The Middle East Has So Many Incredible Destinations Than You Think

The Middle East Has So Many Incredible Destinations Than You Think

Stretching from the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the coast of Israel, the Middle East has so many incredible destinations than you think. There are multitude impressive memorials of the area’s cosmopolitan and history-burdened remains together with an abundance of world-famous tourist attractions, ranging from historical mosques and medieval bazars to wild deserts and distant oases. And below is our collection of nine beautiful places that you shouldn’t miss when coming to the Middle East this year.

1. Musandam Fjords, Oman

Destinations in Middle East

Marvel the beauty of Musandam Fjords

Situated on the Strait of Hormuz, Musandam Fjords is divided from the rest of Oman by the UAE. Its allure starts from the natural beauty of the Arabian Peninsula and the impressive scene of the popular Norwegian fjords. Besides, the rocky and ragged mountains to the water and small coastal village among the crags make Musandam perfect. One of the most interesting activities to join is to rent a local traditional boat (called abra) to sail around and see the wildlife. Snorkeling to contemplate a beautiful coral underwater can't be ignore as well.

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2. Socotra Archipelago, Yemen

Destinations in Middle East

Socotra Archipelago is famous for a unique plant life

Sited in the center of the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, Socotra Archipelago is a wonderful set of four small islands of Yemen. Aside from some of the most fantastic landscapes, this place is famous for a unique plant life, huge exotic coral reefs, and a wide range of rare birds and animals. Additionally, don’t miss heading to crystal-clear waters at untouched beaches to avoid the heat from the Middle East.

3. Jeita Grotto, Lebanon

Destinations in Middle East

Inside Jeita Grotto

Jeita Grotto consists of two interconnected limestone caves that extend about 9 km. You can walk through the upper grotto with ease; however, the only way to contemplate the lower one is by a rowboat running through the cave.

With breathtaking natural creations such as stalagmites, stalactites, curtains, and columns together with impressive formations, sparkling water, and multi-colored rocks, your trip through Jeita Grotto will be a more interesting experience than you think.

4. Al-Hasa Oasis, Saudi Arabia

Destinations in Middle East

Get a bird view of Al-Hasa Oasis in Saudi Arabia

Al-Hasa Oasis is one of the most incredible destinations not only in the Middle East but also in Asia. Lying about 65 km west of the Persian Gulf, this large oasis stretches over 30,000 acres of palm groves, dates, and other crops that are watered by a stream.

5. Kaluts, Iran

Destinations in Middle East

Kaluts is famous for amazing huge sand castles

Coming to Kaluts and camping at the Shad desert with the locals is one of the best experiences in Kerman, Iran. For the first time, your mind will be blown away by some amazing huge sand castles (called yardangs) that were naturally formed in the past. They are totally made of sand and have been shaped by the wind over the years, creating the imposing soaring sculptures for visitors to admire. Keep in mind to visit there in winter when the sand is cool enough to walk on barefoot.

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6. Rub’ al Khali, The Arabian Peninsula

Destinations in Middle East

Rub’ al Khali is the world’s biggest area of continuous sand

In Arabic, Rub’ al Khali means “empty quarter”. Stretching more than 650,000 of the Arabian Peninsula in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, and Oman, it’s described as the world’s biggest area of continuous sand. Furthermore, the site is one of the driest deserts with a high temperature in summer (about 113 degrees). However, below the sand is the most oil-rich region in the world. Relying on that, it has changed people’s lives in this area better.

7. The Dead Sea, Jordan and Israel

Destinations in Middle East

Float on the Dead Sea

When mentioning the most incredible destination in the Middle East, the Dead Sea is worthy of consideration. It’s a saltwater lake that is famous for one of the most saline bodies of water in the world. To those who cannot swim, this sea is an ideal choice because they can float without a swimming-belt. Besides, its shores are occupied with amazing striking salt deposits and mineral evolution that impressively differ from its clear water and soft sand.

8. Bu Tinah, Abu Dhabi

Destinations in Middle East

Bu Tinah is a natural treasure in the Middle East

Off the western seaside of Abu Dhabi, Bu Tinah is described as a natural treasure with expansive coral formations and seagrass beds. Since it’s not interrupted by human activity, its prosperous ecosystem is unique and creates the basis for climate change study.

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9. Wadi Rum, Jordan

Destinations in Middle East

Contemplate Wadi Rum by hot-air balloon

Wadi Rum is a timeless and enormous place with a maze of solid rockscape, virtually unharmed by people and its harmful forces. The maze forms a natural challenge for experienced climbers, making it an ideal place for those who love taking a hike to relish the serenity of the endless empty spaces and love discovering unique water holes and canyons.

With so many impressive destinations in the Middle East, which place do you want to visit most? Be safe to swim in the Dead Sea or get lost in huge deserts? Select one and enjoy your vacation!

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