Top 10 amusement parks and water parks in Brazil

Top 10 amusement parks and water parks in Brazil

After hard working or studying days, everyone wants to find a space to be relaxed with family or friends. Someone chooses simple and natural destinations by seas or mountains; other ones choose modern and comfortable amusements like amusement parks and water parks. In Brazil, amusement parks and water parks are really the top choices of tourists in current years. If you have an opportunity to visit Brazil, do not neglect the top 10 amusement parks and water parks below. They are really ideal choices for you.

1. Beto Carrero World

Being a famous amusement park and water park in Brazil, Beto Carrero World makes tourists pleasant with a colorful atmosphere and lots of interesting games waiting for your experience. If you are those who loves animals: giraffes, lions, ostriches,... Beto Carrero World Park will be a great place for you.

water parks in Brazil

Beto Carrero World- one of the best parks in Brazil

2. Beach Park

Voted the biggest water park in Brazil, Beach Park located in Fortaleza, **Brazil **has entertaining articles such as: swimming pools, saunas, walking ways, an adventurous water chute having the height of a 14- floors building. Tourists also explore beautiful islands with many risky programs.

water parks in Brazil

The overview of Beach Park in Brazil

3. Parque Unipraias

It is a pleasant surprise on your visit to Parque Unipraias. The views from the cable car or trail ways were spectacular and you feel safe. Being a well maintained and organized park, Parque Unipraias has much more superior standards than other parks in Brazil with staff’s system to help around. One of favorite experience is the zip rider where you can slide 2,460 feet over the forest in only 60 seconds. It is so cool!

water parks in Brazil

Wonderful experience in Brazil at Parque Unipraias Park

4. Thermas dos Laranjais

This is really a nice water park in Brazil. It is great for everyone, especially kids with large and peaceful beaches. The park is very clean and the water throughout different pools is clean and very cool. There are different restaurants here with delicious food and drinks. With Thermas dos Laranjais, every overall experience of tourists is so amazing.

water parks in Brazil

A beautiful beach at Thermas dos Laranjais Park, Brazil

5. Eco Parque Arraial d'Ajuda

Being one of unique water parks, Eco Parque Arraial d'Ajuda attracts tourists in Brazil and foreign visitors with the system of water chutes and luxury resorts. It is interesting to walk around the park, take photos and enjoy imposing hills and waterfalls. The water park brings chances for tourists to bob on floats, explore huge caves around. Also, tourists will be serviced seafood, traditional Bahia food in modern restaurants.

water parks in Brazil

As a magic paradise in Brazil, Eco Parque Arraial d'Ajuda Park is a natural space

6. Hot Park

Hot Park is located in a beautiful area about 10 miles out of Caldas Novas. It is a traditional water park having waterslides and related stuff. This park is excellent for young people to enjoy the Half Pipe, the waving pool. The kid playgrounds are warm water areas and cozy places. If you are looking for a quieter, you will find and if looking for crowd and party environment, you will as well. It is so great, right?

water parks in Brazil

So much interesting enjoyments in Hot Park, Brazil

7. SESC Bertioga

SESC Bertioga is known as a beautiful paradise with system of modern investments about facilities. It has perfect infrastructures for leisure, cultural presentations and food of excellent quality. Tourists are amazing by super cozy theaters, acoustic musical events and performances of pieces of humor shows and events. It is interesting!

water parks in Brazil

SESC Bertioga Park in Brazil at the view of swimming pools

8. Parque Terra Mágica Florybal

With waterfalls from mountains and dreamlike space of nature around, Parque Terra Mágica Florybal will surely bring comfortable and relaxed mood for you after life’s messy. If you are passionate about discovery, this will be one of top choices to enjoy adventurous games. It is also an amazing natural picture with unique walls, flower gardens and animal parks especially the dinosaur park.

water parks in Brazil

Dreamlike space at Parque Terra Mágica Florybal Park, Brazil

9. DiRoma Acqua

Let’s image a place you can have an entertaining amusement and DiRoma Acqua Park will not make you disappointed thanks to amusement areas for both children and adults. There are huge artificial volcanoes, super-high slopes, secret caves,… for adults. Children can play at mini caves with modern faucets and long water chutes. The park owns luxury hotels and restaurants to serve tourists with good facilities and unique cuisines. Also, this park has many landscapes to walk around, take photos and breathe fresh air. It is very great!

water parks in Brazil

DiRoma Acqua Park in Brazil with the luxury amusements

10. Snowland

Located in Gramado, Brazil, Snowland is the first indoor snow park in South America. It likes a large indoor ground of a beautiful snowy village on the base of alpine mountains. It offers many activities such as snowboarding and all the snow sports for both children and adults with different explorations. If you are in Brazil and have a bit of spare time, let’s add this place to your itinerary to make some funny and amazing memories.

water parks in Brazil

Snowland in Brazil - The first indoor snow park in South America

All over the world, there are so many kinds of great amusements. But if tourists have passions about amusement parks and water parks, no destinations could be more ideal than the top 10 amusement parks and water parks in Brazil. They will truly bring not only wonderful feelings but also ideal adventures when getting them. Let’s go and enjoy!

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