The most charming beaches for an escape in Africa

Nowadays, Africa remains the most mysterious continent as it preserves its cultures, languages and ethnicities very well. The unique asset of this vast area may be not ancient architectures or luxurious cities but the rich wildlife found nowhere else on Earth.

The local people in there live in harmony with beautiful nature, making Africa an ideal spot for an escape. Let’s start your trip to the attractions by setting feet on the most charming beaches first.

1, Anse Soleil, Seychelles

beaches in Africa

Anse Soleil is really peaceful

Unlike most crowded beaches in the world with lively music and parties at night, Anse Soleil is just nothing more than a peaceful beach. The fact that there are not many tourist coming here does not mean that it is not beautiful; by contrast, it has white sand, turquoise water, sheer granite rocks and a great number of multi-colored coral reefs as well as three special kinds of angelfish.

There are not many restaurants and shops in the area, but the renowned Anse Soleil Café right on the beach serves dishes, snacks and cold drinks. The most popular place to stay is the Anse Soleil Beachcomber.

2, Diani Beach, Kenya

beaches in Africa

Be amazed at Diani Beach's gorgeousness

Nobody who has visited Diani Beach complains about its gorgeousness. The coastal area in there is covered by a lush forest of numerous palm trees with black-and-white colobus monkeys. It is also considered as a tourist hub for resorts, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and shops.

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3, Ifaty Beach, Madagascar

beaches in Africa

Peaceful landscape at Ifaty Beach

Located in the Southeast of Madagascar, Ifaty, one of the most charming beaches in Africa, is a very calm fishing village of warm-hearted fishermen. Though it is small, it gains a reputation for rocky terrain, powdery sand and clear water.

Furthermore, activities such as watching whales, swimming, snorkeling, surfing or just reading a book on such a tranquil beach attracts a great number of tourists. As the tourism in there is growing, many kinds of accommodations are built along the coast.

4, Coffee Bay, South Africa

beaches in Africa

Coffee Bay, a tiny but attractive beach

Coffee Bay is a tiny but attractive beach located in South Africa. The site gets its name from hundred coffee trees. The beach give travelers a spectacular natural view of high cliffs making the site not suitable for swimming but perfect for contemplating tides.

5, Skeleton Coast, Namibia

beaches in Africa

Spending all day on the beach is worth it

There is no doubt that The Skeleton Coast is one of the most mysterious beaches in the world with the name "The Land God Made in Anger" or "The Gates of Hell" given by ancient people. The inhospitable wind in there tells tragic stories of incautious ships and their crews buried in high sand dunes. Additionally, giant whale skeletons in dense ocean fogs draw the attention of travelers who then fall in love with the rough terrain and risky activities on the beach.

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6, Tofo Beach, Mozambique

beaches in Africa

The beautiful beach of Africa has a lot of things to discover

As one of the best tourist destinations in Mozambique, Tofo Beach has a lot of things for visitors to see and do. The long beach is home to marine species such as manta rays, sea turtles, humpback whales and whale sharks. After enjoying sunbathing, diving and snorkeling during the day, you shouldn’t miss fun parties in some nice restaurants.

7, Belle Mare, Mauritius

beaches in Africa

Belle Mare is an unspoiled area of blue ocean

Though Belle Mare Beach on Mauritius Island does not own outstanding landscapes, it still gets crowded at weekends thanks to the blue ocean and the white sandy beach. Once you set feet on the beach, besides ordinary activities with water, you will have a chance to watch fishermen working on boats, see performances at nearby resorts and try the best golf courses.

8, Camps Bay, South Africa

beaches in Africa

Camps Bay - the most picturesque and spectacular destination in South Africa

Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Camps Bay is said to be the most picturesque and spectacular destination in South Africa. Opposite the beach, there are all kinds of restaurants and accommodations where you can relax and contemplate the entire area at the same time. That is one of several reasons why Camps Bay is a wonderful honeymoon destination as well as a fairy-tale wedding venue for couples.

9, Chitimba, Malawi

beaches in Africa

Chitimba Beach attracts adventurous tourists

For adventurous tourists, Chitimba Beach in Malawi is a must-see place. It provides not only a free space for relaxing but also services for exploring the local life as well. Hiking and camping are favorite activities for most visitors.

10, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

beaches in Africa

The real value of Sharm El Sheikh is its turquoise waters

While just natural views are excellent enough, the real value of the site lies under the turquoise waters where coral reefs and marine species are particularly diverse. Beyond the beach, there are other famous attractions also worth visiting such as Ras Muhammad Marine National Park, the Colored Canyon, Mount Sinai and so on.

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These most charming beaches in Africa are waiting for people who are tired of busy lifestyle and finding somewhere to release stress. Just choose your favorite one and go now!

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