Top 18 tourist attractions in the USA

Top 18 tourist attractions in the USA

A trip to the United States with a variety of landscapes both physically and culturally is a dream of millions of people worldwide. If you have an opportunity visit this beautiful country, don’t miss these top 18 tourist attractions.

1. Grand Canyon

With about 18 miles in width, 277 miles in length and a mile deep, the vast 6-million-year chasm created by Colorado River in northern Arizona - Grand Canyon is actually a natural wonder worth visiting. Annually, this UNESCO World Heritage attracts approximately 4.5 million tourists particularly sightseers, campers, and hikers.

tourist attractions in the USA

The natural wonder - Grand Canyon

2. Maui

Maui sandwiched between Molokai and the Big Island is an impressive place for vacationers. When visiting, you can lounge along the Wailea Beach in the south or feel the sands’ smooth of Kaanapali Beach in the north, experience the east scenic coastline, listen to music from the Old Lahaina Luau and contemplate the world’s largest dormant volcano – Haleakala.

tourist attractions in the USA

The picturesque Maui of Hawaii

3. Yellowstone

Yellowstone famous for unspoiled natural beauty is truly an outdoor paradise. Certainly, its dramatic peaks, pristine multicolored pools, hot springs, verdant forests, large meadows, volatile geysers launching water’s steaming streams towards the sky and trails of wildlife-watching opportunities will make you irresistible. tourist attractions in the USA

The charm of Yellowstone's landscape

4. Yosemite

Yosemite National Park with an enormous size of nearly 1,200 square miles is one of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in California. It frightens adventurers by daunting cliffs, millennia-old Sequoia trees, towering waterfalls and the country’s most unique rock formations. Don’t miss Half Dome and El Capitan known as its excellent hiking trails.

tourist attractions in the USA

The spectacular Yosemite

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5. San Francisco

It is no wonder that San Francisco is on the list of America’s top places to visit. A trip to the city gives you a chance to explore the charm of numerous cozy cafes, booming nightlife venues, great cuisine, jaw-dropping sights around the Bay, Mission, Marina and Fisherman's Wharf area.

tourist attractions in the USA

San Diego city with its Golden Gate Bridge

6. New York

New York features virtually endless things to do. In this never-sleep city, there are different varieties of trendy coffee shops, indie shopping centers, marquee galleries, iconic restaurants awaiting you to discover. When amid skyscrapers and Gotham's iconic landmarks, you are impossible to ignore memorable shows and the vibrant cultural beauty permeating distinctive boroughs.

tourist attractions in the USA

New York city from plane

7. Honolulu - Oahu

The appeal of Honolulu is a combination of cosmopolitan luxury and breathtaking scenery of a Hawaiian island. While in the North Shore, you will find the most meandering hikes, sprawling white-sand beaches and brilliant blue waters; in the nearby neighborhood, cultural and historical sites, a skyline of resort hotels and high-rises are for a taste of urban Hawaii.

tourist attractions in the USA

Honolulu besides the peaceful beach

8. Washington D.C.

The old capital - Washington D.C. is well worth a visit. It is second only to New York in the diversity of food and population. Free Smithsonian museums, historic marbled monuments and buildings, boutique shops, restaurants, cafes, parks, a riverfront make the city become a phenomenal place to visit, eat, drink and unwind.

tourist attractions in the USA

Washington D.C.

9. San Diego

With 70 miles of magnificent coastline and the warm and sunny weather, San Diego tends to be a fantastic destination for those who love outdoor activities. There are multiple places for you to catch some waves, take a leisurely seaside stroll and enjoy fresh seafood including the famous Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, La Jolla and Coronado.

tourist attractions in the USA

San Diego at dusk

10. Orlando

There is no other city in the country and even in the world that attracts kids like Orlando. When you spend time on getting the fun with your children at themed parks like Walt Disney World and Sea World, surely, a thought of returning your childhood will strike you.

tourist attractions in the USA

Walt Disney World, Orlando

11. New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the most vibrant and eclectic cities in the United States. In fact, people don’t come here to relax, they come to indulge. Things that charm visitors include mouth-watering French-inspired Creole and Cajun cuisine, a rich and long history, European-style architecture, parties of live jazz music and street performances.

tourist attractions in the USA

A dish of French-inspired Creole

12. Las Vegas

You will have great experiences at dazzling Las Vegas. This is because it is home to expensive night clubs, lots of concerts and shows, renowned casinos, high-end shopping, luxury spas, gourmet restaurants, and hotels. Outdoor activities like visiting the Hoover Dam and incredible hiking at Red Rocks National Park are also popular.

tourist attractions in the USA

Las Vegas's casino

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13. Boston

Founded in 1630, Boston is home to a ton of things to do. Highlights are the Boston Commons and Public Garden, the Faneuil Hall, Freedom Trail and the JFK Museum. It also gets a reputation of the country’s best Italian and seafood restaurants. Be sure you try the best brunch of the city at Zaftigs.

tourist attractions in the USA


14. Anchorage

People rush to Anchorage due to the appeal of sparkling Northern Lights, snow-capped peaks or the immense wilderness that lies beyond. However, it does not mean that the modern urban beauty of this Alaska's metropolis should be ignored. Its museums, a fantastic zoo, shops and nightlife venues will offer you a myriad of things to do.

tourist attractions in the USA

Anchorage from Earthquake Park

15. Cape Cod

If you want a perfect family vacation in summer, visit Cape Cod whose serene beaches, shingle-style cottages, fresh seafood and beds around rugged sand dunes. If you are an adventure-lover, follow scenic bike trails along the seemingly endless seashore and lush forests or get on bright kayaks and fishing boats.

tourist attractions in the USA

Cape Cod's beach

16. Aspen

You definitely have an unforgettable vacation at this scenic mountain town. At first sight, skiing areas and picturesque mountain chalets surrounded by the soaring Colorado Rockies will impress you. For indoor activities, you make your way to funky galleries, fun festivals, high-end shops, and fascinating museums.

tourist attractions in the USA

Aspen's picturesque mountains

17. Chicago

When the weather is nice, Chicago will be the best city in America. You can walk along the shores of Lake Michigan; try scrumptious hotdogs, the deep-dish pizza and sushi; visit exceptional museums and simply see the kitschy and fun Navy Pier or famous bean-shaped statue of Millennium Park.

tourist attractions in the USA


18. Charleston

When mentioning to Charleston, people talk about its spooky cemeteries, cobblestone walks, centuries-old mansions and Spanish moss-draped trees. Besides these most distinctive features, this South Carolina city boasts contemporary art galleries, the world-class Spoleto Festival, innovative restaurants and interesting shops.

tourist attractions in the USA

European Style Lakefront Estate in Charleston

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By way of conclusion, the Unites States has many to visit from east to west, south, and north. Therefore, you may at a crossroad as making a decision for where to spend your holiday. Don’t worry! All 18 tourist attractions in America above are both terrific.

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