Thrilling-seekers should add these travel ideas to bucket list

Sometimes people do a travel just for relaxing and fun. But with backpackers who seek for a real adventure, they often do a trip with a particular purpose. Of course, each tourist attraction offers different kinds of atmosphere and things to do, so there‘s a lot of choices to make. With such a large number of them, it is hard to find one that can suit you best. Here are some suggestions for adventurous journeys that all thrilling-seekers might want to add to their travel list:

1. Bungee jump in the Nevis Bungy


Face the river below as you're falling from the height

The spot is the highest point for doing a bungee in New Zealand. To reach the destination, you will go for a drive about 35 minutes. You will feel the adrenaline of jumping off from a cable carriage at the height of 439 feet with an incredibly fast speed (it’s like a smaller version of skydiving!) and face the Nevis River below.

2. Train yourself to be an excellent photographer


Some scenes like this are definitely worth taking a shot

Adventure is not always about joining in extreme sports. The expedition of finding captivating scenery for photographing is also a type of travel adventure. Keep the memories of your journeys as a reminder of your experiences. Maybe photography will help you discover the inner aspects that you don’t even know. Look for places with stunning views like Iceland, Paris, or London and pull out the best of them in your photos.

3. Skydiving, Brazil


How about skydiving in a group?

You’d better believe that Brazil is one of the best places for skydiving, especially in Rio de Janeiro. With the breathtaking landscapes from the Pacific Ocean to the iconic Cristo Rey delivered by nature, jumping from the height of more than 10.000 feet will be an amazing experience. A little tip for saving money is performing your fall in Resende, where you‘ll observe rural views instead.

4. Get into a Martial Art adventure

Who knows learning martial art can become a kind of travel. Learn martial art courses in any country that you visit from Argentina to Australia. Each one might get you different ideas about the cooperation of your limbs. Be patient with the process and try to release that tiger inside of you!


Learn how to defense yourself through martial classes offered around the world

The more you are fond of the art, the more effort you make in order to upgrade it as high as possible once starting your class. Find one that is most suitable for you from a long list of international martial arts from Karate (Japan), Okichitaw (Canada) to Brazilian jiu-jitsu (Brazil), and so on.

5. Yoga time!

Another way to train your body is practicing yoga. Yoga classes can be found anywhere in the world (obviously, it’s too popular!). Don’t you think that travel is only about having fun, stay fit and balance your body is not less important.


Balance yourself inside out by joining in a yoga class

You wouldn’t want to be scared when jumping on a weight scale, right? It’s also a relaxing method as well since you’ll feel great as long as you are healthy. Taking a Yoga class in a new country might help you discover more about local communities and find new pals.

6. Explore the Great Blue Hole, Belize


You wouldn't want to say no with this outstanding sea cave

This submarine sinkhole is a bizarre natural wonder on Earth. Set in pretty close to the center of Lighthouse Reef, the Great Blue Hole is a dark blue circle that is flooded when the sea level rises. It is the entrance of a cave deep in the middle of the ocean. A swim to this sinkhole will lead you through spectacular stalactites which might be created from the age of dinosaurs at the depth of 412 feet.

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7. Explore the Fourth World

If you had gone through the studies about the Three-World Model, which is the scale for classifying the condition of a region in the world, let’s find out about its extension which is called the Fourth World. These undeveloped areas involving nomadic or farmers carry a big potential for a wild adventure into the unspoiled natural landscapes. It can be a trip to challenge your body with the cold of Antarctica or a hot vacation in the desert of Morocco.


They might be not as much modern as other countries, but they feature intriguing aspects from scenery to culture

8. Skiing in Switzerland


Don't miss an opportunity to ski in this land

The iconic Swiss Alps is an excellent location for skiing. Taking a skiing adventure in this place is suitable for anyone whether you’re a beginner or professional. With a wonderful landscape and outstanding ski field, your skiing experience in this place will be a memorable one. Make sure that you bring a camera along to capture incredible scenery at the spot!

9. Kayaking in Thailand


One of the most interesting activities that you should try in Thailand

Done with the snow already? Now, we try something new with Thailand. A kayaking trip in Thailand is an ideal choice! The diverse natural terrains of this country offers eco-friendly activities that are worth taking a shot. If you are in luck, you should catch the sight of several manta rays while kayaking. It’s not like you can always have such “special companions” by your side like that, isn’t it?

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10. Climb up the Mount Kilimanjaro


Prove yourself by conquering the tallest mountain in Africa

Want to challenge yourself and test your endurance? Mount Kilimanjaro is ideal to try. Being the highest peak in Africa, a hike in this spot would turn you into a true conqueror. With 19,341 feet tall, the mountain is also achievable for people who experience this for the first time. The breathtaking view of this natural wonder would not let you down. From snow-covered peak to the wild and pristine scenery of the Savannah, this area is mesmerizingly attractive.

If you are truly a thrilling-seekers and want to perform an adventure abroad, do that in a group would be more fun. Ask your friend or take part in a tour with a lot of participants to have someone to share those life-changing experiences with you. A sense of community is what will build up your confidence. Knowing that someone is supporting you will make the activities like bungee, hiking less scary.

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