a thing makes it like a ghost town with a sophisticated culture.

5. Monte Alban – The “White Mountain” of Oaxaca

In order to form the site, the top of the mountain was once leveled into the flat plain while the buildings and temples were established around Grand Plaza. Monte Alban promises to give you the whole view of the surrounding countryside when you get the top of the mount overlooking Oaxaca’s valleys.

Cancun City

Monte Alban ruin in Oaxaca, Mexico

Monte Alban is the most important archaeological site of the area. It is also the political center for the Zapotec civilization. In recent times, the “White Mountain” of Oaxaca has been recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it truly worthy of discovering. If you want to go from Oaxaca to Monte Alban, it is possible to travel by bus which often departs from Zocalo region.

History, culture, pleasure and adventure, etc. can be found in the top 5 must-see destinations in Mexico listed above. There are so many mesmerizing sights and hotspots that await to be explored, from the idyllic beaches, vivid nightlife to pristine landscapes. If you have chosen Mexico your next destination this year, try to come to those famous ones and take home wonderful experiences lasting forever.

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