Top 10 free play water parks for kids in Australia

Top 10 free play water parks for kids in Australia

Australians are the lucky persons because they are able to enjoy their hot days at the free water parks through the country. Apart from the natural stunning beaches, the free parks are often the second choice for their summer holidays. Top 10 free play water park for kids in Australia will be listed as follows:

water parks for kids in Australia

One of the free water parks in Australia

The Playground, Darling Quarter

Darling Quarter is situated in the tourism center of Sydney city and is near Opera House. This destination would be the ideal place for a one-day tour of any family due to the fact that this free playground has the water playground outside and the play area of the thrilling activities. Surrounded by the bustling life of the central Darling Harbour, this play space is impressed in mind of all children by its oasis for kids.

This playground is absolutely a paradise for all visitors in summer holidays with no shortage of entertainment activities with the modern equipment of a giant ring, a Ferris wheel, a balancing string, a huge chute from the hill,… After discovering the adventurous activities, children get chance to relax with some other games in the play area of Water Works. Water Works is a maze designed with water. However, in this area, children are able to control the flow of water through the tools of changing the course of a stream, a water wheel. Furthermore, water can be controlled by the pumping and spraying pipe and a huge sand trap.

water parks for kids in Australia

There are no shortage of activities for kids to join in in the Playground in Darling Quarter

Blaxland Riverside Park near Sydney Olympic Park

Visitors, especially children can find various kinds of activities and challenges in this unique playground. It is known as the most famous free outside water park in New South Wales. Coming to Blaxland Riverside Park, visitors can enjoy such activities as sliding across the underground trenches, rotating plates, throwing objects. This park covers an area of 3 hectares along the Parramatta river. This stunning park is designed with the bright color and construction.

water parks for kids in Australia

Children are playing in the Blaxland Riverside Park

Pirrama Park, Pyrmont

If children want to change their destination to play, Pirrama Park would be the best choice for them. This free park is well-known as the newest and the most creative park in Sydney. While children play with a lots of fascinating activities, their parent can view the stunning sightseeing around. The playgrounds with water spray and the water fountains would be the most wonderful places for all members of a family in a summer day. Moreover, this park also has the campground and the area for organizing barbecue party with free gas stoves, playing football and cycling.

water parks for kids in Australia

The campground in Pirrama Park

Putney Park - Pellisier Road, Putney

Located on the riverbank, this beautiful park is an expanded area with many natural spots and the verdant grass cover. The wonderful main playground is designed with a quite huge spider’s web for climbing, the observation tower and many other equipment. Furthermore, it certainly is the paradise for the entertainment activities in summer’s days with the extremely exciting feature of water. It includes two swimming pools connected to a little flow of water for kids to fiddling with. A play area near riverbank has a trellis structure with many steps. This structure is located in the middle of the huge sand trap and is available for children to play. Besides, another playground at the end of the South of this park with full of suitable equipment will be for children of all ages to play around.

water parks for kids in Australia

The playground with water in Putney Park

Nurragingy Reserve Water Park

With a short way of driving from the waterpark Wet’n’Wild and Nurragingy Reserve, visitors can reach a big pearl for their children to relax. Equipped with several fountains and the hand-made waterfalls, this free waterpark attracts a number of visitors in hot summer. In addition to the water playground, many other amusement areas consisting of bucket dumpers, jets, cannons are also the attractive play areas for many families. This free water play park is open daily from 10 am to 3.30 pm in autumn and spring and from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm in summer. In the winter, this park is closed.

water parks for kids in Australia

A corner in Nurragingy Reserve Water Park

James Ruse Reserve Water Playground

James Ruse Reserve Water Playground is currently open by the city of Parramatta council. This water playground is suitable for children of all ages to play football or play with water. It runs from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm during Spring and Autumn and the opening hour is expanded in summer form 9.00 am to 7.30 pm. Noticeably, this free park is closed in winter.

Granville Water Park

Operated in the April of 2014 and designed with a range of exciting feature of water, Granville Water Park always catches the attention of children and their family in summer holiday. Children will certainly be interested in the system of spraying fountains, tipping buckets and sprays can dump about 1,600 liters per minute. This playground is only closed during winter.

water parks for kids in Australia

Children are interested in the Granville Water Park

Cathy Freeman Park

Visitors are recommended to enjoy their happy summer holiday with a sort of entertainment activities in Cathy Freeman Park. They are able to picnic on the grassy spaces with the well-known Olympic Stadium behind and see Olympic Cauldron. Walking, running or even cycling cannot be missed in this free park. Taking a dog for a walk is also an exciting activity in the permitted area. Besides, calming mind with outdoor chess or enjoying a cup of coffee in a coffee shop are the advises for those who love peaceful space. Kids in the park is the useful program for children in their school holiday as visiting this water park.

water parks for kids in Australia

Children are joining in an activity in Cathy Freeman Park

Vera’s Water Garden

This free water park can be attached to the tour to Sydney in Australia. It attracts visitors by the colorful water playground in a shallow water pool. Additionally, this park has the seats under the shadow of tree for parents to relax when their children is playing with the water sprays and fountains.

Blacktown Showground Precint

This massive playground is actually a great space for all visitors to enjoy their summer. In addition to many entertainment activities with water like above water parks, this play area also has the area for jogging, outdoor courts, basketball, walking, cycling,… Two playgrounds are available for children from 2 to 8 years old and many other different ones for bigger kids with the main destination of flying fox. Enjoying an outside barbecue party with free tables and lots of shades is a possibility for visitors coming here.

water parks for kids in Australia

Many activities for children in Blacktown Showground Precint

These above free water parks will surprisingly make the summer’s days of not only national but the international visitors as well wonderful. Let’s enjoy one of them for your summer!

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