The Super Wonderful Architecture You've Got To Know

The Super Wonderful Architecture You've Got To Know

Since the beginning of the time, people always try to build amazing buildings so that they can push the boundaries as well as impressing the world. That’s why structure is proceeding ever. And here's some of the super wonderful architecture you’ve got to know before taking a tour to visit all.

Steilneset Memorial, Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeois

Wonderful Architecture

Steilneset Memorial sits on a barren coast in Norway

Designed in cooperation between the architect Peter Zumthor and the late Louise Bourgeois, the Memorial of Steilneset, which is sitting on a barren coast in Norway, is to commemorate doubtful witches in the 17th century. The first structure of Zumthor is a pine scaffolding that is supported by a suspended fabric cocoon.

Inside the cocoon, guests will walk along a 400-feet long oak-floored corridor illuminated by 91 light bulbs hanging behind 91 windows. Each window represents a terrible period of the witch trials. The installation from Bourgeois is the smoked-glass-clad second structure that is called The Damned, The Possessed and The Beloved.

Cirkelbroen Bridge, Studio Olafur Eliasson

Wonderful Architecture

Cirkelbroen Bridge looks stunning and beautiful by night

Olafur Eliasson, a Danish-Icelandic artist, said that Cirkelbroen Bridge is a strong testimony to Copenhagen’s harbor in full flourish. Furthermore, it demonstrates the closeness and daily life of the Christianshavn neighborhood as well as rustic images of sailing boats, houseboats and the ramparts in the past.

Made from five circular platforms, the 40-meter-long footbridge creates a pedestrian passage that people can cycle, walk and run freely. Additionally, the central platform is connected to permit the bridge to swing back on itself.

Wonderfully, when wandering along the bridge at night, you can contemplate the splendid color from the red LEDs in the balustrades. According to an interesting report, the Cirkelbroen Bridge welcomes about 5,000 bikers and pedestrians every day.

The Supertrees, Grant Associates

Wonderful Architecture

The Supertrees in Singapore

If you have a chance to visit Singapore, remember to take a short trip to Gardens by the Bay and admire the glamour of the Supertrees. There are totally 18 trees ranging from 25 m to 50 m high, designed by the Grant Associates with engineering by Atelier Ten and Atelier One. Moreover, these Supertrees and a 128-meter-long aerial walkway act as amazing vertical tropical gardens, an extraordinary landmark in the city and carry out significant environmental services.

ArtScience Museum, Safdie Architects

Wonderful Architecture

ArtScience Museum was designed by Safdie Architects

Aside from the super wonderful architecture of the Supertrees, ArtScience Museum is known as the first building that is dedicated to the vigorous interplay between art and museum. Designed and conceptualized by Moshe Safdie, this museum is settled around a circular groundwork with 10 spreading finger-like structures that are home to 21 naturally lit galleries.

Surrounded by a lily lake, not only does it boast gorgeous views but also becomes an excellent symbol of Singapore. Since both attractions are quite near each other, don’t miss sightseeing a flower-like architecture made of 10 amazing petals.

Bruder Klaus Field Church, Peter Zumthor

Wonderful Architecture

Bruder Klaus Field Church

Bruder Klaus Field Church is not only a building with a sensuous link to life but also goes far beyond construction and form. The frame was completed with 112 tree trunks. Then each layer of concrete was poured and rammed upon the existing surface with a thickness of 50 cm.

After finishing 24 layers, the wooden frame was burned to leave a vacant darkened cavity and charred walls. That’s why you might get a gloomy and contemplative feeling when entering the inside.

The Color Inside, James Turrell Skyspace and Overland Partners

Wonderful Architecture

Lots of people are interested in observing the oculus at The Color Inside

Situated on the roof of the Student Activity Center, the Color Inside from James Turrell Skyspace and Overland Partners is considered as a milestone in the University of Texas. Let’s take an elevator to the third floor and then walk along a long corridor to reach the elliptical architecture at the rooftop boardwalk.

Cloud Arch, Junya Ishigami

Wonderful Architecture

Cloud Arch is described as a main gateway for the pedestrian George Street

Move towards George Street outside Sydney Town Hall and you will spectacle an elegant cloud-shaped structure of Cloud Arch. This unique and new symbol of Sydney represents the city’s qualities of being “Connected, Global, and Green.”

Since this architecture is tapered and curved in two ways, you can see various shapes from different views. Except for as a main gateway for the pedestrian George Street, the Cloud Arch also acts as a particular feature of the city.

In sum, are you deeply impressed by the super wonderful architecture? Will you add them to your bucket list when visiting one of these countries? Don’t miss a great chance to do sightseeing and admire their beauty that the excellent architects bring to our world.

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