Top 5 best places to ski in North America

North America is said to feature plenty of the amazing ski and snowboard destinations which surely rank among the top ski areas in the world. To be sure, some are much more famous than others. But, the reason is not always necessary that they’re better.

Instead, that’s because they are more well-known than others. So, if you are now in search of shorter lift lines and smaller crowds through your next ski trip, then feel free to consult our guide here. We have just completed the list of top 5 best places to ski in North America, where the crowds and the cost are in check as well as where the weather and the vibe go beyond your imagination.

1. Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

Whistler Blackcomb in Canada has long been listed as the top largest ski area in North America for both athletes and amateurs, thanks to one of the fastest and biggest lift networks. In general, there are a total of 37 lifts where quads and gondolas run with high-speed.

places to ski

A lot of tourists come to Whistler Blackcomb in winter

Covering more than 3,280 hectares as well as containing over 200 trails, 16 alpine bowls, and 3 glaciers, this is an ideal place for skiers, tubers and snowboarders to immerse in the powdery paradise in winter. Summer welcomes you with relaxing activities, such as hiking or biking, thanks to the fresh mountain air. Whistler Blackcomb also opens ski school for newbies to practice winter sports.

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2. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

As one of the most wonderful ski resorts in North America, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort earns its fame for its steeps. However, today, it also becomes a family-friendly resort with a wide range of options for new and intermediate skiers. With a vertical drop of more than 1,200 meters and 1,012 hectares of in-bound terrain, such the ski area wins an award for one of the greatest alpine playgrounds in the U.S.

places to ski

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is hot and advantageous to ski

The resort includes 116 trails where haft of them are designated for experts while the others are just for beginners and intermediates. Furthermore, the Mountain Sports School is also open for skiers of all ages and levels to benefit from expert tuition.

3. Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

Although Taos Ski Valley is not the number 1 choice for many skiers traveling to New Mexico, this area still has its own charm. Visitors have a chance to experience new terrain, breathtaking vistas, and off-slope choices. Taos Ski Valley is noted for its expert terrain as well as a number of intermediate and beginner runs. There are many cool activities in winter, like enjoying tubing on Strawberry Hill, racing up a snowmobile trail, etc.

places to ski

Taos Ski Valley is charming in both winter and summer

In summer, it wins your heart by a breath of fresh air, educational programs, lively music performances, and outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, hiking, fishing and rock climbing. Don’t miss having lunch on the deck of The Bavarian, joining in white-water adventure, or riding the chair lift up the mountain!

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4. Revelstoke Mountain Resort, British Columbia

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is renowned for the powder snow and incredible terrain in winter. Amazingly, it proudly features the longest vertical elevation in North America (at about 1,713 meters). Thus, it is quite easy for your thighs to be burnt out after just 2 runs. The high-speed gondola and quad chair lifts also make sure that there is little rest time.

places to ski

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is gorgeous at sunset

Furthermore, there are around 1,263 hectares of skiing terrain with only 69 trails that surely provides you with an idea of the off-piste offerings. Thanks to terrain split stats of 48% advanced, 45% intermediate and 7% novice, there is no denying the fact that Revelstoke ski resort becomes an ideal place for many hot skiers and boarders to hang out.

5. Telluride Ski Resort, Colorado

Telluride Ski Resort is considered to be unparalleled in the continent. The special thing is that it is one of the few ski areas that harmoniously combines a mining town at its main base with a small village on the mountain. The resort gives a vertical drop of 1,172 meters, which impresses adventurous skiers with terrain challenges.

places to ski

Telluride Ski Resort is a perfect choice for many expert skiers

All participants of all levels and abilities find it easy to choose trails they love here. Normally, terrain features usually include long cruisers, easy greens, trees, moguls, steeps, ridges, chutes, cliffs, bowls, cornices, terrain parks and so on. There are about 125 trails at Telluride.

In brief, the list of top 5 best places to ski in North America just fulfills your satisfaction at some levels, they are still stunning ski resorts and areas that should not be missed when you are planning your next ski or snowboard destination.

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Surprisingly, many of these areas also please visitors with a wide range of amenities, such as family-friendly experiences, pedestrian villages, lodging options, snowboard schools, and more. Just come and enjoy on your own now!

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