Top 10 must-visit bridges in Australia

Top 10 must-visit bridges in Australia

A tour to Australia will offer visitors a chance to contemplate the unique construction of a number of works in the country of kangaroo. Such landscapes that visitors should not ignore in their to-visit places as Sydney Opera House, The Rocks, Flinders Street Railway Station, Barossa winery valley, the Great Barrier Reef-the largest coral reef over the world will make all visitors’ tours to Australia perfect. Particularly, the system of bridges in Australia from the bridges connecting the riversides of the peaceful rivers to the bridges linking one cliff to another one should be listed in their tour.

bridges in Australia

Travelling to Australia to have great experience with many famous bridges

Gladesville bridge in New South Wales

Gladesville bridge with the length of nearly 300 meters started to work in 1964. It is known as the effort of many talented architects. This bridge originally has unique dome which impress in the mind of all visitors coming here. However, this bridge has become the longest bridge and can be remained about 2,000 years. Therefore, Gladesville is one of the attractions that give visitors the most wonderful view.

bridges in Australia

The space under the Gladesville bridge

Ross Bridge in Tasmania

Finished in 1836, Ross bridge is one of the historic bridges in the state of Tasmania and is listed in three top oldest sandstone bridges in Australia. For that reason, it annually catches the huge attention of visitors across the world. The second-to-none style of the bridge is based on the Celtic method with 18 carved details. It is the effort of many prisoners including Daniel Herbert and James Colebeck.

bridges in Australia

The charming Ross Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge in New South Wales

This bridge is famous for the special symbol of Australia. It is located near the Opera Sydney House, which is the inspiration of a number of artists and photographers over the world. Moreover, visitors get chance to have the whole stunning view of Sydney city when standing on the peak of the bridge. The great position which provides the great view of the city is the most favorite thing that catches the tourists’ care. Like Ross Bridge, visitors are also interested in the adventurous bridge climb of Sydney Harbor Bridge.

bridges in Australia

The stunning beauty of Sydney Harbor Bridge when sun sets

Story Bridge, Queensland

Story Bridge has contribution to linking two urbans during 74 years. This bridge is designed by the architect Bradfield who is responsible for designing Sydney Bridge. Particularly, experiencing the Story Bridge Climb will give participants the adventurous moment.

Barham Bridge in New South Wales

Barham Bridge in New South Wales was inaugurated in 1905. It is situated on the Murray river’s banks. This bridge is the connection between the state of New South Wales and Koondrook of Victoria state. To get more excited, visitors can admire the wonderful view of scenery nearby by walking on two spacious lanes of the bridge.

Stony Creek Falls in Queensland

Stony Creek Falls bridge offers the whole tourists an opportunity to experience the curved lines within the radius of 80 meters. Furthermore, after admiring the stunning beauty of the curved lines of the bridge, travelers will take the train route of Scenic Kuranda to have the great discovery of the whole Stony Creek Falls. Scenic Kuranda helps visitors come across 15 underground trenches, ravines and waterfalls. However, it is remembered that this experience is not for the heart-failure persons.

bridges in Australia

Experiencing Scenic Kuranda is not for the heart-failure persons

Kurilpa bridge in Queensland

Kurilpa bridge in Queensland state was inaugurated in 2009. It is about 590 meters. Furthermore, the Kurilpa bridge has an assignment of connecting two riversides of Brisbane city and it is also the last agreement between the architect Cox Rayner and two companies of Baulderstone and Arup.

Sea Cliff Bridge in New South Wales

Sea Cliff is known with the group of words of “location, location, location” due to the fact that it attracts the huge attention of visitors not for its construction but for its unique location. The bridge has been meticulously built in terms of technique. The most challenging obstacle in the process of building the bridge is the balance of curved construction of the bridge. Let’s book an airplane ticket to take a visit this bridge and contemplate the superb beauty of the surrounding scenery.

Anzac, New South Wales

Since Anzac was established in 1995, it has replaced the Glebe Island bridge. In 1998, this bridge was chosen to be the place for the leader of New South Wales-Bob Carr to honor those who have contribution to developing New Zealand Army and Australian Army. Therefore, this bridge is not only a wonderful attraction giving visitors a great view but a destination for remembering the soldiers in army of Australia and New Zealand. Furthermore, when the street light is turned on or when sun sets, this bridge gains the most beautiful moment. Accordingly, travelers are advised to contemplate the charming beauty of the bridge at night or sunset.

bridges in Australia

The bright Anzac bridge at night

Webb bridge in Victoria

Webb bridge is situated in the heart of Melbourne, which is the connection between Docklands park and Yarra riverside. Furthermore, this bridge is suitable for walkers and bicyclers. This bridge is the cooperation between the designer Denton Corker Marshall and the artist Robert Owen. Following the 200- meter riverside of Yarra in the trench covered by metal will certainly bring visitors with the unforgettable experience that cannot be forgotten soon.

bridges in Australia

The overview of Webb Bridge

It would be a pity for the visitors who have opportunity to travel to Australia without taking a visit to one of the bridges mentioned above. Hope you to have perfect trip!

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