Top 10 things to see in Turkey, the Middle East

Surrounded by 2 large continents and 3 seas, Turkey is the land of cultural and natural beauty. It will be the best if we can visit all the country, but as always, tourists can't have enough time to do so. So if you're having a plan to visit this gorgeous country, let's find out the top 10 things to see in Turkey that no one should miss.

1. Istanbul

First and for most, we can't forget the capital, the heart of Turkey - Istanbul. With many ancient mosques and religious buildings, streets with both Asian and European architecture along with places for entertainment and lively night life, this is the hub of culture. You will often feel relax while staying here because of the coexistent of both modern and ancient atmosphere. Istanbul is a gorgeous destination lying along side the turquoise ocean.


A mixture of modern and ancient atmosphere

2. Uçhisar

This ancient castle is located in the town of Cappadocia. With impressive height, you can have the whole view of the region from here. Besides, the beauty also lies within the castle with numerous rooms and stairs. Though the path is steep, it's quite safe. There're also other rock rooms and tunnels in the nearby Pigeon valley for you to explore.


The massive castle of Uçhisar is located on the hill

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3. Kuşadası

Sited along the coast line, this city is listed as top 10 things to see in Turkey if you're a beach lover. With many beautiful public and private beaches at the Pigeon Island, including Ladies Beach, and many aqua parks near the center, the city has always been a huge attraction with tourists. You can see the city ancient walls and gate, the Kaleiçi Camii Mosque and a national park as well.


The whole sight of the attraction

4. Çeşme

This is another seaside destination for you. Located right opposite the Greek island Chios, this is a center of resorts, spas and lovely beaches. You can also find many Ottoman fountains across the city, since its name means "fountain" in Persian. Don’t forget to visit Çeşme Castle, the 16th century attraction with six towers, offers great view of both the islands and the sea.


Çeşme is a center of resorts and beaches

5. Kalkan

With a long coastline, it’s no surprise that Turkey owns so many seaside destinations and Kalkan is among them. Built on hills and overlooks a perfectly beautiful bay, Kalkan is the most famous seaside destination of all over the country. It’s pricey but totally worth it with white sand beach, excellent restaurants and new resort every year, creating many choices for you to explore.


Kalkan at sunset

6. Marmaris

Famous for the bubbling life, both day and night, Marmaris is a restless city. Beaches, restaurants and shopping malls can take all your day time while bars, night clubs and, more significantly, Bar Street are where you will find interesting night life of the city. If you travel with family, take boat excursions with inclusive food and drink to go around the bay and visit nearby towns to enjoy the great sea view.


Lively city by the sea

7. Antalya

As the largest city on Turkish Mediterranean coast, this is one of top 10 things to see in Turkey. Kaleiçi, the old quarter, is the ancient part where you can find ancient temples, mosques, towers and historic buildings of the 2,100-year-old city. Konyaaltı Beach is an ideal place to enjoy swimming and have fun in the sea. Antalya Zoo and Nature Park are where the whole family can have fun and go picnic together.


Picturesque view from the seaside city

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8. Goreme

The town is most famous for its natural rock formations, called "fairy chimneys". Nearby, the Goreme National Park and Göreme Open Air Museum are where you can find most of these chimneys along with caves and churches. The town is a great place to try Turkish traditional dishes and wine.


Famous "fairy chimneys" of Goreme

9. Dalyan

The small town located on Turkey’s southern coast offers more than your expectation. Iztuzu beach is surrounded by many hotels and villas. The wonderful ancient city of Caunos with Rock Tombs and Mud Baths are also worth exploring. The village of Dalyan gives you a peaceful holiday away from busy and noisy cities.


The pristine sea near Dalyan

10. Ürgüp

The most interesting part of this city is stone-cut hotels that were hand carved into ancient caves. With the combination between a modern, lively downtown in the heart of the old village, Urgup gives both the peace and the exciting energy for your holidays. Famous for rock chimneys and stone churches, the marvelous scenery of the city can only be seen from a flight in hot air balloons that are becoming more and more popular in there.


Air balloons above the magnificent landscape

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So this is the list of top 10 things to see in Turkey for your future voyage. Remember to add them to your must-visit list to truly experience their beauties by yourself.

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