Things to do in Bali - hottest destination this summer

Things to do in Bali - hottest destination this summer

Bali island in Indonesia is very fascinating attraction to tourists in the world because of not only sublime nature but also amazing activities. Here are some top things to do while in the island.

1. Catch sight of gorgeous sunset

In summer holiday, you are unable to ignore spectacular sunsets that make Bali become very famous. To contemplate these wonderful moments you ought to reach Uluwatu temple, Rock Bar, and El Kabron, Kelan beach which are favorite spots to sight the stunning sunset against the horizon. Admittedly, each place in this island owns a very distinctive view of the setting sun.


Dusk in Uluwatu temple

Sunset in Bali is often around 6.15 pm. At that time, you can see the beautiful skyline gorgeous with variety of colors including orange, yellow, pink and purple. Don’t forget bring a camera so that you can capture the most unique and perfect pictures in your life.

2. Cycle or trek to local villages and admire Bali's rice paddies

Thinking of Bali, people highly mention local villages and famous rice paddies. A day trip by taking a stroll or a cycling tour through terrific Jatiluwih and Tenganan to see picturesque green rice terraces and the daily life of the locals is the best experience in beautifully sunny days. There will be a chance for you to discover the regional culture, history and nature thanks to interaction with people in quaint villages.


Jatiluwih rice teraces

Passing by local villages, you will view spectacular temples and clever craftsmen at work. If lucky, you may run into the local temple ceremony and its procession. Not only that, a stunning panorama of rice fields will be captured in your eyes as you trek through the Balinese rural areas. That the locals as enthusiastic labors is growing, harvesting rice or ploughing their fields will give you a feel of simple and peaceful life and many photo chances.

Do you believe in soothsaying? In Bali, traditional healers and fortune-tellers who play an important role in the culture of Bali are numerous. You could meet them and ask questions for your future life.

3. Play aquatic sports

  • Surfing

Along the coasts, surfing is what make Bali’s reputation. If you want to have fun on or under waves, this island tends to be a great choice. The Bali surfing playground today origins from the island's southern shores whose rolling waves and calm and beautiful beaches. The adventurous sport is from the first wave-riding visitors. At this point of time, they discovered the incredible waves and was drawn by Bali's sun and sea as well. Don’t worry if you are inexperienced riders and absolute beginners because board rentals and surf schools are widely available. Also, you as newbies can make option for smaller lagoon with smaller waves in the southern Bukit Peninsula to catch some waves.


Spectacular waves for surfing

  • Diving

Diving is very popular in Bali. There is a thriving and vibrant underwater world in these excellent dive sites there awaiting you to discover. The warm waters are shelters for many extensive coral reefs and impressive marine animals like sharks, turtles and manta rays. There are some kinds of amazing dives include wreck diving, drift diving and especially drop off walls.


Taking a dive in to explore undersea world

Bali has Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida Sanur, Amed, Gili Tepekong, Menjangan Island and Tulamben - the wonderful dive sites owning the most diverse reefs on the world. While you are in these, you never regret getting wet to contemplate the pristine corals and schools of vibrantly colored fishes like the emperor angel fishes, parrot fishes, moray eels, turtles, manta rays in certain areas.

  • Rafting on Ayung River

Being in the northwest of the Ubud main hub, this longest and largest river of Bali is a great place for rafting. Surely, rafting on Ayung River where the island’s white water rafting adventure was first hold in will offer you a completely exciting day. While joining the thrilling pastime, you are able to have a dip into a cool waterfall, jump into pools of crystal-clear freshwater and sometimes catch a glimpse of exotic birds and wildlife. In other words, the white water rafting lets you feel Bali’s real natural beauty of Central upland and have fun.


Rafting on Ayung River

With the help of one well-trained tour guide or professional staff, you may paddle quickly through streams, dodge boulders and diverse obstacles on the journey and enjoy thrills with your friends. However, sometimes there is no need for you to paddle at all. You just sit and see the valley with many farming villages and Bali’s most beautiful resorts on the banks like the Royal Pita Maha. Don’t forget to bring an extra set of clothes and wear light clothes. At the end of the white water rafting tour, after your bathing time, lunch is served on river café with gorgeous views.

4. Ride elephants

Numerous elephants can be found at the Bali elephant Safari Park in Desa Taro under control of Bali Adventurer Tours. Coming here, you will have a chance to ride on these peaceful animals and start the expedition for going sightseeing. In the park, you are able to touch, feed, possess photos taken with elephants and watch rituals of elephant bathing. Particularly, you should not miss to safari rides through Taro's jungles.


Safari rides through Taro's jungles

In terms of education, in Bali, it is a valuable chance to witness live shows fand elephant painting, enjoy and learn exciting knowledge from staff in the park and the museum which has 1,000 exhibits, the only skeleton of 15,000-year-old mammoth in southeast area. There is also a boutique gift shop providing you with a wide range of elephant-related products. You can buy some to memorize your journey or give relatives then. Having meals at a 200-seat restaurant and bar with spectacular views over the lake and park is also a great thing to try here.

Spending summer at home seems to be very boring. If you have not decided any place for outdoor activities, choose Bali. This is really the hottest place for energetic summer vacation for us.

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