Time to renew your travel bucket list!

People who are interested in traveling always want to explore brand new locations and unexpected twists, and it seems like more than half of travelers all around the world are yearning for having a totally new list of tourist destinations on the globe. And these places will be their goal to achieve. According to the page Booking.com, there were 34,000 respondents discussing this matter.

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As a result, Booking.com has found a way to satisfy these passionate tourists by giving them recommendable tourist spots which might be not very common for tourism. You know what? These destinations contain a lot of special features within from unique culture to surprisingly beautiful scenery.

Recanati, Italy

Italy may have been too familiar with tourists for having famous destinations like Rome, Florence or Venice. You think you have known all about this country? Well, might be not. Have you ever heard of Recanati? This small hill town is located in Macerata Province. At the first look, the town captures people’s enthusiasm by its artistic and quaint look.


The place has a large number of historically old architectures

It does not like people call this place as the "city of poetry" for nothing. If you are interested in poems, art, and literature, you would like to pay a visit to this house of Renaissance art series. The place features a certain number of amazing museums, which is very intriguing to tourists. Love architecture? The cathedral of Recanati will impress you right away.

Ait Benhaddou, Morocco

Ait Benhaddou is a name that might sound unfamiliar to you. Indeed, the place has neither a lot of entertaining places nor breathtaking natural scenery. However, the incredible look of the location makes up for all of them. Ait Benhaddou is actually a fortified town featuring angle towers and a complex of houses creating a defensive wall. You can find its location sandwiched by Marrakech and the legendary Sahara Desert.


The fine complex appears in the middle of hot and dry landscape

The name might be strange to you, but its appearance will not. The ensemble of buildings along with the view of Saharan architectural style will remind you of the historical movies that you have watched. Surprisingly, this attraction has made it to the screen several times in famous films and series like The Mummy, Game of Thrones, Kingdom of Heaven, and so on.

Viljandi, Estonia

Now, we move to the peaceful little town of Viljandi. Situated on the bank of a lake in the forest of Estonian, Viljandi is an ideal place for people who are seeking for a countryside area with historical elements. The lush green appearance of the town seems to be intriguing to the nature lover.


Feel calm with the tranquility of the location

Moreover, a tour around the spot can deliver you beautiful scene of wooden architecture and enchanting forested area with the figure of the lake. For organizing a lot of special and vibrant events, this poetical town is known to be the Cultural Capital of Estonia. If you love music and concert, you would not want to miss the folk music festival held annually in this place.

Jaisalmer, India

The city is also known as “The Golden City” of India. You might find the name Taj Mahal regarding more about India and its uniquely amazing features, but Jaisalmer is definitely not less attractive. The sandy fort of Jaisalmer looks very appealing with its variety of constructions and exquisite architectural details. One plus point is the pure Indian atmosphere of the city, which is all about the aspects of religion.


Mesmerizing architectural sites and a rich cultural life are what you will find

Taking up a huge plain in the Thar Desert, the location is an ideal location as a setting of a historical film. If you find Taj Mahal too crowded for observing, visiting this place allows you to have more space and time for contemplating the attractions.

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Uluru, Australia

This captivating landscape is a bizarre natural wonder in the northern region of Australia, and this terrain is also called Ayers Rock, one of the landmarks of the country. The place delivers a Wild West atmosphere, which you might have caught sights in American movies. In the middle of a vast area is a large red rock formation rising out of the ground.


An interesting masterpiece of Mother Nature

The local Aborigines of Australia connect this place with religious characteristics and assume that it has a spiritual importance. The most interesting thing about this place is that the rock can change its color due to the period of time of a day, mostly relate to the angle of the sun ray.

Borobudur, Indonesia


Mysterious beauty of Borobudur

The Buddhism temple is a religious monument which is 300 years older than Angkor Wat. Surrounded by an evergreen jungle, Borobudur impresses people with its large scale and beautiful natural view of rice paddies. The structure of the Mandala is breathtakingly beautiful, especially during the dawn when the sun rises.

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Flores, Guatemala


Catchy blocks of house in Flores

All sides of the town are surrounded by Lake Peten Itza. You can transport to the area by a causeway. From the town, you can travel to the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal located nearby. The tourist spot is appealing with rooftop hotels, fine restaurants, colorful cubist houses and tranquil, beautiful scenery.

Vézelay, France


One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Situated on the height of a hill, Vézelay located in Burgundy features the beautiful French views. The appealing sights of the 15th, 16th-century old buildings decorated with bunches of colorful flowers, a gorgeous Romanesque basilica with cafes, galleries creates a romantic and poetical atmosphere. After finishing your journey in the village, you can begin your trip in Santiago de Compostela, a famous tourist attraction in Spain.

Barichara, Colombia


A rock path in the town

Established back in 1705, this old town of Colombia is very mesmerizing with a great sense of quaint features such as its cobblestone streets. Aside from digging into its historical characteristics and cultural aspects, you can perform several adventurous activities like paragliding or rafting.

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It is time to refresh your list of places to go! Those unpopular but wonderful tourist destinations above can help you complete that list of yours.

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