The most colorful cities from over the world

Many pretty cities all over the world were built with the great recreation and imagination, the genius and labor of thousands of people throughout centuries. Thanks to diverse colors, a lot of beautifully colorful cities were born. These impressively colorful cities all over the world attract a great number of visitors. Actually, tourists come to the colorful cities to enjoy the most wonderful masterpieces of human beings’ recreation and imagination. Visiting these places, you’ll be strongly impressed by the charming beauty of them. Now, let’s check out top ten most colorful cities all over the world to plan for an unforgettable trip.

colorful cities

Colorful cities are the masterpieces of human

1. Burano, Italy

It’s not too hard to see Venetian Island, Burano from the further offshore. The houses here painted with gem colors are considered as many lighthouses. As the legend of this island, local people have painted their houses with many light colors such as red, orange, yellow, and violet so that they can recognize the land, even in thick fog, when go fishing far away at sea. Until now, it has been considered as a rule of this land.

colorful cities

Burano is a stunning city of Italy

If you want to shelter down in Burano and paint your house, you have to apply for the government’s permission, and then, the government will appoint the color to your house. This colorful city has an undeniable attraction to visitors because of its enchanting beauty.

2. Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa

In the past, this street is called Malay Street (means the street of slaves from Malaysia archipelago). Light buildings in Bo-Kaap looks outstanding among many traditional architectures in Cape Town city. In general, Islamic mosques, houses, and historical street look like a colorful rainbow with green, lilac, sunshine color, and blue. This colorful street is one of the oldest streets of the city which has been existed since the 16th century and considered as a symbol of freedom.

colorful cities

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa

3. Willemstad, Curaçao

Until now, no one knows who prettified this colorful city of Caribbean Island. As the local interesting legend, since the 1800s, the Governor of Holland Colony causes his migraine. For that reason, he decided to enact a law which allowed all the houses and buildings in the city to be painted with any colors. Nowadays, this pretty city is a big commercial residence of Holland which is reserved as a World Heritage recognized by UNESCO.

colorful cities

The pretty city of Willemstad, Curaçao

4. La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Caminito, the famous kaleidoscope street of the city, is located on the bank of Riachuelo River. These houses were made from abandoned pieces of wood and painted with any colors left from the local shipbuilding workshop. Nowadays, these vivid colors seem to light up this rudimentary residence of the working classes here and turn it into an attractive tourist destination for visitors from all around the world.

colorful cities

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

5. Trinidad, Cuba

Located in Sancti Spíritus province of Cuba, Trinidad's buildings built in the 16th century seem to look like a natural wildlife with many different colors including green of trees’ leaves, blue of the ocean, yellow of sunshine. Especially, all these colors can be painted in only one building which makes it looks like a nice picture. This world heritage of UNESCO was built up by the money from the inhuman business of slave trade. Visitors are possible to see the feature of Afro-Cuban culture in these colorful streets. The main attractions of this whole architecture are the old San Francisco Monastery, Palacio Brunet and Palacio Cantero.

colorful cities

The colorful town of Trinidad, Cuba

6. Balat, Istanbul, Turkey

Balat – the residence of the Jew in Istanbul since Byzantine era – looks like a colorful carpet weaved from red, blue, and green buildings laying one by one. Throughout the years, this town becomes a favorite destination for designers and tourists who are seeking for a new inspiration. Almost every visitor prefers to wander around entangled streets with two sides of colorful houses, restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and showrooms.

colorful cities

Balat, Istanbul, Turkey

7. Nyhavn, Denmark

This pretty riverside town is the source of the colorful inspiration of a well-known Danish author named Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote most of the fairy tales you read during your childhood. Nyhavn is located across a harbor of Copenhagen capital city, stretching from Kongens Nytorv to the south harbor of Royal Theater. During 18 years Andersen lived here, these colorful buildings in this town inspired him to create the most vivid tales.

colorful cities

Nyhavn town looks like a beautiful painting of a famous artist

8. Jodhpur, India

Jodhpur, Rajasthan state is famous for deep blue houses. This blue color of the city makes people feel peaceful and cool although this city is located right in a hot desert. Moreover, all the pedicabs in this city are painted blue to match the color of this amazing city.

colorful cities

With the total blue, Jodhpur looks like an ocean in the desert

9. Manarola, Italy

Manarola is an astonishing cliff-side town in Italy which overlooks the large Mediterranean Sea. From the Sea, Manarola looks like a beautiful painting with colorful buildings placed among immense space of lush green forest and blue sea. Visiting this charming town, you can not only soak into a vivid picture of color but also enjoy a lot of tasty Italian dishes and coffee in a romantic atmosphere.

colorful cities

Manarola is a paradise city of Italy

10. Pelourinho, Salvador, Brazil

Pelourinho is a historically colorful city which was built and decorated under the order of Portuguese colonists. In 1985, this city was recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO. Then, it was rebuilt and restored its original beauty after a breaking up in 1835. Nowadays, with charming culture and enchanting beauty, Pelourinho has become one of the most attractive destinations in Brazil. Visitors often come here to enjoy delicious foods, dance and visit famous museums.

colorful cities

You can see colorful buildings in every corner of Pelourinho

These are the most colorful cities which will undoubtedly enchant you right at first time you step there. So, why don’t you come to and visit these impressive place as well as explore the colorful life there and seek for a new inspiration now? These colorful cities are definitely the most attractive destinations for you.

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