Top 10 must-eat food in Nepal

Top 10 must-eat food in Nepal

food in Nepal

Discover the world of Nepalese food

For such a long time, food has not been merely what people eat but a cultural expression. Food is the bridge connecting different cultures. It not only awakens a tourist's appetite but also arouses his love for the land that he has never been to. Nepal is not an exception. Besides the spectacular beauty of tranquil villages nestled at the foot of sublime mountains, the country cherishes its unique cuisine that you cannot find anywhere else on this planet. Let's take a trip to discover top 10 must-eat food in Nepal right away!

food in Nepal

Beautiful Nepalese dish

Nepalese food is distinctive since a dish represents the quintessence of the heaven and the land, and reflects the beauty of a multi-ethnic country and influences of neighboring cultures. Travelling to Nepal, tourists will have opportunities to attend delicious feasts of spices and herbs which are indispensable ingredients in world-renowned Nepalese dishes.


food in Nepal

Traditional Pulao

It is said that in Nepal, a party will not complete without Pulao. Pulao, in fact, is fried rice but this dish has its own unmistakable flavor that satisfies any guests. To have a perfect Pulao, the cook have to carefully select the best basmati grains – the most delicious rice in Nepal and fresh vegetables including green pea, onion, tomato, etc., seasoned with cumin and turmeric.

food in Nepal

Another way to prepare pulao

Time goes by but this traditional Pulao is still presented on special occasions and becomes a favorite dish of both locals and visitors alike.

Dal Bhat

food in Nepal

Delicious Dal Bhat

Have you ever tried a dish comprised of several bowls? If not, Dal Bhat will help you to have such an interesting experience.

food in Nepal

Lovely Dal Bhat on special occasions

Considered as Nepal's national dish, the typical Dal Bhat has three main constituents namely boiled rice (Bhat), lentil (Dal) and curry (tarkari). In addition, the dish also can be served with various supplements such as pickle, yogurt, roti, etc. This food is so popular that it is said that without enjoying Dal Bhat, you have not been to Nepal yet.


food in Nepal

Tasty Momo in Nepal

One of top 10 must-eat food in Nepal is Momo. When you look at this dish for the first time, you may utter "Oh, it is dumpling". However, what differs Momo from the dumplings you find in China, Tibet, India is the unique flavor of the bun well blended with typical Nepalese chutney. The fillings might be various but the tastiest as well as the traditional one includes minced meat and vegetables.

food in Nepal

Mouthwatering Momo

Lovely Momos with creamy white dumplings outside filled with savoury meat and veggie must be an excellent start for a new day.


food in Nepal

Delicious Thukpa with chicken

Nepal food is said to be affected by its neighboring countries but the Nepalese know how to bring a new breath to these dishes. Thukpa is a typical example. Originated from Tibet, Thukpa is a noodle soup prepared with meat and vegetables. But in a country of spices as Nepal, Thukpa is spicier and beef is replaced with buffalo, which creates a distinctive aroma.

food in Nepal

Egg Thukpa


food in Nepal

Pretty Yomari

If you fall in love with dumplings, don't forget to try Yomari – a special version of meat bun. Yomari looks so beautiful in the shape of a fig. Inside, there is chaku and black sesame powder which create a typical sweetness.

food in Nepal

Inside Yomari

Sel Roti

food in Nepal

Crispy Sel Roti

Sold at street vendors throughout Nepal, Sel Roti is a tasty treat for a quick breakfast or a savory snack for a late afternoon. Whenever catching a sight of the vendor, remember to buy some, take a bite and feel the crispness and sweet flavour of this amazing doughnut-shaped food.

food in Nepal

A perfect snack for all


food in Nepal

Smooth Kheer - a special dish of Nepal

Living up to its reputation as top 10 must-eat food in Nepal, Kheer demonstrates Nepalese people' creativity and ingenuity in turning familiar ingredients into a sweet pudding with a festive flavor. Only with rice, milk, dried fruit, cinnamon and cardamom powders can Kheer allure any tourists right from the first try.

Juju Dhau

food in Nepal

Juju Dhau - a specialty of Nepal

As its name, Juju Dhau is considered as a "King of yogurt" dish usually served in important events and festivals. Unlike other yogurts, instead of cow's milk, the main ingredient of Juju Dhau is buffalo's milk; therefore, the yogurt has a richer taste.

food in Nepal

Great taste with Juju Dhau

Only by visiting Bhaktapur, Nepal can you have an opportunity to sample this unique delicacy. Walking around Bhaktapur's market in a sunny afternoon, make sure to take a rest in a small stall and enjoy a bowl of exquisite Juju Dhau. It must be an unforgettable experience.

Gorkhali Lamb

food in Nepal

Appetizing Gorkhali Lamb

If you have a chance to drop in a kitchen of a Nepali family, you can find all ingredients to make a good selection of curries because the Nepalese love curries. Beautifully cooked lamb topped with hot curry, tasty potatoes, and chopped onions will be a perfect dinner on a cold winter day.

food in Nepal

Gorkhali Lamb served with rice


food in Nepal

Healthy Gundruk dish

Gundruk is a specialty in Nepal that contains numerous fermented vegetables. Without any fat, the dish helps to increase your appetite during a hearty meal. After a long process of harvest, drying and fermentation, the delicious and healthy Gundruk comes to dining tables and allures many tourists.

food in Nepal

Tasty Gundruk soup

Coming to Nepal, visitors can feast their eyes on both incredible landscapes and superb dishes. The above top 10 must-eat food in Nepal will be useful suggestions for your next travel to this lovely country. Bon Appetite!

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