The most beautiful pagodas in South Korea

South Korea attracts a lot of visitors by not only wonderful spots but also charming pagodas. If you are looking forward a peaceful trip, you are definitely interested in the following list which introduces to you the most beautiful pagodas in South Korea.

1. Bulguksa, Gyeongju

pagodas in South Korea

Bulguksa, one of the most famous attractions in South Korea

Also called “Buddha Nation”, Bulguksa, built in 528 during the Silla Dynasty, is located on the slopes of Tohamsa mountain and becomes the most ancient pagoda in South Korea. Bulguksa is the pride of the Kings of the Silla at that time. Nowadays, it becomes the precious treasure preserved in the land of Kimchi.

The architecture of the site is truly unique and magnificent. The whole foundation was created by a large number of rocks of different sizes, especially, they did not use any adhesive glues. Traveling to this site, you will admire the fresh, comfortable scene with many kinds of trees that can change color in different seasons.

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2. Tapsa

pagodas in South Korea

Tapsa attracts a lot of visitors by its special location

The temple was built by the effort of the old scholar named Lee Gapyong. In spite of being for more than 100 years old, travelers can easily realize the stability and durability of the great church. From here, you will enjoy the wonderful beauty of a lot of flowers.

3. Haedong Younggungsa, Busan

pagodas in South Korea

An alluring view of Haedong Younggungsa pagoda

The beautiful pagoda in South Korea was established in 1376 during the Goryeo Dynasty. Situated on the coast, it is one of the most sacred temples in Busan.

On the road leading to the pagoda, tourists will see 12 Armor Gods symbolizing the human destiny. From the gate to the chancel, you will walk through properly 108 stone steps and a semicircle bridge before coming to the Buddha.

4. Hyangiram

pagodas in South Korea

Hyangiram will make your trip to South Korea more perfect

Located in the South of the Dolsando island, Hyangiram brings you a picturesque view of the Korean Strait as well as many other small islands. The path to the Hyangiram church is quite steep and difficult; however, you will forget all tiredness when standing at the temple and enjoying the quiet space of the spiritual world.

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5. Seokbulsa

pagodas in South Korea

Seokbulsa is totally made of stones

Referred to a precious jewel, Seokbulsa is hidden among a dense forest in the Geumjeongsan, Busan. Unlike many other shrines, Seokbulsa is entirely made of stone. The statues inside the chancel are made of golden stones and carved delicately, which attracts the attention of tourists at the first sight.

6. Beopjusa

pagodas in South Korea

Beopjusa is famous for the 33-meter golden statue

Situated on the Songnisan Mountain, Beopjusa is famous for a 33-meter golden statue. Especially, when visiting this site on the birthday of the Buddha, you will be admired by the colorful view of thousands of lanterns hanging on around. In the main hall, visitors will have an opportunity seeing the 1,500-year-old treasures which help you learn more about the Buddhist culture in South Korea.

7. Gakwonsa

pagodas in South Korea

Visit Gakwonsa to admire one of the biggest Buddha statues in Asia

Owning one of the biggest Buddha statues in Asia, Gakwonsa in Cheonan city is the second largest pagoda in South Korea. The giant golden Buddha statue is located at the top of the stairs.

8. Beomeosa

pagodas in South Korea

Be amazed at the wonderful view of the site

Beomeosa is not only one of five largest temples in South Korea but also known as the famous Buddhist university with the strict course from 3 am to 21 pm every day. The temple, built in 678 about 1,300 years ago, is located on the Geumjeongsan, about 30 minutes driving from Busan.

With the wonderful scene, magnificent mountain, along with the unique ancient architecture and valuable cultural properties, Beomeosa attracts a large number of visitors every year. Especially, the pagoda offers many interesting activities such as meditation, tea party and so on.

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These are some beautiful pagodas in South Korea that you should add to your travel list. Hope that you will get a nice trip in the country with a lot of memorable experiences.


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