The top 9 famous tourist attractions in Okinawa for you to visit

The top 9 famous tourist attractions in Okinawa for you to visit

Although Okinawa is not as well-known as Tokyo and Kyoto, the spot should be included in your Japan destination list because its beautiful beaches, paradise islands and colorful festivals will delight you. If you have not deiced where to do and see in Okinawa yet, following things are truly worthy for your attention.

1. Ishigakijima island

The third largest island in Okinawa has so many interesting things for you to join in. What makes the spot particularly attractive is the clear blue beach which is covered by an array of beautiful coral reefs. The weather there is very favorable to enjoy your summer holidays. Therefore, it is no need to worry about the feature.


Water there is so clear that you can see beautiful corals

There are a lot of wonderful attractions waiting for your discovery. However, if your travel time is limited, you can give priority to visit such famous ones as Kabira bay, sunset beach, Yonehara beach and Ishigaki Yaima village which promise to leave you memorable experiences.

2. Yoshino beach

If you are a big fan of diving, Yoshino beach ill satisfy your interest. Known as one of the number-one choices of many visitors, you will be amazed at the pristine beauty of the whole area at the very first glance.


Blue and clear water of the beach will delight you

As you swimming further, you will be able to see colorful corals in different shapes and sizes along with tropical fishes. Thanks to the corals, waves there are not so strong, providing favorable conditions to dive. What’s more, beach is not as deep as others, so it is also suitable for amateur divers.

3. Yaeyama Islands

Whenever talking about the majestic islands, people often call it “The Caribe bay” of Japan. As setting your feet there, you will not only get the nice view of peaceful and quiet atmosphere but mix yourself with so many fascinating outdoor activities as well. Apart from surfing and scuba diving, it would be more perfect if you spend more time to go around and explore Tatetomi island. Then, try to taste soba noodle – the specialty in Japan you shouldn’t miss.


Do you want to immerse in the cool water there?

4. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

If you are looking for an ideal place to enjoy your summer vacation with your loved ones, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium should be a useful suggestion for you to consider.

The aquarium has 77 tanks of sea creatures in which the coral tank is the most frequently visited one. As you to the second floor, you will see the imposing majesty of sharks and skates. The third one is where you can find a large number of Holothurian and starfish, which will bring you interesting experiences and relaxing moments. For more valuable information about the ocean life, drag your feet to the first floor.


Great images you can see when you are at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

5. Sea turtle museum in Kumejima island

This is considered as the most wonderful stopover for those who are nature lovers because you will get a good chance to see with your own eyes numerous kinds of turtles like Caretta, Chelonia mydas, Eretmochelys imbricate, etc. swimming slowly in the large tank.

Besides, it is possible to see many other small ones as well. There also provides a separate area where you can get more interesting information about the creature through lively films, photos and documents.


Sea turtles in the museum

One of the most preferred activities attracting families and kids in great numbers is to feed the animal and release them into the ocean. That is the main reason why it would be a pity if you miss such amazing thing when you are at the famous destination in Japan.

6. Yonaguni island

You will definitely love the pristine sceneries and airy space when you are at the spot. The common thing you can find there is Yonaguni horse which has been recognized at the national heritage. More interestingly, you will have a chance to see the charming beauty of the largest butterfly in Japan known as Atlas also. In addition to those pieces, taking a tour to go around and get the amazing view of ocean life would be really regrettable when being missed.


Interesting rock formation you can find in the island

This is simply because you don’t have to dive deeply into the ocean but instead just sit on the boat and gat at the spectacular scene through a glass plate, which will make you remember all of your life time.

7. Iriomote island

Previously, the island was little known by both local and foreign tourists. However, it is increasingly becoming a popular destination for those who love travelling. You can freely immerse yourself in the cool water all day or dive into the sea to explore macro life. It would be more completed when you join in kayaking and fishing. If you visit Iriomote island in summer, the site looks more gorgeous in sunlight, promising to give you impressive photos.


Enjoy airy space at the famous destination

8. Hiji waterfall

Hidden behind the deep forest, a trip to Hiji waterfall would be very tired but you then be awarded by the awesome landscape of the white burst of water and lush green vegetation. The falls is only 15 meters in height so you can get close to it and enjoy relaxing times.


Hiji waterfall is really amazing

9. Ginowan seaside park

The park is the location of Okinawa conference center where you can find the charming beauty of tropical beaches and lovely playgrounds for your kids to have fun time together. If swimming is not your interest, it is also wonderful to find a quiet space to overlook at the peaceful landscape around.


You would love Ginowan seaside park thanks to its peaceful atmosphere

For those must-see attractions, Okinawa deserves to be one of the most famous tourist destinations in Japan for you to discover this year.

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