Top 10 unbelievable must-sees in the Middle East

When it comes to the Middle East, the first image that pops in our mind is endless kilometers of desert, right? However, it’s worth noting that this part of the world is also filled with some of the most spectacular landscapes and extraordinary attractions in the globe! From enthralling natural phenomenon to magnificent historic sites, we have listed the top 10 unbelievable must-sees in the Middle East below!

1. White Desert, Egypt

Located in Western Egypt, what makes the White Desert amazingly beautiful and noticeable is an impeccable vista of unusual wind-carved rock formations with different sizes and shapes, such as giant mushrooms, pebbles, ice-cream cone, etc. The desert is especially breathtaking at night, when the moonlight and stars make its background become more ethereal.

Middle East

Feel peaceful with the white hue of the White Desert

2. Socotra Island, Yemen

As one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders of the Middle East, Socotra Island seems to be a fairyland. After setting feet on the island, visitors can feel that they get lost in another world with a wonderful collection of special flora and fauna. Furthermore, it is also home to striking beaches, limestone caves, and high mountains.

Middle East

The weird shape of Desert Rose Tree

The island also gets its name famous for the Desert Rose Tree whose shape is like a blooming elephant root and can have a life span of 500 years old. The locals tend to use its red and blood-like color resin to decorate or make medicine.

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3. Mount Ararat, Turkey

Mount Ararat stands out as the tallest mountain in Turkey. It is considered a significant landmark as well as a symbol in most songs, paintings, movies and nearly anything else to do with Armenia. Most people claim that Mount Ararat is a new name that they never heard before. However, when you mention Noah’s Ark, some of them can know that. The mountains of Ararat were the place where the Ark landed on after 150 days.

Middle East

Mount Ararat, Turkey is famous with a legend of Noah’s Ark

4. The Dead Sea, Jordan, Palestine and Israel

The Dead Sea is one of the special natural wonders in the Middle East that entices a huge number of tourists worldwide. Due to the salinity levels of about 33.7%, nothing may live in the water. However, its mineral-rich water becomes a huge advantage for curative properties.

Middle East

The impressive vista of The Dead Sea, Jordan

Moreover, a lot of well-furnished resorts and wellness spas have also been established on the shores. Another plus point that wins visitors’ heart is that they may easily float on the water without other's support.

5. Mount Sinai, Egypt

Located within the Sinai Mountains of Egypt, Mount Sinai is 2,285 meters in height. Also called Moses' Mountain, it is a holy site to visit. The mount is at its finest when the sun slowly goes down. At that time, tourists can marvel at a stunning dusk on an endless line of valleys and mountains.

Middle East

Visit Holy Trinity located on the peak of Mount Sinai, Egypt

Once being on the Mount Sinai, you have a chance to visit a small chapel, namely Holy Trinity. In fact, it was constructed in 1934 over the ruins of Justinian Church – an older cathedral in the 6th century.

6. Rub al-Khali Desert

With an area of 1,000 square meters, the must see attraction in the Middle East is listed as the world’s largest sand desert which covers parts of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen and the UAE. However, this area is uninhabitable because of the lack of water, harsh temperature and extreme weather conditions. So, there are very few animals can be found in there.

Middle East

Get lost in the endless background of the Rub al Khali

What makes the desert outstanding from others is its famous red-orange sand dunes. In addition, it is also one of the most oil-rich sites on Earth.

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7. Wadi Rum, Jordan

In general, adventurers often travel through Wadi Rum by camel. Situated in the southern region of Jordan, the desert wins an award for incredible giant red sand as well as spectacular rock formations. Wadi Rum is also home to many high mountains, like Jabal Rum, Jebel Rum Adaami, and so forth.

Middle East

Awesome red sand in Wadi Rum, Jordan

These days, the desert is widely inhabited by Zalabia Bedouins. Such small population tends to run eco-tourism businesses through arranging climbing and hiking tours for foreign tourists to experience.

8. Black Desert, Egypt

Unlike the White Desert – its neighbor, the Black Desert is painted by the back hue, caused by volcanic shaped mountains. In fact, the mountains and floors are commonly scattered with small volcanic black stones that lie on the orange and brown sands. Due to the intense temperatures and dryness of the desert plains, it is also an uninhabited area.

Middle East

Black Desert is in contrast with White Desert by its color

Checking in there, travelers are allowed to climb to the soft peaks for the panoramic views across the desert area, along with taking some exquisite photos.

9. Musandam Fjords, Oman

Just a few hours of driving from Dubai, you can easily access the little-visited Musandam Peninsula, Oman – an isolated patch of land. Although the condition of the Musandam Fjords is barren and dry, its scenery seems to be unmatched thanks to the harmonious combination of the grand Hajar Mountains and the crystal water of the Gulf.

Middle East

A tranquil boat trip along Musandam Peninsula, Oman

A sea trip around the Musandam Fjords is one of the most meaningful experiences that you should not miss if you are visiting this side of the country.

10. Cappadocia City, Turkey

Located in central Turkey, the city of Cappadocia is home to one of the world’s most magnificent landscapes, including spectacular valleys and soaring rock formations dotted with homes, tombs, chapels, temples and subterranean cities carved into the natural land-form.

Middle East

Unusual rock formations of Cappadocia City, Turkey

The most prominent vista is the Uchisar village beautified with unique architectural design, i.e. stone bridge, bar set inside the rock cave, stone street, and so on. Just come and explore on your own now!

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So, don’t hesitate to make your trip to one of these top 10 unbelievable must-sees in the Middle East we introduce above! Each place is sure to captivate your heart and imagination in the first time!

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